Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 10

World of Hurt

The fight continues Erithian in the previous round moved up and used his lay on hands on Osborne. (Accidentally missed him in the initiative)

Game On
(Round 3)
Parker did a series of flips to avoid the Golem and landed next to the secret door.
Tordek drank one of his cure potions, restoring some health.
Alidear moved up beside Osborne and used lay on hands on him.
Erithian took a swing at the Golem but missed.
Osborne stayed down but healed himself with a healing spell.
Gurt charged the Golem receiving a punch in return that made his head ring and caused him to miss; he swung again and missed again by a bigger margin.
Opening its mouth, the Golem breathed fire over Osbonre and Alidear taking some damage before the Golem swung round on Parker who dodged as much as she could but a single hit landed, fortunately, while it did a good amount of damage it did not kill her.
Hamish on Bodger moved next to Tordek.

(Round 4)
Parker opened the lock on the secret door.
Tordek moved around and opened the secret door.
Sensing something was amiss, Parker dodged behind the door as a fireball trap went off, lightly roasting most of the group. Tordek went down bleeding.
Earnest moved next to Hamish and prepared to run through the door.
Alidear bull rushed Parker through the door and received a blow to his side as he went past the Golem making him yell a bit.
Erithian swung his sword knocking a chip off the golem and missed with his next hit.
Osborne healed himself from the fireball damage and stood up.
Gurt swung repeatedly trying to hit the golem but failed to hit.
The Golem swung at Erithian but only got a single blow on the paladin making him stagger.
Hamish moved behind Gurt ready to heal him next time.

(Round 5)
Parker threw her magical dagger at the golem but missed.
Tordek failed a stabilization roll, bled more.
Earnest cast blur on himself and ran through the secret door and was punched by the Golem as he went past, Earnest was seeing many stars when he got to the other side of the door.
Alidear went to Tordek’s side and poured a cure potion between Tordek’s lips.
Erithian swung again, electrocuting it with the swords’ power with his hits.
Osborne cast a healing spell on Erithian.
Gurt swung and took a small chunk out of it, emboldened he swung again but missed.
The Golem turned it heads and breathed fire over Gurt Hamish and Bodger who somehow hid behind Hamish in mid air while being ridden taking some scorching damage, Gurt went down and started bleeding, the Golem then swung his fist around trying to hit multiple targets and bashed Hamish and Osborne hard.
Osborne then healed Gurt with a healing spell stopping the bleeding and restoring some of his wounds.
Hamish cast a healing spell on Gurt, healing some more wounds.

(Round 6)
Parker forced a cure potion down Earnest’s lips.
Tordek waited. (Initiative reset)
Earnest ran in to retrieve the magic dagger and got ‘clothes lined’ by the Golem landing him hard on his arse and unconscious but with dagger loosely in hand.
Alidear took the dagger off Earnest and tried to stab with it but missed.
Erithian swung but yielded no damage.
Tordek stood up and attacked the Golem but missed.
Osborne cast a healing spell on Tordek.
Gurt stood and missed with his swing.
The Golem swung in an arc again but everyone ducked.
Hamish waved his hands in the air, clicked his fingers and summoned a Dire Wolf which looked puzzled for a moment before biting a chunk of stone out of it.

(Round 7)
Parker stood watching the fight sensing the end was near (who for though?)
Earnest bled more.
Alidear stabbed and missed again.
Erithian swung once more but missed.
Gurt swung but the blow bounced off the Golem doing no damage.
Osborne cast a healing spell on Alidear.
Tordek swung a final blow and the golem fell into pieces at last.

(End of Combat)

Osborne, Hamish and his healing wand healed what they could with what they had left before resting up.

The group dreamed a lot of things that night (underground so night is relative) but nothing happened during the rest period. Parker removed the three diamonds from the Golem and took the statuettes in the previous rooms.

Meanwhile Gurt and Tordek wandered away from the group think that gold was further in down the stairs into a room covered in crumbling plaster with some lizardfolk images which they ignored and took the door which led to a very long corridor. Following the corridor led to a room with three urns each one filled with ash, they then spent the next ten minutes checking the room for anything secret.

The rest of the group had collected the statues and had entered the lizardfolk images room and saw it as some sort of religious reference to their gods of the moon and a winged lizardfolk wearing a crown. ‘The Immortal King’ Erithian said to the group an ancient demi-god far older than Thanatos. Parker found a secret door opposite the door the dwarves had taken and revealed and massive hall behind it. Thinking that a fight might happen the group went off in search of the dwarves and heard the smashing sound of pottery.

Gurt and Tordek had smashed an Urn, at once Tordek felt Stronger while Gurt felt more ugly (than normal) and the room took this in at a glance when they walked in.

Searching the room revealed a secret door, which the dwarves were amazed they did not find. Opening it they could see a long corridor with a large opening that led to another corridor.

Dwarves out in front they advanced down to the large opening where they saw massive piles of dust which advanced on them and attacked them!
Earnest concluded these were flesh golems that had aged for thousands of years but the magic kept them whole.

(Round 1)
Tordek yelled a battle cry and charge into one of them but due to the dust, he could not see what was solid to hit.
The two golems attacked Tordek and Gurt, but other than giving some extra dandruff, they missed the dwarves.
Gurt swung in a wild arc and cut out a bit of it.
Alidear brought up his bow but only succeeded in shooting ceiling.
Osborne cast bless.
Earnest conjured up a fireball and hurled it behind the Golems catching Tordek in the blast, Tordek was burnt a bit but the golems took no damage but due to the magic holding them together, they moved more sluggish.
Parker not sure what to do waited for everyone else to pile in.
Hamish moved behind and cast ‘Bull’s Strength’ on Gurt.
Erithian charged in and took a little chunk out of the Golem.

(Round 2)
Tordek hit his target again taking another small chunk from the Golem.
The Golems continued attacking the Dwarves hitting Gurt in the face, making him sneeze.
Gurt swung again and took a big chunk this time.
Alidear aimed this time but missed again.
Osborne moved behind Tordek and cast ‘Bull’s Strength’ upon him.
Earnest cast Haste upon himself, Alidear, Erithian, Tordek and Gurt.
Parker threw some rocks at the golems but did nothing else.
Hamish cast Barkskin on Tordek.
Erithian swung twice getting one good hit on the Golem.

(Round 3)
Tordek blurring with speed swung twice, hitting both times for a good amount of damage.
Golems attacked but missed their attacks.
Gurt scored more hits on his Golem carving big amounts of dust off it.
Alidear put his bow away, got out his melee gear and moved into combat.
Osborne raised his shield just in case he was attacked.
Earnest cast ‘Melf’s Acid Arrow’ at one of them making parts of the Golem melt.
Parker threw more rocks.
Hamish on his badger shouted, ‘Kill the bastards!’
Erithian swung and hit more chunks out of the Golem.

(Round 4)
Tordek, with an over hand swing hit what he thought was the head and the Golem exploded into dust.
The remaining Golem swung at Gurt but over extended itself and the magic exploded within it.

(End of Combat)

Advancing along the corridor, they saw a green glow further down the corridor in a large room. Both Alidear and Erithian were on their guard and warned everyone there was a great evil up ahead.

Moving into the room they saw on top of a pedestal a glowing green crystal containing a withered lizardfolk with bat-like wings on its back, wearing a crown. There were runes on the base, which read in Draconic, ‘Awaken the past, with the blood of my people and you shall be justly rewarded’. This was the Immortal King and judging by the amount of evil coming from it, the group were not prepared to take it on anytime soon.

The group considered what to do next….



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