Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 11

I want to go down!

After covering up their tracks and locking the secret door with magical means, they made their way to the big hall, 4 doors lined one side and 1 door on the other with steps leading up at the end.

The first door revealed an empty room, the second door also revealed an empty room that had stairs leading up that were wet and also connected to the third door. Checking the stairs Osborne concluded that the cold room holding the evil door they previously destroyed was at the other end of these stairs and went and checked the fourth door.
It led to a very clean room, which was odd since everything was covered in the dust of the ages, checking the room revealed a secret door which also had stairs leading up, Osborne by this point was getting annoyed as he wanted to go down not up, Hamish pointed out maybe to go down you need to go up first.

After pondering the logic of this, they checked the door opposite which they opened and saw a brief yellow glow and then a wall appeared, everyone came over all confused because they heard something they did not understand, Parker curled up into a ball and clutched her head.

After their bizarre experience, they ascended the stairs at the end of the hall and opened the door at the top.

Inside they found a large circular room with a corridor at one end and a opening current closed in the ceiling, a demon-like statue was in the middle facing them and the room smells of bad eggs. The dwarves said it was not them but natural gas. The demon statue was one of the forms of Thanatos the death god said Erithian. Parker stood on Gurt’s shoulders and with a bit of charcoal, de-faced the statue, as Osborne moved around the room, the statue turned to face him. Thinking that evil was afoot Osborne asked the dwarves to smash the statue.The statue was smashed apart but it caused a spark that ignited the gas. Parker hid behind Erithian and avoided the sudden blast of flame while everyone else took various degrees of damage.

After patting out the fires and restoring their eyebrows, they continued down the corridor.
Opening the doors at the other end revealed a large area with a statue immediately in front of them and a podium a little way after that.
Osborne examined the statue; it was Apollo, an old god no longer worshiped.
Some writing was written on it base. “O Apollo, Blessed Healer, touch me and make me whole.”

After touching the statue and nothing happening, the group continued towards the podium, noticing a small group of gnolls upon it, Osborne called out a greeting in several languages. The gnolls looking puzzled shouted back, ‘Why you here?’ ‘We’re wandering around here dispatching evil,’ ‘You pay toll,’ ‘How about you come closer we can pay toll.’ ‘No you come to us to pay toll, toll is 50 gold per head.’ ‘You pay us toll, you not die,’ interjected Erithian sensing evil from them. The gnolls smirked at this remark, Hamish started seeing a fair bit of movement beyond the podium but could not quite see what it was, so he caution the group to save any spells until they knew more.

Parker sensing where this was going slunk to the back of the group and using the shadows started to flank the group of gnolls, she set off a pit trap doing so but she avoided it and the gnolls failed to spot her and she lined up a shot on the nearest gnoll.

(Surprise Round)
Aiming with her bow, Parker fired two shots at the nearest gnoll discovering that a wall of force surrounded the podium and thus her shots did minimal damage but the gnolls died anyway from being hit in sensitive places.

(Round 1)
Gurt charged up the steps onto the podium, through the wall of force and cut one of the gnolls in half.
Parker moved closer but held off shooting.
Suddenly a group of bugbears unfolded themselves from the shadows and charged into the group causing a small wound to Parker
Erithian charged the bugbears getting a good hit on one.
Earnest conjured up a fireball and flung it just behind the bugbears, with Rogue-like grace most of the bugbears avoided the fire.
Osborne cast Bless.
The remaining two gnolls attacked Gurt getting a small hit in.
Tordek charged into the bugbears slaying the most injured one.
Bodger charged into the bugbears while Hamish cheered him on, Bodger however missed his lunge.
Alidear fired his bow but failed to hit anything.

(Round 2)
Gurt using some impressive axe work chopped down both gnolls.
Parker flipped over the bugbears and brought her bow to bear on them in midair but only succeeding in hitting the gaps between them.
The bugbears tumbled past a few people and Bodger and attacked, Bodger got hit on the head and started getting mad every other attacked missed its mark or clanged off armour.
Erithian struck his bugbear again getting another good hit in, killing it.
Earnest mutter complex words of power and cast silent sound (Maximised) at one of the bugbears, making it stagger.
Osborne cast Cause Fear upon the rearmost bugbear making him run and got a slight nip from Bodger.
Tordek swung at another bugbear killing that one too.
Hamish cast a healing spell on his Bodger, Bodger frothing at the mouth went berserk and tore into the bugbear that hit him but evidently the red haze had blinded the badger as it failed to hit it.
(Naughty Parker got another action here but didn’t kill anything).
Alidear let loose an arrow, which hit a bugbear lightly.

(Round 3)
Gurt jumped off the podium and charged the nearest bugbear and killed him.
Parker drew a bead on the feeling bugbear and shot him in the back but failed to kill him.
Everyone else had dealt with their enemies leaving Alidear, Erithian and Earnest to finish off the last bugbear with well-placed shots.

(End of Combat)

Searching the bodies turned up some gold coin and some well made equipment that the party left.
The statue was different to the other one although thankfully it was not Thanatos, Erithian eventually said it was Athena, looking at it for a minute with his religious comrades. Suddenly there was a flash and they disappeared everyone else came to the place and looked it over; Earnest said that it must be some kind of teleport pad; they disappeared and appeared in a circular room with their other comrades. There were two doors opposite each other and a large metal cage dangling on a chain above a hole, on the wall there was a lever.

After experimenting with the lever they deducted that the cage was an elevator of some sort, Hamish summon an owl and sent it through the hole to try and find out what was down here, the owl did not return, whether the spell duration had run its course or it got killed they could not tell.

Taking one of the doors eventually led to a dead end so the group backtracked and took the other door which led to a corridor with a pit trap which Parker disabled (wedged the trapdoor shut).

Turning the corner, they found a door opposite them on the other side of what looked like a big room but from their point of view they could not tell, along side was a door and also a secret door that Gurt pointed out.

Stepping into the apparent big room made it suddenly go un-naturally dark, Osborne cast daylight to counter it but only made the darkness disappear for a few seconds, in that time he saw a series of pillars lining the room and an alcove at the end which used to have something but was empty now, then it went dark again.

Opening the normal door revealed a small room with a shrivelled up body some pieces of wreckage and a chest, searching the room found nothing else, the body was dead and upon touching it turned it to dust, in the dust they found a silver skull pendant (a symbol of Thanatos). Opening the chest set off a trap but it did not harm the dwarf Tordek opening it, inside they found: Golden Demonic Helm and an Adamantine Dagger.
The helm was appraised to be worth 3000 gold! Parker looked pleased.

Opening the secret door revealed a semi circular room with a faded look to it, the room debris looked as if high living was had in here, whter it was noble or royal the group come not tell, Parker discovered another secret door and moving to the other wall produced a breath taking effect. The wall vanished revealing a view out onto a subterranean city….



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