Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 12

Disturbing the Dead

After viewing the city, the group decided to check out what else was around by opening up the secret door, behind it was a big circular room with a fire pit in the middle and a hole in the ceiling above it. A normal door was off to their left and searching the room revealed a secret door opposite them.

Alidear could sense evil coming from the other side of the normal door, opening the secret door revealed an open chamber that originally was a chapel; it also revealed a trap which Tordek was hit by draining him of a lot of strength. The chapel opened up into a corridor which had a turning to the right and further on, four doors also on the right.

Osborne cast Restoration on Tordek restoring some of his strength, Alidear started sensing a different kind of evil coming from one of the four doors up ahead.
The turning to the right led to the door that led into the un-natural dark room so they continued to the other doors, the evil was coming behind the second door.

After a bit of an argument, door number two was opened, within they saw 12 dead bodies robed in Thanatos robes surrounding three skulls, it looked like they had been doing a ritual although what it entailed they were not sure of, but clearly something had gone wrong with it.

There was nothing in the room besides what they saw, the other doors revealed acolyte cells containing remain of beds and desks, back to the second room they conversed as to what to do, both paladins wanted to destroy the evil others were not sure.

Tordek misinterpreting what some people wanted wandered off and found something of interest. Eventually Erithian advanced into the room and using his sword lifted the robes of one of the bodies to see what was underneath, immediately he was attacked by six shadows boiling up from the skulls some of his strength left him when he got touched by one of them.

(Round 1)
Earnest cast Magic Missile and destroyed one of them.
Parker stayed back knowing she could do very little however her attention was diverted to Tordek who had thrown a spike at her to get her attention, she wandered over while everyone else was stuck in.
Erithian held up his symbol, destroyed one and one fled through the wall.
Alidear also held up his symbol and destroyed one and one fled.
Gurt drew his mace and hit the last one but did destroy it.
Hamish held back Bodger.
Osborne held up his symbol and the last one was destroyed.

(End of Combat)

Searching the bodies revealed six amethysts worth 500 gold each, the group sensing that this evil had now gone went to the other door with evil behind it. Opening the door revealed two jail cells with bodies in them, immediately six wights threw themselves against the bars of one of the cells and were quickly dispatched by Earnest with a (Maximised) Fireball.

Meanwhile Tordek and Parker had slunk of from the group and had discovered a secret crypt but unsure whether there were undead in the crypt they showed everyone else where it was rather than doing it themselves.

Erithian did not want the crypt to be disturbed and thus played no part in what would happen. Upon the crypt was written, “Here lies Agamemnos, King ofThracia and Noble Servant of the gods, cut down by an arrow of a slave beast.”

Carefully opening the crypt revealed a host of items and treasure some of which was left but the items, many of which were magical were taken and the crypt was then resealed.

The group rested and the curse on Gurt and Tordek wore off.

Sending a summoned Owl up the shaft of the firepit revealed a green lit circular room with a statue within it. After relaying this information to everyone else Hamish cast spider climb upon himself and climbed to the top and threw a rope down for everyone else to climb up.

The statue had humanlike features but had a lions head, Osborne drew near it and it attacked!

(Round 1)
Earnest cast (Extended) Haste on both fighters, both paladins and himself.
Alidear charged in and hit it twice but only succeeded in scratching it.
Hamish went to touch the statue but got hit for a small wound but ended sinking into the sudden mud that had appeared at his feet, however he had cast stone shape and transformed the statue into a cube of stone.

(End of Combat)

Hamish got pulled out by his badger before the mud turned back into stone, upon searching the golem they found a luckstone.

Since they had seen everything, the group backtracked to the cage and filled it with as many of the group as they could, just as Osborne was about to pull the level the level moved by itself, this was slightly worrying.

At the bottom which was a part of the under city was a Human Monk (will get name for next session), when everyone else had reached the bottom he urged everyone to move to a part of the city that the beastmen did not go into. One of the buildings was a library which had a few books intact inside.

On the outside were a series of columns with a single word on each, Earnest looking at these said that when spoken these would release guardians that would defend the library.

Relishing a challenge Osborne said them all aloud, in a puff of red smoke all ten appeared, Osborne started to regret saying those words when he saw what he had summoned: Rust Monster, Phase Spider, Salamander (Average), Lamia, Medusa, Invisible Stalker (even though they could not see it currently), Gorgon, Efreeti, Tyrannosaurus and another monster to be determined because Brain Flyer does not exist.

The group steeled themselves for the worse……



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