Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 13

Let's have a MAYHEM!

(Note to all this fight is very extensive and some parts might not show up in the audio log. On previous occasions, I have done fights systematically; since this fight WAS the session, I will try to make it more story like)

Thinking that this fight was to be the end of them and racking his brains for someway to help them, Earnest remembered he had a Limited Wish Scroll, taking it out and speaking the words upon it he pointed towards the group that had appeared and said in conclusion, ‘Your friends seek to destroy the library! They are your enemies!’ (Used as Mass Suggestion)

Some of the creatures looked at each other before charging forward while the rest engaged each other. The Gorgon breathed his poison upon the Medusa, Efreeti and Rust Monster, but only the Rust Monster resisted being turned to stone..

The phase spider disappeared, the Lamia looked at the Salamander in a meaningful way which then attacked the Zezir (replaces the so-called brain flayer), the Zezir flamed the Gorgon and the T-Rex, annoying both. Looking on, a wound appeared on the Salamander, from an unknown source.

The T-Rex charged forwards towards the group despite some minor attacks to its flanks, the rust monster also charged forwards aiming straight for Tordek who had charged out towards the T-Rex seeing this Fabienne charged out to meet the Rust Monster before it could do any damage. However, Tordek had been grabbed by the T-Rex and was in the process of swallowing him, Tordek swung with his axe, which bounced off the teeth and whirred away into Erithian, sticking into his shield. Seeing his comrade in danger, Hamish cast Call Lightning and hit the T-rex with a Lightning bolt to not much effect.

Parker drew a bead on the T-Rex while it was distracted but despite the damage it did, the T-Rex did not seem to notice. Fabienne got larger and grappled the Rust Monster, Alidear and Erithian got some hits in on the T-Rex but did little, Osborne cast searing light at it and Gurt hit it on the leg, the Badger got involved too although the damage seemed little.

Earnest launched Magic Missiles at the T-Rex but did little damage, meanwhile the Gorgon charged after the T-Rex. The Lamia stared apparently into space and appeared to do nothing apart from staggering a bit. The phase spider attacked Gurt from behind, Gurt managed to get a hit on it before it disappeared but Gurt felt weak from the attack.. The Salamander and the Zezir continued to slug it out not doing much damage to either. Inside the T-Rex mouth, Tordek smashed a flask of acid on the back of the throat but alas, it did not have much effect. Alidear hit again and this time the T-Rex roared in pain, their attacks were beginning to tell. Another lightning bolt hit the T-Rex and the Gorgon behind it. The T-Rex swallowed Tordek who screamed when he hit the acid, miraculously he was still alive.

Fabienne however by this time had got the Rust Monster into a headlock and was repeatedly punching its face it did not look happy that Fabienne had no metal to eat.
Parker fired at the T-Rex’s head and felled the mighty dinosaur finally.

Gurt helped Tordek cut out of the T-Rex, Tordek looked quite a sight and very smelly too.

Earnest fired off an Acid Arrow at the Gorgon which slewed away and gored the Rust Monster to death and stamped on Fabienne. The Lamia swiped at the air around him, the group were not sure if the Lamia was crazy or not. Osborne cast bless on everyone than was immediately attacked from behind by the spider, Osborne managed to strike the spider but it was a feeble hit.

The Zezir incinerated the Lamia in an explosion of flame the Salamander hit the Zezir but the wounds that had been inflicted on it was healing up quickly.
Tordek took his waraxe back from Erithian who then charged into the back of the Gorgon where Alidear joined him.

Osborne moved up to Tordek and healed him to full health, Alidear assisted him, Hamish launched another lightning bolt and Badger at the Gorgon but only the bolt hit. Parker shot the Gorgon once, Gurt Hammered it and then Fabienne grappled it.

Earnest fired off more Magic Missiles killing the Gorgon with them, just as he breathed a sigh of relief the spider attacked him! But he was able to ward it off only taking minor damage. Everyone started to watch each others backs to catch and kill the phase spider.
Tordek knew that some invisible attacker was going to attack them at some point and crushed some chalk in his hand ready to throw over it.

Parker readied her bow waited for the spider to show up, which it did missing its attack on Hamish but dying from Parker’s arrows.

Earnest hoped a fireball would hit the invisible attacker, he threw it anyway knowing that the other two creatures were immune to fire and thus would not notice, it went off but no visible damage was seen.

The Zezir finally emerged triumphant over the Salamander but keeled over dead from a wound that appeared on the back of its head.

Hamish thinking that True seeing would be useful here try to surgically remove one of his eyes, however he botched the process and screamed a lot he placed the new eye in and healed himself. Looking around (in supposed pain) he pointed out the stalker mounting his badger at the same time (words cannot describe how this all happens in 6 seconds), which Fabienne grabbed, Tordek covered it in chalk dust and then Tordek finished off the stalker with one more hit.

The group collapsed exhausted sighing that they were all alive before heading back into the library to rest up………



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