Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 14

The Blood Golem

After the group had rested up and after some discussion on how they would cross the canal, eventually Fabienne would jump across with some rope and the group would cross over on that.

Going to the southern building in the plaza they had come across inscribed upon it were the words: “For the Immortal One we all toil”. Erithian noticed and pointed out the door was ajar, upon opening it they found the smashed up remains of some Gnolls, looking over them, two of them were consistent with previous attacks to this metal vampire the third however was not touched in the same way. Not sure whether the thing was disturbed or something else had killed it, they searched the building, carefully and with caution.

After a little while they found a hidden safe and checked it over before opening it, it contained some stone tablets in draconic, which had directions to another building they had found of interest, also it referred to rebelling against the Immortal King.

Exiting the building and making their way across the plaza, they spotted some kind of skeletal dinosaur, Hamish had a look but could not remember what it was, both paladins reassured everyone they were not evil so they would be unlikely to be undead.

They approached the circular building note that the doors had been smashed wide open.
Entering in, they found themselves in a large pit, the air was warm and despite the light they carried, they could not see the far walls.

Proceeding inward, they found a body smashed up like the bodies they found before, Hamish looking around relayed that this pit was some kind of hatchery.

Suddenly, the dwarves tensed up hearing something to the left and right of them, it sounded like clanking, the paladins then tensed up feeling evil nearby and everyone saw two metal Golems, one had been inscribed with symbol of Hextor while the other Osborne and the paladins immediately recognised as a Blood Golem of Hextor. This was the thing they had heard about and had dogged there path.

(Round 1)
Alidear shot an arrow at the smaller golem but it bounced off its armour.
Erithian fired his crossbow also but also bounced off the golem.
The smaller golems eyes flashed and then beam shot forth hitting Tordek, but to no visible effect.
Parker moved back and to the side. (Towards the blood golem)
Earnest cast Haste on himself, Tordek, Gurt, Erithian, Alidear and Fabienne.
Gurt charged the Blood Golem but before he could strike, the blood golem lashed out opening up a small gash on Gurt’s head. Gurt then swung his sword out of his hands sticking fast into the golem which Gurt fished out quickly.
Fabienne charged the other golem to get a grapple after enlarging himself the golem fell over and Fabienne pinned it to the ground.
Tordek charged the blood golem and hit scoring the armour a bit.
Hamish mounted on Bodger moved next to Fabienne.
Osborne moved forward and cast Bless.

(Round 2)
Alidear charged in on the blood golem and smited it but also scored the armour.
Erithian also charged in and smited the blood golem causing a small gash in the metal.
Smaller golem failed to break the pin.
Parker tried to draw a bead on the metal pods on the blood golems back but missed.
Earnest cast an acid arrow at the blood golem making it sizzle.
The blood golem swung it entire body around striking everyone around it except Tordek who’s shield absorbed the blow.
Gurt swung again this time holding onto the sword doing some damage.
Tordek swiped at the golem only getting a single glancing blow.
Hamish cast bulls strength on Fabienne.
Fabienne slowly tore plates off the golem while it was pinned.
Osborne cheered everyone on.

(Round 3)
Alidear smited again, doing a small amount of damage.
Erithian smited for the final time doing a good hit.
Smaller golem continued to stare at the ground, pinned.
Parker shot at the pods again but missed.
The acid on the golem sizzled doing more damage.
Earnest cast another acid arrow at the blood golem doing some damage.
The blood golem struck out at Erithian but missed.
Tordek swung and did a small amount of damage.
Gurt also swung and cause a few dents.
Hamish summoned in a Dire Wolf which, looked puzzled for a moment then bit the smaller golem causing some dents.
Fabienne tore off yet more metal plates while it was pinned.
Osborne cast magic circle against evil upon Erithian.

(Round 4)
Alidear thinking that his blows were not doing anymore damage switched to hitting the metal pods on the back of the blood golem but missed with his swings.
Erithian swiped a few times, scoring the armour more.
Smaller golem remained face down on the floor, pinned.
Parker drawing forth the (now remembered) adamantine dagger ran towards Alidear.
The acid on the blood golem sizzled more metal.
Earnest stayed where he was, racking his brains for what to do next as his remaining spells would bounce off these golems.
The blood golem pivoted its upper body again, but everyone ducked.
Gurt did a flashy display of swinging his sword, but failed to hit.
Tordek also missed all his swipes.
Hamish summoned in another Dire Wolf and they both attacked the smaller golem puncturing metal.
Fabienne this time did not tear off any metal plates.
Osborne cheered more.

(Round 5)
Alidear waited.
Erithian swung again this time other than scoring the armour, it started to bleed.
Smaller golem was still pinned.
Parker tumbled in and planted the dagger on Alidear as she went past.
Suddenly finding a dagger upon his person, (wonder where that came from?) Alidear drew it out and swung, but his new dagger slipped out of his hand and flew off towards Fabienne, everyone else ducked with Fabienne getting hit and the dagger punching into the smaller golems head, stopping its struggle. (Yep crazy as it was it only had that many HP left)
The acid finished its sizzle on the blood golem, more blood flowed out.
Earnest remained where he was thinking that the blood golem was almost gone.
The blood golem struck out at Erithian, hitting him in the side with a meaty crunch.
Gurt swiped a few more times, dealing more damage to the armour.
Tordek swiped with his axe more damage was made and the bleeding turned into a gush.
Bodger fetched the dagger, picking up the hilt in its mouth; it looked like it had a pointy cigar in its mouth. Hamish took the dagger from Bodger and ran over to give back to Parker. The Dire wolves ran in and attacked the blood golem, one of them got hit on the snout in return after doing some damage.
Fabienne went to jump on the blood golem but it easily fended him off.
Osborne continued his cheerleading without his pompoms.

(Round 6)
Erithian swiped three times but only mildly damaged it.
Parker planted the dagger back upon Alidear.
Alidear drew the dagger again and cut a line into the golem which, promptly blew up showering everyone in blood except Parker who sheltered behind Alidear.

(End of Combat)

While everyone washed the blood off themselves Parker had a look over the golems to see if there was anything useful finding a greataxe which was magical, Gurt looked happy when he took it (+2 Greataxe of Frost).

The group healed up and concluded their search of the hatchery finding nothing of interest. They then made their way to the nearest ziggurat.

The ziggurat was brick red, at the top they found chains dangling down from the covered roof over a large painting of a lizardfolk with its mouth open, Earnest determined that a sacrifice was needed in a ritual. Finding this out the group hurried on to the rebel hideout.

Earnest recognised it as a school of magic as they approached the building, inside the place was ruined and after a search, they found a trapdoor under some rubble.
Opening the door led to a ladder that disappeared out of sight.

They climbed down the ladder, which took a while (150ft ladder!). Down below they found themselves in a large cave, something glittered off to one side and looking in that direction, they saw an altar and a large disk behind it.

Drawing nearer they saw that the altar was made of pure diamond and the disk of pure gold. (Tordek and Gurt’s eyes misted over)
Earnest warned that if people approached the altar he could sense some kind of magic building up, focusing where this magic builds up was he could see it was around the wall behind it.

Osborne kneeled before the altar praying to Yolanda and a serpent like ghost appeared out of the wall, it spoke in draconic. ‘Why are you here?’ ‘Who are you?’ asked Earnest.
‘I am a Dedi lizardfolk, I am one the mages when lizardfolk controlled this world.’ ‘Why are you still here?’ ‘I am here because I hold a grudge against our god’ ‘Who is your god?’ ‘The false god, the Immortal King’ ‘Is that the one we see in the sky?’ ‘Describe him.’ (The group described what they saw) ‘That’s him’ ‘Do you watch over his altar,’ gesturing the diamond altar. ‘This altar is dedicated to bringing him down during his reigning years.’ ‘Did you overthrow him’ ‘No he discovered where were and now you see me as I am, as did my colleagues.’ Four more serpent like ghosts appeared out of the wall. ‘There might be something you can help us with and help you, there is a throne down below that if destroyed will send you back to where you want to go and will also destroy the Immortal King’ The group agreed. The serpent drifted over to Earnest and passed knowledge to him to do his task.

The group rested up….



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