Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 15

The Minotaur King Part 1

After the group rested, Earnest told the rest of the group that there was a teleporter below the palace, which would take them to the level where this crystal throne was.

After climbing the ladder, they all decided to make for the palace.

The approached from the north there was the palace on the right and some woodland on the left (after a misunderstanding in where it was).

Parker scouted out in front far enough away to give a warning if need be and far away for the group’s clanking to be muted.

They saw a large tree surrounded by a briar wall and a courtyard outside the palace currently holding a five-headed hydra. Parker called up the rest of the group and the hydra (unsurprisingly) heard them and faced them. Before they could engage, Hamish thought that these trees had dryads with them.

(Round 1)
Alidear brought up his bow and scored a minor wound on the hydra.
Gurt waited for Earnest to do something.
Earnest moved forward and cast Induced Vulnerability on the hydra but the spell bounced off.
Gurt moved in front of Earnest, trying to give him some protection.
Hamish cast bulls’ strength on Fabienne.
From hiding places on the roof, five harpies flew down and proceeded to sing, captivating Gurt and Parker.
Fabienne moved next to Gurt to ‘screen’ Earnest.
Osborne cast bless and tried to slap Parker out of it to no avail.
Parker started moving towards the harpies in a dreamlike state and walked around Osborne.
The hydra charged out and attacked Gurt and Fabienne biting both madly. The wounds that it sustained previously had healed up.
Erithian charged out against the hydra causing a minor wound.
Tordek then followed him dealt a good blow upon its hide.

(Round 2)
Alidear switched weapons quickly and charged out, the hydra struck him but the blow bounced off him (goes to show that eating breakfast is good for you), Alidear swung but missed.
Earnest launched a fireball (maximised) at the harpies, cremating all of them.
Gurt still in a daze continued to walk towards where the harpies used to be and got bitten by the hydra as he walked round it.
Hamish cheered them on.
Erithian swung twice and did some damage to the hydra.
Fabienne enlarged himself and punched the hydra to death.

(End of Combat)

The group healed up what wounds they had taken and approached the woodland, they noticed a well with some creatures around it, seeing that Lizardfolk and Jaguar Brothers were part of the group, Osborne yelled out to them, ‘Grassusss!’ Promtly the other creatures died from the jaguar men and lizard from cutting their throats before they knew it.

‘It appears that your pass word indicates that you’ve done something that supersedes our pact with the Minotaur king.’ Said one of the Jaguar Brothers. ‘Yes we do replied Osborne (using the spell Tongues). After some discussion, it was revealed that the dryads had a deal with the king where they would attack non-beastmen in exchange for their trees not being chopped down, the well was used as a teleporter one way near the surface and another one deeper into the woodland that would take them down a level from there.

The pass word would not work on any of their colleagues within the palace and the king was holding a session in the throne room at the moment, he described where abouts in the palace where the throne room was. They could not come with them in case their attack failed but could prevent reinforcements from outside the palace coming in for a short time.

Meanwhile Hamish had a chat with an old dryad (the big tree), learnt about the deal and paid respect to her in case they would need to come this way after they had dealt with the king and any successors.

Reforming the group they made their way into the palace, they had been told about a secret door no connected to the palace room but nothing else. The paladins could sense evil behind the two doors on the left (secret door and throne room) and some evil behind the sole door on the right.

Parker checked the door to the throne room and Tordek opened it. Inside there were three Bugbears, six Gnolls, three Jaguar Brothers, one Ogre, one Dog Brother and the Minotaur (supposedly) King. They all snarled and took up their weapons at the sight of Tordek.

(Round 1)
Parker hid behind the doorframe ready to pop and shoot the monsters when they got closer.
The Bugbears readied their weapons and waited for the other creatures to advance.
The Ogre moved past the bugbears.
Tordek moved into the roomed and prepared to receive a charge.
The Dog Brother cast enlarge on himself and stood next to the Ogre.
Earnest moved himself to cover the door and cast an acid arrow at the Ogre, which did not seem to notice his skin melting.
The Minotaur King cast a spell upon himself (Earnest from observation determined that it was Protection from Arrows) and advanced next to the gnolls.
Gurt moved into the room, on the other side from Tordek.
Fabienne stepped into the room and drank a potion of enlarge person.
The Jaguar Brothers moved in front of the bugbears.
Alidear moved in next to Tordek, shot his bow at a normal Jaguar Brother, and did a good hit.
Erithian moved in next to Gurt preparing to receive a charge.
The Gnolls moved next to the bugbears, drew their bows but failed to hit anything.
Hamish cast Call Lightning and aimed a bold at the three bugbears, slightly burning their eyebrows.
Osborne cast Magic Circle against evil upon himself and moved next to Fabienne.

(Round 2)
Parker popped into the room and shot at a gnoll but missed.
The Bugbears moved off to the side where there was an opening, where it led to the group did not know.
The Ogre charged Erithian. Erithian and Gurt swung but both bounced off the armour, the Ogre in return did a big hit on Erithian.
Tordek waited for Earnest’s spell.
The Dog Brother charged Gurt but met Tordek’s axe on route and fell to the ground dead.
Earnest cast Haste upon everyone bar Osborne.
Tordek then charged into the midst of the Gnolls killing one and yelled a blood-curdling cry that shook the rest of the Gnolls then killed another Gnoll and shook the normal Jaguar Brothers. (Shaken)
Acid on the Ogre sizzled more of his skin.
The Minotaur King charged Tordek dealing a very nasty wound to him making him stagger in surprise.
Gurt swiped his axe in practised strokes against the ogre, making look mad and battered.
Fabienne grappled the Minotaur King but failed to pin him.
The Jaguar Brothers surrounded Fabienne one of which was so nervous he hit his leaders’ leg but the others rained blows down scoring a number of wounds on Fabienne.
Alidear quick drew his weapons and charged into the gnolls killing one.
Erithian aimed a series of hits on the ogre and smited it to death.
The remaining gnolls attacked but missed their attacks.
Hamish aimed for the Jaguar Brothers hitting two and killing a gnoll for a small amount of damage. Hamish then (mounted on Bodger) moved into the room.
Osborne moved past the dead ogre and cast Searing Light at the Jaguar Brother Leader burning him a good deal of damage.

(Round 3)
The battle continues next time…….



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