Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 17

Ooze and a Hard place

(As it turned out, I remembered everything this week bar the actual campaign so you might find things changed from what you suspect the campaign might be)

The group rested up for an entire day, Bodger disappeared and in his place was a Dire Lion named Aslan (If Hamish’s player comes back this might be re-named).

During their vigil, they had heard some screams outside the palace and within and the palace was now eerily quiet as they broke camp. (For those wondering why the sudden change here, I had looked at the next few levels and they look easy and dull, since I had been playing Dead Space for 4 hours prior to the game, I thought of changing a few things to add some tension)

The group decided to take the corridor the dwarves had been looking at and found some store rooms and some bedrooms, Earnest indicated that magic was detected below their feet but no secret doors leading down were found. Then they found the Minotaur King’s bedroom.

A big bed with some nice furnishings were around the room they ignored all this however for their attention was fixed on the big chest in front of the bed. Parker checked it over and unlocked it and then Tordek opened it and got pricked by a needle, Osborne looked at Parker with a raised eyebrow and sighed as he cast Neutralize Poison on Tordek.

Inside the chest was just books of history about Thracia, a list of prisoners and a note detailing a third level that had been sealed off yet it did not say why or what was in there.

Exiting out of the secret door, they made ready to check the other door only to realise it was already open, checking out what lay beyond found some barracks and mess halls, a few bodies and a lot of blood were around. Alidear looked at the wounds and found an axe had caused them; the wounds were also infected although he could not tell was it was. Parker salvaged what edible food there was before moving on.

At the end of the corridor, they found some stairs and an Armoury that got the group all excited since Earnest could detect magic within, and found some weapons and a suit of armour.

They then took the stairs down, it led to more barracks with more bodies similar to the previous bodies on the proceeding level except these were a few hours fresh.

They advanced up to a intersection cross corridor, ahead of them it continued on and turned to the right, to their left it also continued on and turned right and the right bend ended in a breached barricade, hastily built judging by its construction, stairs leading down was beyond the barricade.

Checking out the middle corridor led to a dead end and a room with two large beds, there was something familiar about them, they were not Ogre or Minotaur but something else.

The group then went round the other way, where they found another barricade this one was solid in construction but also was breached, beyond it was a dead end, curious Parker took a closer look and found a secret trapdoor.

Tordek opened the trapdoor only to reel as the smell of death and corruption came from the opening, looking down it appeared to be a very dusty room with a corridor leading out, a ladder was seen below smashed. Fabienne jumped down, his monk skills cushioned his fall. Tordek unravelled a rope ladder and the rest of the group started to descend. Fabienne looked at the dust and reckoned two large humanoids came this way.

Suddenly Tordek for some reason cut the rope ladder leaving both dwarves above the dusty room and made off towards the other stairs thinking about gold (again).

The main group advanced down the corridor muttering about insane dwarves coming to the end where they found two doors opposite each other, checking them over Parker determined that the right door was used recently. Checking the rooms found some dead zombies (really dead), looking around Erithian determined that this was a royal crypt.

Meanwhile, the dwarves had bypassed the barricade and had made their way down some long stairs and found a long corridor with some doors along it. The nearest one was covered in runes, thinking something magical was in it, Gurt hefted his axe and smashed the runes, Tordek then carefully opened the door only for something green and liquid to gush out sizzling his skin. Knowing they were out of their depth they turned and ran up the stairs, but to their horror the thing followed them, desperately Tordek grabbed one of his flasks of acid and chucked it over his shoulder as he pounded up the stairs but heard nothing smashed. Both dwarves jumped and rolled through the secret trapdoor and heard sounds from up ahead and made towards them. Gurt slowed Tordek down and they both walked round the corner to find the group there.

Tordek appeared out of breath, which worried the group and then Earnest could something magical approaching rapidly behind them! Preparing themselves for a horde of creatures Earnest cast haste in doing so he felt a tug of some thing but dismissed the notion as what appeared to be a large green slime erupted round the corner.
Earnest then threw a Fireball at it but to his horror, it absorbed the damage.

(Round 1)
Tordek lashed out with his axe, he could not tell if he did damage but he could tell that his axe was almost melted.
Alidear shot his bow at it and also was not sure if he damaged it, although he was sure his arrows had dissolved.
Osborne put his hands together and cast Prayer.
Parker, using her new toy fired hand crossbow at the thing but only succeeded in making it glow.
Earnest moved away from the group knowing being near the Ooze was not a good idea, running towards the next door, it suddenly burst open and a figure in black plate armour landed on the floor face down in front of Earnest, beyond the remains of the door some figures appeared to be fighting.
Erithian moved around the corner and stepped alongside Earnest, preparing to meet this evil.
The Ooze flowed towards them, Parker grabbed the wall, Fabienne Enlarged himself, Tordek, Alidear and Gurt took a swing at it the dwarves skin sizzled when the acid hit them as it did with Alidear.
Everyone else managed to get out of the way of the flowing Ooze.
Fabienne punched it and winced as his fist met acid, using the teachings he had learnt, he made his body whole again.
The creature in front of Earnest got to its feet, it red eyes took in the figures and flashed brightly and growled something loudly behind it the creatures had axes and two tongues were wrapped around their arms and the tips were alongside the axe blades, two more creatures ran through the breached door. (Those listening to the audio log, I just realised one of the cookies I brought in was being used as an ooze)
Hamish with Aslan moved behind Earnest.
Gurt swung his axe, powered his normal axe through the Ooze and felt his axe fizzle a bit.
Two trolls entered through the door clad in plate and wielding great swords, they struck one of the creatures in the back, making it grunt in pain.

(Round 2)
Tordek and Alidear held there actions until Osborne had done something.
Osborne cast Mass Energy Resistance (Acid) on everyone except Earnest.
Tordek then laid into the Ooze but was not sure how much damage had been dealt to it.
Likewise, Alidear did the same.
Parker tumbled behind Erithian.
Earnest resisted the tug at his arcane powers from the Ooze (Arcane Ooze) and cast Flaming Corrosion, one of the trolls (War Trolls) absorbed the damage and the other creatures (Rot Reavers) took varying degrees of damage, the other troll wasn’t that happy.
The fight continues….



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