Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 18

Tordek & the Trolls

(We’re in the middle of round two and the fighting continues, although to some people who already know this, one of the group is about to bite off more than he can chew).
(Rot Reavers special attack is not a disease; it is classed as ability score damage)

(Continue Round 2)
(as it turns out Earnest goes twice, that is my bad)
Earnest cast a fireball at the creatures, the Rot Reavers took some of the damage while the Trolls absorbed the damage.
Erithian charged the front Rot Reaver, dealing a good amount of damage to it.
The Arcane Ooze flowed forwards, lashed out at Osborne, and flowed over him trying to drown him.
Fabienne then proceed to punch and kick the Ooze, he was not sure if he did any damage.
Aslan pounced on the Rot Reaver in front of him, dealing some damage. Hamish then cast Barkskin on Aslan.
Gurt again powered his attacks into the Ooze making it thin out a bit, the first indication that their attacks were doing something.
The Rot Reavers attacked the Troll, Aslan and Erithian, dealing light damage to all bar the Troll.
The War Trolls in return smashed into one of them doing great damage and lost his greatsword in the process, which ended up embedded in Erithian for a big amount of damage.

(Round 3)
Osborne tried feebly to escape from the Ooze but failed.
Tordek struck the Ooze a final time and it lost its form and seeped away into the cracks.
Alidear took out his Longbow and tried to hit the creatures but succeeded in hitting ceiling.
Parker changing weapons to her normal bow shot Erithian’s opponent dealing a good amount of damage.
Earnest cast Greater Mark of Earth upon Erithian.
Erithian took and few swings at the reaver doing some damage.
The enlarged Fabienne managed some how to dodge and tumble past the reavers and the trolls to behind them and struck out at the trolls but failed to do any damage.
Hamish healed Aslan as he broke away from combat but took more damage from the reavers.
Gurt rushed into the breached left by Aslan but could not attack yet.
The reavers pressed their attacks against Erithian since Aslan was not there, the troll and Gurt, Erithian took some nasty hits, as did the troll but the mark of earth absorbed the damage on Erithian. However, Gurt took the damage and could feel something enter and fester his wounds.
One troll hit the reaver again dealing more damage while the other turned and lashed out at Fabienne, despite his attempts to defend himself, Fabienne was cut in half.
Fabienne was dead!

(Round 4)
Osborne finding himself free of the Ooze moved behind the others and cast Magic Circle against Evil.
Tordek blundered through the foe trying to get into a position for flanking and damage, he deflected most of the damage while on the move, although the trolls dinged him on the side of the head.
Alidear cast Magic Weapon upon his long sword.
Parker tried to snipe at the Rot Reavers eyes but it moved and hit its shoulder instead.
Earnest cast Acid Arrow at the leading troll doing some damage to it.
Erithian continued to attack the Rot Reavers and chipped more health away from it.
Hamish cast a healing spell on Erithian, Aslan moved to the back.
Gurt swung his axe hitting nothing.
The Rot Reavers attacked Erithian but and axe slipped from its hand making everyone duck bar Osborne, who reeled. Then attacking Gurt hit him lightly but draining him of his health. The other Rot Reaver hit the troll but not much damage was done despite receiving an axe in the face.
In return the Troll cut the reaver in half.

(Round 5)
Osborne prayed to Yolanda and summoned a Holy Smite on the creatures, slaying one of the reavers.
Tordek swung his axe and accidentally threw it, the reaver ducked but Gurt did not, Gurt was not happy.
Alidear healed Erithian for what he had since he could do nothing else.
Parker took aim on the blind reaver getting a good hit in.
Earnest cast Blur on Gurt.
Erithian healed Gurt and pulled the troll sword out of himself.
The Reaver blindly lashed out almost hitting Gurt but hit Erithian for some damage.
The Troll grabbed Tordek and pulled him away from the group, the other shouted some that none of them understood but was not hostile from the undertones.

(Round 6)
Osborne learnt that when he cast Tongues, the troll were saying, ‘Parley’, he decided to take them up on their offer and relayed to everyone else not to attack the trolls.
Tordek relaxed a fraction hearing this, but he didn’t like being held by a troll.
Alidear swung his sword a few times but missed.
Parker shot at the reavers eyes again and scored some close hits.
Earnest hoped the troll would not notice the acid and cast Magic Missile at the reaver doing some damage.
Erithian moved to the reaver’s side and lashed out at the reaver killing it.

(End of Combat)

Tordek was put down, banter was exchanged between the group and the trolls, (to hear the full exchange listen to the audio log) in the process the group learnt about the Minotaur King’s treasury and something called the Forbidden Zone. After triggering a trap (did not do much to the group), the group ransacked the treasury and made camp within it, planning on exploring the forbidden zone the next day…



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