Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 19

The Forbidden Zone

(Turns out my record only got 5mins, so this is a summary of what happened)

The group broke camp and proceeded to the so called, ’Forbidden Zone’.
They came across the dwarf’s handiwork of where the strange Ooze came from and went to the next room.

Tordek kicked open the door and saw some strange creatures which he was not sure what they were, yelling a battle cry Osborne with Tordek charged into the room, his cry changed to a scream when he realised the creatures were in fact Rust Monsters and there were 5 of them, the ensuring battle cost Tordek his plate armour and the appearance of an elephant much to its own surprise.

In the middle of the battle, they were joined by a Lizardfolk Druid called Ssskevin.

Proceeding down the corridor they found a portal that put them in another part of the complex which radiated evil (like a rock band). And opened up the first door finding some huge fire elementals and some sort of ghost, the group took up arms but found mysteriously attacking each other and themselves. The group were taking some serious hits but managed to down one of the Fire Elementals.

The battles still continues…..



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