Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 20

Forbidden Darkness

(Due to my voice recorder being out of action we join the fight in the fourth round, one of the fire elementals has been killed and the group has taken serious damage. During the fight Gurt was gifted with a Dwarf Ancestor at a cost, he does not know why yet)

(Round 4)
One of the fire elementals threw the grappling lion off itself and then hit it for some damage, (Group is resistant to fire damage) the other one hit the ancestor scorching it but not much else.
Alidear lashed out at the nearest fire elemental but missed.
Earnest cast Magic Missile at the ghost thing, dealing good damage to it.
Osborne cast a healing spell on Tordek.
Tordek lashed out at Alidear’s target dealing some damage to it.
Parker aimed for what looked like a weaker part on the fire elemental and let fly a few times scoring three hits for good damage.
Ssskevin conjured up an additional water elemental which along with the other two managed to get a single hit in which dampened the flames.
Wispers could be heard by everyone, some resisted others did not, Tordek bashed himself, Parker cowered, Aslan and Hamish attacked each other, while Gurt swung at the direction of the wispers and scored a nasty gash on Erithian. The Ghost thing then reached out and touched Aslan making it reel with pain.
Gurt, after regaining his wits, smashed into the fire elemental near him dealing massive damage to it and killing it helped along by the Ancestor.
Erithian cast Divine Favour and moved against the last fire elemental which swung out and clobbered him.
Hamish cast a healing spell on Aslan, Aslan then stayed where it was.

(Round 5)
The remaining fire elemental extinguished two water elementals after hitting them.
Alidear charged the fire elemental receiving a light hit in return, Alidear got a single hit in but dealt no damage.
Earnest cast Magic Missile again at the ghost thing (wisper demon) dealing some damage to it.
Osborne cast a healing spell on Erithian.
Tordek charged in and received a thump to his side from the elemental and then Tordek rained blows onto it dealing some damage.
Parker stepped back and shot the last fire elemental but missed with both shots.
Ssskevin summoned yet another water elemental, but both missed its attacks.
The wispers started up again, Tordek swung and hit his foot and Gurt tried saw off his arm. The Wisper Demon reached out and touched Aslan, making it reel with a lot of pain.
Gurt with Ancestor charged the fire elemental and dealt some damage.
Erithian lashed out with his sword, making the elemental hiss when he hit it with his sword.
Hamish cast a healing spell on Aslan and then moved away from the demon with Aslan.

(Round 6)
The fire elemental took out the remaining water elementals.
Alidear swung and lost his grip on the weapon, which went flying into Parker, who grunted after being impaled by it but remained alive.
Earnest moved near to the Wisper Demon and cast Flaming corrosion at it but missed, burning and sizzling the wall behind it.
Osborne cast a healing spell on Gurt.
Tordek swung multiple times damage a fair amount of damage.
Parker taking careful aim hit the elemental and good damage to it.
Ssskevin stood there and did nothing.
Wispers started up again, Earnest punched himself, Tordek attacked Gurt and Gurt did the same to Tordek. Erithian lost control on his arms and hit Alidear.
The Wisper Demon touched Earnest making him shudder.
Gurt with Ancestor dealt more damage to the elemental and killed it.
Erithian smited the Wisper Demon but his attacks passed through it.
Hamish with Aslan looked on.

(Round 7)
Alidear retrieved his sword from Parker, muttering an apology.
Osborne cast a healing spell on Tordek.
Tordek looked on as did Parker.
Ssskevin cast a healing spell on Earnest.
The wispers claimed more people this time, Parker handed Alidear sword back blade first, Gurt & Tordek hit Osborne, Earnest rabbit punched Ssskevin.
The Wisper Demon touched Earnest again making him reel in pain.
Gurt drew out his mace and it flew on of his grasp into Erithian when he charged the Demon.
Erithian smited the demon again getting two hits in finally killing it.

(End of Combat)

Osborne, Hamish & Ssskevin healed up the group with what spells they had left.
Parker searched the room finding no more of interest and the group rested up.

Continuing into the forbidden zone they went to the next door, Parker checked the door finding the door trapped which was disabled. Erithian and Alidear could sense evil on the other side of the door. Tordek opened the door slowly, but saw nothing within the room; he could however hear some heavy breathing.

The paladins either sensed evil coming from three places within the room so parts of the room were evil or were invisible to them.

Hamish stared into the room and activated his True Seeing. Freaks with lots of eyes was all he could say, then they were attacked!

(Round 1)
Alidear took a shot where he thought they were but missed by a mile.
Parker hid, waiting for these things to appear.
The things advanced on them, two of them came through the wall! Tordek then felt a tongue wipe across his eyes and his vision was impaired, the thing appeared before him.
Alidear also felt a tongue wipe across his eye and his vision was impaired!
Twang went Parker from her hiding spot, but missed the nearest one by a hairsbreadth.
Erithian smited Alidear’s one but missed.
Osborne cast Magic Circle against Evil.
Spectral Raverns started flapping around everywhere, Tordek flinched thinking about the bats a few levels up.
Earnest cast Haste.
Tordek swung at the thing and scored two good blows.
Aslan charged the nearest one causing a little damage to it, the freaky things were quick!
Ssskevin commanded his Dire Wolf to charge the other one, which took a bite out of it and tripped it up.
Gurt with Ancestor, confronted Tordek’s one and carved some large chunks out of it.

(Round 2)
Alidear channelled all of his divine will into the thing making it reel.
The tripped one got up and got smacked from everyone around it for doing so, it gazed down the corridor, the wolf and Earnest threw up. The thing switched targets from Tordek to Osborne and his eyes were impaired while Tordek’s sight was restored.
The remaining one, passed through and Licked Parker’s eyes making her squeal in horror but her sight remained.
Parker tumbled away from the thing.
Erithian channelled all his divine will into the thing destroying it. Alidear regained his sight.
Osborne cast Bull’s Strength on Tordek and managed to touch him for the spell to work.
Earnest moved away from the sight of the thing that made him vomit.
Tordek with his eyesight restored lashed at his thing felling it with a few blows, it crumbled into dust. Osborne’s sight returned.
Aslan charged into the remaining one and got his eyes licked before he could attack; he lost his sight, which might have been why he missed with all the swipes.
Ssskevin cast Flame Strike at it, the thing avoided some of the pillar but still yowled at the edge of it.
Gurt moved around the corner to engage to it and hit it a good blow.

(Round 3)
Alidear smited it and got tongued in return.
The thing pointed the Finger of Death at Aslan which, promptly keeled over dead. Hamish was upset
Parker looked on horrified as the death of the Lion.
Erithian charged in and smited the thing dealing good damage.
Osborne stayed where he was.
Earnest looked on.
Tordek rampaged into combat destroying the thing.

(End of Combat)

Parker searched the room finding some magical runes she could not read, she motioned Osborne over, he read them and they detonated (Take that you unearthly creature!). Osborne was still alive despite taking it in the face.

Osborne healed himself and moved along with the rest of the group, moving down the corridor they came to a T-junction, looking left they saw a door, to the right the corridor went on for a bit before turning to the right. The paladins could detect a large amount of evil behind it.

They opened the door and found a small room, magic came from beyond it, checking the room revealed that the wall nearest to the magic source was bricked up, the Ancestor smashed through it revealing a larger room with two large vases sealed in wax.

Check the audio log for the next bit as it can get confusing….



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