Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 3

Exploring the Ruined City

After their close encounter the group decided that since this building was, previously haunted they would camp here for the night, as a result they were not disturbed.

Next morning the group took stock of their injuries and Hamish with Osborne healed what they could before proceeding the second lesser part of the city.

Eye-spying 2 partial ruins and one intact building they decide to take the furthest ruined one as they had seen signs of movement and headed towards them, Parker moved away from the group and crept up to the side and had a peek in, she could see a cooking fire with a mixture of Lizardfolk and Bugbears.

Approaching in a non-threatening way Osborne and the rest rounded the other side of the building from Parker, reacting to their presence the lizardfolk looked them as if this did not happen often where as the bugbears had some malice in their eyes.

‘Hello’, said Earnest in Draconic, the lizardfolk looked at him, ‘What?’ said one of them, ‘Let’s share the fire so that we can get to know each other better’, ‘Why should we?’, barked one of the bugbears in Common. ‘Because it is a nice thing to do especially in a hostile environment like this’, replied Osborne, ‘Yes but as far as we’re concerned your prey for sacrifices’, said the bugbears with a smirk, ‘What for the evil humanoids?’ said Osborne with disdain, ‘Who are they?’ replied the bugbear. ‘Have you encountered these death skulls on their face?’ ‘Oh them, bah they’re wimps’, ‘Ok if you don’t want us here we’ll head off’, ‘You have to pay a toll, 30 gold each, then you can move along’.

Hearing this Parker drew back her string on her bow.

(Surprise Round)
Just as everyone went for their weapons, Parker, with unerring precision, fired at the bugbear speaker taking one of its ears off and making it bellow with rage.

(Round 1)
Seething with rage the bugbears attacked while the one missing an ear was coming to terms that his ear was missing, two of them threw their javelins falling short of the dwarves, however by this time the three remaining ones had charged in two missed while the third clanged off Gurt’s armour.
Drawing another arrow, Parker fired at a lizard this time but only hit sky.
Gurt hated bugbears so with a dwarfish insult he raised his axe and hit the ground, the bugbear he tried to hit mocked him for being puny.
Earnest raising his hands cast a ray of frost against the stunned one, dropping him.
Osborne stood by Tordek’s side and waving his sword in what seemed to be a bizarre display, hit the bugbear in the neck but the bugbear swore vengeance.
Erithain sensing that the bugbears were evil confronted them but only hit air.
Tordek also hated bugbears and narrowing his eyes struck out at the nearest one, chopping its head off.
Half the lizardfolk ran away while the others drew their bows and started trying to shoot into the group, but with typical luck, the only victim was a lizard who shot himself in the foot.
Hamish waved his hands and clicked his tongue and summoned a dire badger next to the lizards which after a second of confusion (where am I?) nipped at the lizards feet biting some of their clawed toes off.

(Round 2)
The bugbears seeing some of their number fall all went in to attack, hitting Osborne heavily on the shoulder and grazing Erithian’s leg.
Sighting on the one attacking Osborne, Parker let fly again piercing one of the bugbear’s arms.
Gurt continued his onslaught of the ground as he missed the bugbear again.
Pointing at the one attacking Osborne, Earnest cast scorching ray, burning a big hole where its heart should be.
Osborne stepping away from the front line cast a healing spell upon himself.
Erithain swung wildly cursing all this evil in this world and cut himself with his sword and Gurt as he rotated around, praying for forgiveness he prepared to continue battle.
Tordek on the other hand was getting the hang of splating bugbears carving a deep gouge into his bugbears leg, it roared but fought on.
The lizards, reacting to a badger amongst their midst went to attack it while the third attacked Tordek missing him and also missing the badger.
Hamish commanding his dog to charge in to Tordek’s side, he missed with his spear but the dog with a big lunge badly mauled the lizards leg but was still standing, meanwhile the badger starting ripping off scales from the lizards other foot.

(Round 3)
The bugbears went on the attack again hitting Erithian a weak blow on the arm.
Taking a bead on Erithian’s target, Parker let loose another arrow but it grazed its hip.
The ground was almost compost by now, nicely churned by Gurt, even the bugbear attacking him looked impressed.
Earnest cast magic missile into Erithian’s bugbear making howl in pain.
Osborne coming to the front line again attacked the lizard, swinging his sword in he carved a big gouge on its leg but despite this injury the lizard still stood.
Erithian went to strike his bugbear but hit only air although Gurt next to him did duck in case his friend attacked him again.
Tordek seeing that the lizard was about to drop, hefted his axe and neatly sliced one of its arms off, looking stunned the lizard dropped dead, grinning in glee he altered the course of his swing and attacked the bugbear next to him hammering it into its side.
The lizardfolk continued trying to hit the strange badger that had just appeared, knocking its head about, the badger started to get mad.
The now angry badger launched itself onto the face of the injured one and proceeded to rip its face apart, felling it, Hamish seeing his ally kill one of the lizards ran in the help against the other lizard, his spear missed again but the dog badly mauled the lizards leg.

(Round 4)
The bugbears over awed at the group only hit air.
Parker also over awed by what the badger was doing missed one of the bugbears.
Gurt with a lucky swing chopped his bugbear’s head off, both he and the bugbear looked surprised at this development, before he knew it his axe had gone on to the next opponent, but hit the bugbear’s shield.
Running through what spells he had left, Earnest stood idly by waiting for the battle to end.
Moving behind one of the bugbears Osborne thrust his short sword but it clanged off its armour.
Erithian finally hit his bugbear (making Gurt duck again), impaling it through one of its eyes.
Tordek swung at his bugbear adding another wound, due to the amount of blood it had lost it fell flat on its face dead.
The lizard thinking that this mad ball of fur was the most dangerous struck out cracking a rib on the badger.
Raising his spear Hamish stabbed the lizard, but with his weak strength he only succeeded in scratching it, the mad badger on the other hand ripped the lizards leg off,
after a moment of calming down the badger disappeared.

(End of Combat)

Recovering from the combat, Hamish and Osborne healed what wounds they could while Erithian drank a potion. After they tended their wounds they searched the bodies finding some magical scrolls which was taken up by Earnest. Tordek looked in the cooking pot, seeing meat he called Hamish over to try to identify what it was, ‘It was a jaguar’, said Hamish with relief, seeing something catch his eye he bent down to examine the pot, it was magical! (Listed in magic items page)

Eating from the pot first, Gurt could feel he was lighter on his feet, after having the meal and taking the pot the group moved onto the intact building they previously saw. (Hamish also dismounted)

Earnest was rubbing his hands in glee after walking through the doorway as it was a ruined library, taking the time to search and using his detect magic they found more magical scrolls. Looking through the books after casting a comprehend spell, Osborne concluded the language was Ancient Thracian and the civilisation existed 5000 years ago.

Going onto the final ruin they saw amongst some partial ruins, there was a hole in the ground, it was so deep even the dwarves couldn’t see the bottom, Osborne flipped a coin into the hole and waited…..and waited…..and waited then heard the tiny echo. The group decided not to try this hole and moved on to see what else was in this part of the city.

Looking from the ruin they were in they could see more intact buildings and 2 lines of water side by side. Walking to the closest they could see it had a door, before anyone could say anything, Osborne had walked up to it and knocked, there was no answer.
‘Osborne Tosscobble, asking for permission to enter!’ There was still no answer, pushing on the door turned to be locked. Parker stood beside the door and starting checking it for traps then opened the lock, Tordek went to open the door when he was stopped by Erithian who whispered, ‘There are seven sources on evil just on the other side of that door!’ Coming up with a brilliant idea (Dozy Bonus XP) Tordek brought out a small hand mirror and careful putting part of it under the door checked what was inside.

Six skull painted humans and a seventh wearing metal armour and massive sword were poised it looked like to strike whoever opened the door, conveying this information led to a different strategy. Parker got her tools out and started to take the hinges off the door quietly, with a nod to show she was done Tordek kicked in the door, alas Tordek was not that adept for kicking doors far as he thought as the door fell flat not catching any of the skull humans under it.

(Round 1)
Notching an arrow to her bow, she drew and shot at the skull human in metal armour causing a small scratch to him.
Stepping forward, the metal human with one of the skull humans stepped forward into the breach choosing a dwarf apiece, metal human swung his massive sword at Tordek clanging off his armour, the other skull human swiped his sword over Gurt’s head.
Earnest sensing that the metal human was the biggest threat, he muttered words of power and pointed his finger at him, cast a ray of enfeeblement making him stagger.
Erithian smited the metal human (Gurt breathed a sign of relief), gouging a small furrow in his arm.
Waving his hands and clicking his tongue, Hamish summoned a wolf at the back, the wolf suddenly found itself beset on all sides bit it own tongue making it yelp.
Tordek sensing the metal human was weak aimed a hit at his leg taking a good chunk out of it.
Muttering a prayer to Yolanda, Osborne blessed the group.
Gurt took a big swing at the skull human caving in some of its ribs but despite a horrific injury, he still stood.

(Round 2)
Trying to take advantage of the confusion, Parker shot the metal guy again but the arrow bounced off his armour.
The metal guy missed his attack but his comrade next to him thought he had eye-spied a weak spot in Gurt’s armour but turned out to be one of his spare axes, still the blow hammered into his side making him wince.
Waving his hand and saying more mumbo jumbo, Earnest cast a sleep spell on the skull humans at the back, sending one of them to sleep.
Erithain swung his sword above his head readying a hit, but his sword flew out of his hands and landed not far from him.
The wolf went to attack the sleeping human but bit its own tongue again (inept wolf), Hamish for some unknown reason to anyone else started dancing while his dog ran up and attacked Gurt’s target, ripping off it foot causing it to die.
Tordek tried to follow up on his earlier success but his hit clanged of the metal person’s armour.
Taking out his spare pants, Osborne waved them around muttering words of power and cast cause fear on the metal guy, moving head his head quickly about, the metal guy seemed less sure of himself surrounded by everyone.
Turning towards the metal person, Gurt lashed out with his axe catching him on the side of the head, he swayed but was still standing.

(Round 3)
Parker sighting on the swaying metal guy, launched an arrow that took him in the shoulder and dropped him.
Kicking their comrade awake, two skull humans stepped up to the breach while the others started attacking the now detected wolf. From a rain of blows the wolf died, in the excitement Erithian had to duck as a longsword left one of their hands, the ones in the breach missed Tordek but hit Gurt in his injured side, cracking some ribs.
Raising his hands, Earnest cast a funny spell on Tordek’s target, making him laugh uncontrollably.
Drawing his spare longsword, Erithian attacked his new opponent cutting the laughing one’s hands.
Dog (yes that is its name) barking and growling, attacked the other one badly mauling its leg. (Hamish carried on dancing)
Carefully taking aim, Tordek chopped off the laughing guys head, continuing his swing his axe hammered into the other ones side.
Osborne stepping up to Gurt cast a healing spell closing some of his wounds.
Gurt smashed his one back in the mouth, felling him.

(Round 4)
Parker shot again badly bruising one of the skull humans arms.
The skull humans stepped into the breach again but their attacks hit only air.
Earnest blew on his hands and cast a ray of frost at the bruised one making him shudder.
Erithian struck out but only drew a little blood from his new opponent.
The Dog missed its opponent while (yes you’ve guessed it) Hamish continued to dance.
Tordek swung his axe around and chopped his one in half and the one next to him.
Cursing in Yolanda’s name, Osborne shouted, ‘My god is real you heathens!’ Then went and retrieved Erithian’s sword.
Gurt stepped up and struck down the last skull human.

(End of Combat)

Checking over the gear from the bodies, they found some miscellaneous items, a +1 Greatsword, which Gurt took, and a +1 Light Wood Shield that Hamish took. After resting for a little while where they replenished their spells and recovered their wounds, during this time the dwarves laid out in organised order the bodies and their weapons and also put the door back where it was. After a last look over their handiwork Tordek taking the lead, the group went down the lit stairs.

After a while of descending, Tordek spotting a figure at the bottom raise something to his lips and charged up the stairs. Meeting the attack Tordek hammered a good below into his side before he could strike again the skull human went glazed eyes and folded up with a sigh.

Osborne thought that something had taken its soul although what had was a mystery, carrying on, the group crossed a ‘T’ rope bridge and came to some doubles doors in front of them, to their right they could see another pair of double doors and to their left they could see a ledge on the edge of a chasm with what looked like a turning around that corner. Hamish thought he could smell wolverine musk which was recent but wasn’t sure if it was nearby or had passed here recently.

All of a sudden they heard a mighty crash behind them turning around they could see scrapes on the wall with smears of blood, must be that evil metal thing they all thought.
Parker checked the door for traps and then opened the lock and the group made ready to enter….



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