Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 4

Of Gods and Bears

Using his paladin senses, Erithian detected great evil on the other side of the door but couldn’t detect single sources. Parker oiled the door hinges, opened the door quietly and peeked in.

Looking around the room, it was circular in nature, had some pillars of skulls holding up a basin of water and on the other side of the room it was curtained off with some fabric that covered a large area, stepping into the room she waved everyone in slowly.

Earnest lingered in the corridor while everyone else slowly advanced into the room, seeing nothing had happened yet, Parker slowly started searching, moving around to the left. Just at that moment the curtains were pulled aside by a couple of robed figures and revealed three metal humans and a statue that made everyone quiver.

(Round 1)
Earnest entered the room, seeing the statue made him quiver but he was still fine, waving his hands and muttering some words though sent one of the metal humans to sleep.
Erithain charged on in with one of the metal humans and smited him making him reel from a big gash on his front.
Tordek then charged into a different metal human hammering the blow into its leg.
The robed priests raised their hands in spell casting, one of them cast a pulsating ray at Erithian, partially hitting him, while the other lowered his hands and kicked the sleeping one awake.
Osborne charged into the priest doing the kicking, just as the blow was about to land it was diverted into the ground by some magical barrier on the priest.
Gurt then ran up and went to strike the now awake metal human but clanged off his armour.
Parker, slightly adjusting her position lined up a shot against the priest attacking Osborne, piercing the priest’s arm badly.
One of them got to his feet; Osborne and the two dwarves took at swing at him as he got up but only hit air, the metal humans struck out at Erithain and Tordek but also hit air.
Hamish moved up and cast barkskin on Tordek making his skin tougher while his dog ran into Erithian’s opponent and ripped his leg off, killing him.

(Round 2)
Cackling madly, Earnest moved into the room and cast a ray of enfeeblement at the ceiling.
Erithain then advanced and attacked the nearest priest, causing a small wound on his head.
Tordek wildly swung at the metal human in front of him cutting in half and clanged off the armour the one next to him.
Backing off from Erithain the priest raised his hands and cast bane affecting Parker while everyone else shrugged it off, seeing this the other priest moved towards Parker and made to touch her, Parker lashed out catching him a blow on the head causing him to miss.
The priest about to touch Parker stared into space and then folded up with a sigh.
Osborne went to cast a spell but it fizzled out.
Gurt with not much conviction, swung at the metal human he was facing catching him in the hip, Gurt looked surprised.
Parker lined up on Gurt’s target shot him in the neck but despite a horrific injury he was still standing.
The last metal human knowing he was about to die, lashed out at Osborne hitting him a good blow in the side.
The Dog barked at the metal human, who then died, Hamish stepped beside Osburne and cast a healing spell.

(Round 3)
Bringing out his crossbow, Earnest aimed at the last priest, with a twang the bolt went wide.
Erithian moved up and struck the priest catching him a good blow on the knee.
Tordek then and advanced on the priest from behind and severed his spine.

(End of Combat)

Searching the bodies, they took the swords the metal humans had and some magical scrolls, while everyone was searching the room and checking out the statue, Tordek and Gurt arranged the bodies around the skull pillared basin.

Parker climbed up the statue (making her skin crawl), found some gemstones as eyes and pried them out, at once the dread they were all feeling disappeared.

Leaving the room they went to the other door near to them, Parker searched the door for traps finding none, unlocked the door and stepped behind Tordek who opened the door.
Instantly a large claw lashed out and scratched at Tordek’s tough skin while an overpowering musk washed over the group making Hamish and Dog retch.

(Round 1)
Sighting over Tordek’s shoulder, Parker loosed an arrow that struck the (now seen) Dire Wolverine.
Tordek swung his axe catching the Wolverine of the side of the head.
Erithian took out his crossbow and fired over the heads of the dwarves but missed its mark.
Hamish and his Dog moved away from the stench but carried on retching.
The wolverine went berserk and went to attack Tordek bashing him around some but not doing any damage.
Earnest waved his hands and cast a ray of enfeeblement at the Wolverine making its muscles shrink.
Osborne gestured, muttered and cast a spell on Gurt, making him stronger.
Gurt bellowed a mighty war cry and smashed into the Wolverine drawing a massive wound from it.

(Round 2)
Parker loosed another arrow which lodged in the wound killing it.

(End of Combat)

Search though the Wolverine den they found some weapons, a small Full Plate +1 which Osborne took and a +1 longsword which Erithain took, unfortunately all the gear was covered in wolverine musk and it would be some days before they got rid of the smell.

Checking that the bodies had not moved Tordek and Gurt went down the corridor with the rest of the group in tow where, they disturbed some bats, Gurt fell over but stayed on the ledge, getting up they went round to the stone bridge.

As the dwarves advanced across the bridge, Gurt noticed something odd and hesitated which was just as well as Tordek found the pit trap, the hard way, after the echos of his fall had faded away everyone let down a rope and hauled him up and healed him of his injuries before going around the trap and moving on.

Going to the end of the stone bridge they found a stone double door immediately the left, to the right was a corridor with double doors at the end. Taking the immediate door, Parker searched the door for traps, found none and found the door was not locked; she motioned for the dwarves to open it. Erithain chimed in before Tordek opened the door, ‘There are four sources of evil on the other side’, Parker readied her bow and Tordek opened the door.

(Surprise Round)
Parker shot one of the four metal humans, making him stagger; also, they noticed they had a black bear with a skull painted on its head.

(Round 1)
Earnest tried to cast a ray of enfeeblement at the bear but missed it mark.
Gurt charged the bear but only carved a small wound in its fur.
Erithian then charged in alongside Gurt in attacking the bear, but dropped his sword while running in.
The bear roared and attacked Gurt biting him hard on the arm.
Two of the metal warriors attacked Erithian hiting him badly with both their strikes, while the other two went to hit Gurt, one hit air while the other sliced a wound in Gurt’s arm.
Osborne moved into the room and cast a pulsating ray on the bear but only winged it a glancing hit.
Parker moved up and shot a different metal warrior but hit floor.
Tordek charged into one of the metal warriors but his axe clanged off its armour.
Hamish moved up to Erithain and cast a healing spell on him while his dog went for the injured metal warrior biting one of the hands.

(Round 2)
Earnest muttered again and cast scorching ray on the bear but only succeeded in warming the ground beneath its paws.
Gurt lashed out again at the bear but yet again carved another small wound it its fur.
Erithain drew a new sword and plunged it into the bear making it drop dead.
The metal warriors then faced off against their four opponents; Erithain had his arm ketchuped, Tordek warded his attack off with his shield, Gurt suffered a nasty head wound and the dog dodged out of the way.
Osborne moved in next to Tordek and stabbed with his short sword dealing the metal warrior a deep wound in his leg.
Parker taking careful aim this time shot at the dog’s target taking him in the arm.
Tordek went to finish off his opponent but was only able to cause a small wound.
The dog ripped off the leg of the metal warrior while Hamish cast a healing spell on Erithain.

(Round 3)
Earnest raised his crossbow but hit the ceiling before drawing a bead on anyone.
Gurt swung and hit the familiar floor.
Erithain, with his weak arm worked his way through his warriors’ defences drawing a little blood.
The metal warriors launched their attack again; blows bounced off Osborne, Erithain was hammered in his side and by a whisker missed Gurt.
Osborne continued to stab at the warrior, drawing more blood.
Parker let fly an arrow that made one of the warriors stagger.
Tordek swung and hit air.
The dog ripped off another warriors leg, killing him, Hamish looked around and wasn’t sure what to do, so he waited to see what would happen.

(Round 4)
Earnest started reloading his crossbow.
Gurt looking as if he was on his last legs managed to get his axe in the air and cut his warrior in half.
Erithain swung his sword, but was parried by the warrior.
The sole metal warrior followed up on Erithain cutting him badly.
Osborne moved in on the last one but caused a small wound.
Taking careful aim Parker fired, and took him in one of the eyes, killing him.

(End of Combat)

Parker quickly at the direction of Osborne, locked the door of the room, Osborne healed what he could, but everyone was feeling tired at this point, however looking around the room, they eye spied some chests. Parker check over the chests finding one trap but trying to disarm it set it off slowing her down. The now moving slowly Parker opened another and stayed awake from a sleep trap.

Opening the chests found; a +1 bane mace (fire elementals), gold, gems, glass beads (Eyes of Sight will be magic items soon) and a +1 shock dagger.

Then the party settled down to rest for the night after the dwarves lined all the bodies up against the wall…..



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