Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 5

Skeletons and Voice Recorders

(Note to all as I forgot my voice recorder this week the log will look like a summary than a story/series of actions, however on the other hand considering what the skeleton fight was turning into, I’m glad I didn’t bring it along)

The group awoke in the chest room, after considering their options of either continuing on to the double doors near them or backtracking to the rope bridge; they went for the double doors. (They also levelled up).

Enter a great hall filled with corpses they sprung a magic tripwire and the corpses (stats as skeletons) started rising slowly building in numbers. After 35 killing of skeletons the trap parameters that trigger the effect stopped (could have been worse there were 400 of the damn things in there!) and the group with all their rope traversed to the other side of the hall. (A massive rift separated the great hall, caused by earthquake)

They found a creepy not so special statue and a secret door, which led them to either a corridor, which took them down, or the same level. Group decided to stay on this level for now, after searching a few rooms and finding a lot dead bodies (wounds similar or identical to the big metal thing they have yet to encounter). After a few more rooms, they took the downstairs option.

Going downstairs they determined that the big metal thing also came down here and after looking at where it was going they went the other way leading them to a trapdoor (not a trap) and room full of Gnolls and a unique monster. (stats and picture uploaded soon).
Week ended in a middle of a fight with them



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