Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 6

Big Spider, Lizardmen Pact and Tombs

(continuing on from the last log the group ended up in a fight with what was a intelligent group of monsters, however it seems that the dice were not on their side this time, we join the group at what I think is round 3)

(Round 3)
Erithian sliced into the Jaguar man, causing a small wound.
Gurt then swung around and cut the jaguar in half.
Tordek went to stand up but was attacked (ineptly as it turned out) by a nearby Gnoll, who forgot which way the sword was supposed to go and chopped his own head off, Tordek not believing his luck moved into combat with two gnolls.
Parker not seeing any targets rolled into the next room and had a snapshot at one of the Gnolls, winging it.
Osborne hustled also into the room but was a bit out of breath to attack the Gnoll he now stood next to.
The gnolls then swung theirs axes, mostly hitting air although Osborne had a good chunk of his arm gouged out by a lucky hit.
Earnest also hustled into the next room and took stock of his new surroundings.
Hamish moved in alongside Earnest and weighed up what to do while his dog ran into the Gnolls but missed mauling the legs.

(Round 4)
Erithian moved up into the Gnolls but also weighed down by his armour getting there.
Gurt thinking a good plan, moved into the corner of the new room and prepared to charge.
Tordek catching his breath struck out but missed his target.
Taking stock of the situation, Parker ran and did some impressive displays of cartwheels and back flips and ended up behind the Gnolls.
Osborne clearly tired from running in his armour (still stinking of wolverine too) stabed weakly bouncing off the Gnolls armour.
The Gnolls lived up to the reputation, hitting air this time.
Earnest waved his hands in the air and sent the two Gnolls attacking Osborne to the land of dreams (cast sleep).
The dog this time managed to get hold of a leg and shake it a bit while Hamish stayed where he was.

(Round 5)
Erithian swung again and hit his Gnoll in the side making it stagger.
Gurt started his plan off by charging in, the Gnolls swung at him but failed to connect with the accelerating dwarf. However when Gurt swung his axe he accidentally let go of it, which them flew off behind him, ricocheted off the wall , made Hamish and Earnest duck as it buried itself it the wall where their heads used to be. (Nice plan there Gurt)
Tordek not seeing what Gurt just did, continued to trade blows with his Gnoll finally managing to dash it brains out.
Parker drew her bow and shot the remaining upright Gnoll in the back of the head, felling it.
Everyone else then killed the sleeping Gnolls

(End of Combat)

Picking over the bodies they found some money but nothing of magical interest, there was another door in this room which the group went through. (After Gurt retrieved his axe)

Opening it led to some stairs leading down again and a long corridor with sound of running water coming from the end of it.

Tordek motioned to everyone that he could hear movement around the corner to the left. Moving to the end of the corridor they could see a ‘shallow’ (for normal size people) river flowing through this cavern. The group stopped and whispered amongst themselves, after a few minutes they dispatched Parker to see what was around the corner.

Ghosting around the corner Parker was greeted by quite a sight, a small village of Lizardmen and some Jaguar men were just there amongst some tents with a small heap of skull humans on one of the sides, she crept back to relay the news.

The group rapidly concluded that fighting them would be a bad idea, but since they were not evil and how they had previously reacted on the surface, they would try for diplomacy, after a bit more discussion everyone would go around the corner. Earnest and Osborne would then approach the village with no weapons drawn and everyone else hung back.

Thus they did so, the reactions they got was wary drawing of some weapon and a lot of stares but no war cries, “Do any of you speak common or dialect in common?” asked Osborne (in common), judging by the blank stares this was a no. Earnest they used Draconic, “Could we have safe passage through here?” The group then noticed a smaller Lizardman wearing robes approach them, “You seek passage through here?” Earnest replied saying yes and what they had done to get here“. Do you want to go up the river or to the other cavern?” “Both eventually” replied Earnest. “That could be arranged yes”. “My brothers smell blood on you, you’ve been fighting recently?” “We were unjustly attacked so we defended ourselves”. “You were fighting Gnolls?” “Yes”, “I should warn you that we have a certain pact with the beastmen here, so I will turn a blind eye for now since you are near our encampment, but please do not attack beatmen near our camp”. “We’ll try not to, but if they attack us we’ll have to defend ourselves”. “The Jaguars Brothers that you see here”, gesturing with a wave of his arm, “they are loyal to us, but the ones not near our camp won’t be loyal.” “We will take care of them if they attack us, we will leave them in peace if not.”

“If you have any rations to spare we will consider that as payment for the passage”. Earnest relayed this and after some whispered exchanges, they put forward some rations.
“Before you go, something has just occurred to me, this metal thing has been preying on us, no doubt you might have met it?” “We’ve seen it handiwork and its passage.” I would like to propose an alliance of sorts, that if you help us rid this thing, we will have certain things we can aid you with.” “Like what?” I will give you a codeword that will bypass my brothers and might assist you”, he looks towards the rest of the group, “If your paladin can give his word, because I can trust a paladin”. “Even a Human paladin?” “He might be human, but he is still a paladin, what is your answer?” Erithian swore to do his upmost to rid this place of the thing. The lizardman nodded understanding the meaning but not the words, “The code word is Grasssas, I can also reveal that if you take the river route, please take one of the human bodies with you we also have an understanding with a spider up the river and if you want to get past it, you will need the body”.

After some discussion about taking dead bodies they decided to do so and thanked the Lizardman for the information.

Moving up river a ways they found the passage opened up and they could see the biggest spider web they had ever seen. Hamish looking at the web spoke offhand not to fight this spider if possible since it was going to be quite bigger than they thought.

Taking this onboard they threw the body into the webs and steeling themselves they saw what cam out from the ceiling, it was truly massive, they could not believe how big is was, the spider stared at them, then it took the body and went back up to the ceiling, then the webs raised up revealing and opening through the webs which the group took quickly.

The river continued but the path along the river ended, looking around Tordek eye spied a secret door, they opened the door and proceeded down the stairs that was revealed.
The stairs ended in a room they could with a statue in the middle of it, Erithian could feel evil nearby but it was not in this room.
Parker scouting ahead, entered the room, instantly they all heard a voice in theirs head, ‘I am the Guardian, to pass me I must be defeated and destroyed, choose your champion’.

After a little discussion (and a bit of casting various buff spells) Gurt was chosen.
Gurt then charged into the room and swung his axe carving a big chunk out of the statue the statue then hit back with a smaller chunk in comparison, Gurt then swung again entirely destroying the statue. (Now thats more like it Gurt, maybe you should do that more often)

With that the door across from statue clicked locks open, Osborne then examised the sword that the Statue was using and found it to be very magical, +2 longsword of shocking burst. Gurt then looked over where Tordek was searching the other half of the room and said, “Oi you blind dwarf, there’s a secret door there!”

The group then rested up, since they had been through a lot, Tordek ate first from the pot and felt his skin harden up. (Erithian ate from it last session and got +1 to attack & damage)

The group then decided to go through the obvious door first, the room was filled with spider webs and skeletons sprawled on the floor, sensing that something was afoot in here, the group set fire to the webs revealing from the ceiling two large spiders which radiated evil from Erithian’s point of view.

(Round 1)
Earnest prepared to cast a spell but it missed the spider it was aimed at.
Tordek charged into one of the spiders and clipped a leg.
Parker drew back her bowstring and let loose, but missed the big spider.
The evil spiders attacked Tordek and Parker sinking theirs fangs into both and injecting what appeared to be weak poison into their victims, even so the damage gave them some pause for thought.
Erithian charged in to Parkers’ spider and smited it making it hiss as the sword hit it.
Gurt then ganged up on the same spider causing a massive hit. (Keep it up; you should have been a barbarian!)
Suddenly they caught of movement at the edges of the groups’ vision and all the skeletons got to their feet.
Hamish saw Parker in peril went to heal her, but before he did so he detect what kind of poison she had been injected with and instead cast lesser restoration, purging her of the poison, his dog went to chew a skeletons leg but despite putting it off balance a bit no damage was done.
Osborne stepped into the room and made the sign of Yolanda, which caused half the skeletons to crumple to the ground.

(Round 2)
Earnest raised his crossbow but shot the ceiling instead.
Tordek when to hit but was put off by the hissing noises it was making.
Parker rolled away from the spider and fired catching on its underside.
The evil spiders attacked again sinking their fangs into Tordek but missing Gurt, Tordek this time shook off the new poison injection.
Erithian smacked one of the spiders’ eyes making it scream as electricity went through its body and it folded it on itself dead. As it died, the four skeletons dropped into pieces.
Going to the aid of his fellow dwarf, Gurt charged into the remaining spider, but only ended up hitting his common enemy the ground.
Hamish knowing that the poison was now removed cast a healing spell on Parker while the dog continued chewing bones.
Osborne showed his holy symbol again and the remaining skeletons were no more.

(Round 3)
Earnest reloaded his crossbow.
Tordek took aim with his hit this time drawing some ichor from the legs.
Parker adjusted her aim but missed the remaining spider by a hairs breath.
The spider went to bite Tordek but met only plate instead of flesh.
Erithian charged into the spider chopping off a leg.
Gurt swung wildly but hit air.
Hamish knowing that Tordek could not be healed until the poison effects wore off waited.
Osborne then advanced up and cast lesser restoration on Tordek.

(Round 4)
Earnest seeing the battle was almost over, he decided to save his remaining spells.
Tordek swung but missed this time.
Parker took careful aim and hit it on the underside.
Erithian swung but the spider dodged out of the way.
Gurt swung again and missed the spider by a lot.
Hamish and Osborne moved next to Tordek and healed him.

(Round 5)
(In the interest of time, any misses will not be included here)
The spider sensing that Tordek was no longer easy prey sunk its fangs into Erithian this time injecting poison into him.
Erithian chopped more legs off in response.

(Round 6)
The spider seeing that they were not hitting it struck Tordek again but avoided being poisoned.
Seeing how dire things were turning out to be, Osborne cast bless.

(Round 7)
Parker finally managed to hit it a winging shot but failed to kill it.
Erithian took one final swipe at it, killing it.
(Everyone sighed in relief)

(End of Combat)

Searching the room and healing up they found another door, some stairs leading up and no treasure in sight, the group decided to backtrack to the secret door.
Opening it revealed a small room with a small upright coffin made of lead within it.
On the door of this coffin was a crest of wax flowers, Tordek taking some chalk out went to draw something upon the door when it exploded.

Erithian immediately sensed a great evil and as the dust cleared, they saw a Mummy with a sword.

(Round 1)
Earnest pointed a finger at the Mummy but the ray of enfeeblement missed its mark.
Knowing undead hated healing spells, Osborne cast one upon it doing some damage, in return the Mummy lashed out hitting him in the gut but didn’t catch its curse.
Tordek wiping the dust from his eyes swung at it but despite cutting some bandages, it seemed to be unharmed.
Gurt then swung cutting something but not a lot else.
The Mummy struck Osborne again in the side but as before, he did not receive the curse of rot.
Erithian moved next to Osborne and used his ‘lay on hands’ restoring some health back.
Hamish then moved up next to Osborne and cast a healing spell upon him while his dog hung back with Parker who was staying out of this fight. (She knew she could not hurt it and the dog would just be going to its grave if it became involved)

(Round 2)
Earnest this time hit the Mummy with a silent sound ray making it stagger.
Osborne stepped away from the combat and cast a healing spell upon him removing all the damage remaining on him.
Tordek swung again degrading it by a little amount.
Gurt swung wildly hitting air.
Fixating on Gurt, the Mummy hit him in the ribs but did not pass on the curse.
Moving into the space Osborne vacated, Erithian stabbed at the Mummy snapping a small bone inside it.
Hamish cast a healing spell on Gurt.

(Round 3)
Taking out a scroll and reciting its words, Earnest cast another silent sound ray on it doing some good damage.
Osborne saved his remaining spells in case anyone took more damage.
Tordek desperately swung at the things’ feet hitting them for a little damage.
Gurt swung an uppercut with his axe splitting its head it two.

(End of Combat)

Giving the sword a wide berth (it radiated evil which everyone could feel) they search the coffin, finding: 2000 gold pieces, a Potion of Longevity (keeps the effects of aging at bay for a number of years) and a scroll of Limited Wish.

The group saw the door opposite the tomb and considered their next move….



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