Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 7

Game of Thrones (and skeletons)

Parker checked the door finding no traps and unlocked the door, sensing that there was no evil on the other side they went to open the door, to find it would not open. After pulling, pushing and even sliding they came to the conclusion it was barred on the other side, with this knowledge in hand they back tracked to the room that had the evil spiders in and went through those door, finding a corridor.

At the end of the corridor was another door which Tordek opened, what greeted the group was a great hall, leering faces and similar artwork decorated the walls drapes hung here and there, near the end of the hall a wall of iron bars beyond which was a throne and curtains behind it, Erithian could feel evil coming from the throne and another source but was not in his sight.

At this point Gurt started playing his Kazoo and Tordek started applying chalk moustaches to the leering faces. Parker started looking around for some secret doors while Gurt unbar the door from this side (for completions sake).

Finding two secret doors both were checked, one was locked, Parker then unlocked it, Gurt with a flask of oil set fire to it and smashed it against the curtain behind the throne revealing a door. Tordek then opened the door which evil was sensed coming from, a small cell was revealed with a slumped skeleton in the corner and the evil was coming from the skeleton.

Gurt threw an axe at its head which bounced off but did nothing else advancing on the skeleton they discovered some runes on the wall next to it, but despite repeated attempts they could not read it. Parker checked the inside but nothing was found, feeling a bit put out they dismembered the skeleton. Osborne then gathered up the skeleton and threw it, one piece at a time, at the throne, nothing happened. (Dozy not happy with this, your supposed to be a good person)

After a while the bones and bits flowed back together into a skeleton that was sprawled on the floor.

Nothing happened after that, so Gurt opened the other secret door, revealing a same size cell with what appeared to be nothing within, Parker stepped into the room looking around she found more runs on the back wall and a small secret compartment. Parker trying to hide what she had found opened the panel and found a box, “Bring it out so we can see it!” barked Osborne seeing what she was trying to do. Opening the box revealed a scroll Osborne unfurled it and began to read, with a little whimper, the writing transferred themselves to Osborne. “I think I can speak and read the language now”, said Osborne.

Looking at the runes (not speaking aloud) he read, ‘I have been waiting for you’, taking this into his stride, he moved into the other cell and read those runes (not speaking aloud again), ‘Long have I lain here, storing up my hatred for those who have entombed my brethren. Now they shall be unleashed on those who have wronged them!!!!’

In the hall Gurt, Erithian and Tordek saw the skeleton rises from the ground and gestured with its arms and four skeletons appeared wielding short swords around them, grren fire lighting in their eye sockets.

(Note to all that read this, this is a long fight)
(Round 1)
Tordek charged into one of the nearby skeletons getting a good hit in smashing some ribs, but instead of dropping to the ground it stayed where it was, grinning at him.
The evil skeleton gestured behind the bars again and two more skeletons appeared.
Erithian raised his holy symbol but the skeletons ignored it.
The skeletons advanced and attacked hitting the dog for a small wound.
Parker drawing her magic dagger stabbed at the skeleton in front of her somehow electrocuting it but unsurprisingly not felling it.
Osborne walked out into the hall to see what was going on and moved beside Gurt trying to act as if this was not his fault.
Hamish conjured up an Ice Lance and launched it at the evil skeleton, but to his amazement it remained where it was the dog tried to gnaw a leg off but missed..
Earnest launched a volley of Magic Missiles at the evil skeleton, this time felling it, Erithian then yelled out, “Its not gone, its transferred to another one”.
Gurt swung wildly smashing some bones but not felling his one either.

(Round 2)
Tordek swung again at the same target but failed to do any damage to it.
The evil skeleton raised his arms only to be hit by Tordek again but not stopping him, he raised one more skeleton next to Earnest.
Erithian smited the skeleton next to him, smashing some of the bones with his mace.
The skeletons struck out at the group hitting Hamish and his dog a series of blows.
Parker stabbed again but missed.
Osborne moved next the evil one raising his to touch the evil one, he channelled a healing spell felling the evil one and received some damage from a nearby skeleton, again the evil switched to a nearby skeleton.
Casting a healing spell defensively, Hamish healed his dog for some of the damage, the dog attacked again this time splintering some bone shards off one.
Earnest backed away from the skeletons into the corner, muttering powerful words he conjured up and hurled a fireball hoping to take out a good chunk of the undead which he saw to his gratification, immolating three of them and catching Osborne an accidental hit.
Gurt struck out at the new evil one catching it a very good blow but alas not a demolishing one.

(Round 3)
Tordek advanced on a new skeleton and sliced some bone of it.
The evil one raised his arms again but before he could do anything Gurt smashed it head to pieces, once again the evil switch into a nearby skeleton, Gurts’ axeswung again and chopped into the newly switch skeleton but did destroy it this time.
Erithian smited again landing a good hit on the same one again.
The skeletons attacked again hitting Tordek a good hit.
Parker stabbed again, but it seemed that she had a necrophobia as the dagger missed again.
Osborne moved next to the evil one again and touched it with a healing spell, shattering it, once again the evil transferred into a nearby skeleton.
The dog missed its bite, Hamish cast a healing spell on the skeleton next to him making it stagger.
Earnest cast scorching ray on the one next to Hamish but failed to raise the energy enough to fell it.
Gurt now getting the hang of fighting skeletons, charged into the middle of them felling the one Earnest tried to down, twirling his axe in the air he then struck another skeleton catching it a good hit in the ribs.

(Round 4)
Tordek attacked the same target as Gurt, downing it.
The evil one raised its arms, Erithian tried to channel positive energy into it but missed it by a hairs breath and two more skeletons appeared.
Erithian swung his mace this time but also missed.
The skeletons raised their swords and hit only air.
Parker stabbed and missed.
Osborne muttered a prayer to Yolanda and cast bless.
The dog mauled a leg bone but could not take it away yet while Hamish cast another healing spell upon the skeleton next to him making it flinch.
Earnest cast an acid arrow, which sailed straight past its target into the wall yonder.
Gurt sidestepped and smashed his axe into Hamishs’ target but not quite hard enough.

(Round 5)
Tordek lashed out with his axe catch one of them a good blow.
The evil one raised it arms but before he could do anything, Erithian smashed him to bits and felt the evil flicker into the next one.
Seeing that there was not many left, Erithian decided to attack an uninjured one catching it a good hit.
The skeletons attacked again but hit air again.
Parker missed again.
Osborne moved behind one of them and cast a healing spell on it making it stagger.
The dog failed to do any damage to the one it was biting while Hamish decided to wait and see what would happen next.
Earnest launched a flurry of magic missiles on the less injured one, cracking some of his bones.
Gurt struck down the evil one which then transfer to one of the remaining two skeletons.

(Round 6)
Tordek hit the other skeleton that was not the evil one, cutting it in half.
The evil one raised its arms again only for them to be cut off and smashed to pieces by Gurts’ over arm swing.

(End of Combat)

The evil presence from the skeletons snuffed out and the group sighed with relief and exhaustion. Using what healing was left they healed what they could. Deciding to rest in one of the cells the group rested.

Eight hours later with new spells a little more healing used and Gurt eating first from the pot, the group decided their next move.

Tordek taking a crowbar from his pack pried one of the iron bars out of its grove making a gap large enough for everyone to squeeze through.

The group squeezed through and examined without touching the throne, Parker looked at it, trying to determine if there was anything special about (that made it evil) and found nothing putting a glove on she touched it, immediately she was paralysed. Reacting quickly, Osborne tried to pry her away but could not move her, he then cast dispel magic and pulled her away, just as she was pulled away she screamed as there was a hiss where her hand used to be and an Ochre Jelly bubbled up from the throne itself.

(Round 1)
Earnest launched a scorching ray at it, sizzling some of it.
Tordek swung his axe and barely missed Gurt when missed the big ooze.
Hamish held his dog back and cast a healing spell on Parker, restoring the skin to her hands.
Parker drew and fired her bow making it flinch and then it split into two jellies.
Gurt slammed down with his axe on the ooze, while he killed it his axe was non-existent when he brought it up to hit the other one, hitting it with what remained of his axe doing some damage and losing the rest of the axe.
The jelly in response lunged at Gurt who dodged out of the way.
Osborne drew a dagger and threw it barely missing his own foot.
Erithian then followed up to beat that by throwing his sword, impaling it into the throne.

(Round 2)
Earnest conjured up some magic missiles that killed the remaining jelly.

(End of Combat)

Erithian retrieved his sword with no ill effect despite Parker trying to stop him from doing so; Parker was going into hysterics about what the throne did to her.

Using alchemists fire and holy water they destroyed the throne dissipating the evil in it.

Carefully avoiding the throne, Parker moved up to the doors behind the throne and checked them over finding nothing, Tordek stepped up and opened the door, looking around the room they could see some doors a little way down from them, scouting down the corridor (wanting to be a s far from the throne as possible) Parker noticed a stone chimney in the ceiling, why it was it there?
(we shall find out next week)



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