Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 8

Answers and more Questions

(again my voice recorder was out of action because my bats had died so this like log 5 is more a summary)
Parker was checking out the new room behind the throne room, everyone seeing that nothing bad had happened entered into it, Parker checked the doors opposite them to find they were not real doors and the doors behind them slammed shut and the room began to fill with water.

Parker immediately started to climb up the chimney along with Earnest and Gurt.
Tordek found that he could not climb up, brought out his feather token tree and put it at his feet under the chimney. The resulted was that he got launched straight upwards crashing into everyone and exploding out the other end.

After the tree disappeared, Osborne cast water walking and the rest of the group just waited for the water to rise.

Meanwhile the others had discovered that they were in the room with the evil statue (not evil anymore) and an elf paladin called Alidear.

The rest of the group caught up and after divining where they were (and cursing me after releasing how far it was) they made off to the T-junction rope bridge they missed when the began this foray (yep that far). Nothing untoward happened although more bats almost knocked Tordek off the bridge again. They came to an evil shrine and rid it of the skull humans within.

They then bypassed the trap with mixed results and proceeded down the steps that had been revealed after they cleaned out the shrine and headed downwards.

After a while they came to a cavern with a flowing river in it and a cobblestone bridge, lurking under the bridge and greeted them was a giant gnome (large size) which after a fee allowed them to cross it, Parker treated the Gnome with kindness and was rewarded with a key.

Crossing the bridge they found a corridor which led to a room filled with blinding light, within the light was a sphinx. The sphinx agreed to an exchange of things and answered two questions, the key they had been given opened the Minotaurs’ King palace cells and the metal thing would be found in the beastmen city some levels down.

Making their way back they discovered another secret door and went in it and down the stairs there.

They discovered an empty room with some bones and a dead spider in it, opened the door there and found a big hall with glowing pillars within holding various things on shelves on these pillars. They determined that a magical web was connected to these items and put the item back not sure what to do next….



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