Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 9

Secret doors Galore

Parker carefully searched the room finding two secret doors one which the magical web led into, ignoring the web door they checked the other door. Parker touched the door and shivered from the contact and backed away. ‘Don’t touch the door, it is very cold’ said parker when she saw their concerned expressions.

Osborne stepped up to the door and opened it, a long and cold corridor was revealed, Gurt and Tordek took the lead while Parker hung back at the rear of the group.

The dwarves marched along the corridor while the rest coaxed Parker into the middle of the group again, Tordek spotted a secret door halfway along the corridor which he cpointed out and continued with Gurt along the rest of the corridor. Finally convincing Parker to be in the middle the rest of the group advanced into the corridor.

Parker checked the secret door shivering a bit but without harm this time. Suddenly Tordek became frantic ahead of them and rushed around the corner onto some stairs at the end of the corridor and found two more secret doors at the base of the stairs and at the top, Gurt started pushing on the walls to see if any more sercret doors were forthcoming but without success.

At this pointed Tordek started shouting, ‘GOLD, GOLD, GOLD, GOLD!!!!’ Osborne fearing that something had dominated his comrade cast magic cirle against evil on himself and moved nearer to Tordek, Parker carefully stepped around Tordek and checked the door at the top of the stairs without touching it (She is getting paranoid now)
and found that it was not secret from this side.

Going back to the door in the corridor they opened it to find an odd shaped room which was fairly big at this end while long and thin at the other end, there was a door to the right and two statues encased in ice before them, the paladins warned them they could feel evil within this room but it was not the statues. The floor was covered in frost, it was cold in the room but not a dangerous temperature.

Tordek continued to shout “GOLD” on the stairs, Osborne then cast calm emotions on Tordek calming him down, although he muttered “Gold” every once in a while.

Taking some of the stones from his slingshot bag, Osborne threw them at the statues which turned out to be humans frozen solid, but nothing happened.
Gurt advanced up and had a closer look at them but didn’t divine what happened to them.
By this time, everyone was now in the group and wanted to thaw these people so they setup a fire, the room slowly started to thaw; only Parker remained in the corridor, flat out refusing to enter the room.

After about an hour the frozen people were defrosted to find out one fell into bits and the other collapsed with a gasp. The dwarves advanced to the other end of the room while the group took the items upon the (now) dead people finding a trap door in the ceiling and a ladder on the floor under it.
Osborne went over to the door to see what was on the other side, as he touched it he felt some sort of draining effect on him and snapped his hand back and motioned to the dwarves to destroy the door which they did, which revealed steps leading up. (Combat would have taken place but the magic circle against evil protected them from it abilities to harm them).

On the bodies they found (Identified): Female +1 Chainshirt of Fire Resistance, Silver Longsword and +1 Warmace of Ghost Touch.

Exiting the room, they entered the secret door at the base of the stairs, on the wall of a long and wide corridor they saw some runes which Osborne could only read, “It is not given that man should interrupt the sleep of his ancestors. Do not transgress beyond this point.”

Advancing down the long corridor, they found two left hand turns at the end the first one they could see ended in a door. Parker checked the door, found nothing and swapped places with Tordek, which opened the door. A massive hall filled nothing was revealed except a bull headed lizard that was lying on the floor that looked at them hungrily and stood.

(Round 1)
Parker moved up and shot with her bow causing a small wound.
Earnest hustled in to take up position ready for anything.
Alidear moved into line of sight and shot with his bow dealing a good wound to its head.
Erithian pulled out his crossbow and fired hitting ones of its legs.
Osborne cast Bull’s Strength on Gurt.
Hamish also cast Bull’s Strength on Tordek.
The lizard charged Alidear, slashed him on the torso and was knocked off his feet.
Tordek then charged in and hammered into its side.
Gurt charged in but missed his mark.

(Round 2)
Parker ran up and did a series of backflips ending in shot in mid air that killed the lizard.

(End of Combat)

The group healed and rested up in the room, next morning the group was surprised to find Hamish had acquired a Dire Badger. (Bodger)

Alidear found a secret door in the room which Parker checked and unlocked, Tordek then tried the door where he felt something trying to change him but failed and then got hit by several magic missiles.
A narrow passage was revealed which everyone went down and entered a semi circular covered in bone fragments and a large stone door made of granite. After Parker searched the door she found that although not locked it was barred on the other side the group backtracked to the second left hand turn, after a series of turns they found a room filled with crates.

Looking through the crates, they found (Identified): +2 Full Plate, a masterwork Heavy Repeating Crossbow, sixty masterwork crossbow bolts, ten masterwork Shurikens, Bag of Holding 1 and Ring of Improved Swimming.
They also found twenty tubes that contained a black powder, after experimenting with them they turned out to be fireworks.

They then backtracked to the original room they started in and tried the secret door there which led to stairs going down bathed in a violet light, Parker and Hamish felt sleepy after walking down the steps.

After a short time they entered a circular room with very deep pits either side of the door. Parker, still feeling sleepy, found a trapdoor in front of the door and disarmed it, opposite them they saw a statue wearing a crown inset with gems after looking at it poking it and search around it they found a secret door right behind it, they also found out the statue was in fact a golem. Attempts to move it proved futile, but then Osborne came on the idea of using the fireworks to blow up the golem, doing some good damage to it but animating it in the process.

(Round 1)
Parker moved to the side waiting to see what would happen since she was certain she could not harm it at this stage.
Tordek charged in but missed clanged off the stone.
Earnest advanced up and prepared a possible spell for next round.
Alidear ran down the stairs into the room (Had retreated when the fireworks were let off).
Osborne cast bless.
Gurt advanced to the side of Tordek but not striking distance of the Golem.
The Golem breathed fire on Tordek and then hammered a series of blows upon him making him look very battered and tenderized.
Hamish moved slowly up.
Erithian moved up in line with Hamish.

(Round 2)
Parker stayed close to the wall.
Earnest cast haste on Tordek, Osborne, Gurt, Erithian and Alidear
Alidear moved alongside Erithian.
Osborne moved next to Tordek and cast a big healing spell on him removing a third of the damage.
Tordek moved away and dodged out of the Golem swipe.
Gurt remained where he was.
The Golem took a single step forwards and smashed Osborne to the ground unconscious.
Hamish moved slightly towards Tordek.
Erithian stayed put for now.

(Round 3)
The fight continues next time….



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