Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 1

The Beginning

Where does our story begin?

Oh yes on a ship at sea and the party of adventurers aboard it, most are rather short of height but seem ready for a challenge in the southlands (Or so they think).

We join them on the 16th day on their voyage.

‘Well I have bought a two horse carriage for when we get there,’ says Osborne the Cleric, ‘Walking in hot climates to all these lost cities does rather a number on my feet and Yolanda agrees with me.’

He looks at his flock, Erithian the Paladin stands close by listening but keeping his eyes on the sailors and the horizon, Hamish the Druid sitting on the side gazing down at the water with occasioning scowling at Tordek the Fighter who is busy fishing.

Osborne is not sure but he thinks that the Druid is subtly keeping the fish away from the fishing rod, as he has not caught any fish on this trip.

Looking to the other side of the ship he sees Gurt the other Fighter looking at him slowly mouthing the words that he has just said. His other party members must be down below, Earnest the Wizard seems to be keeping himself to his spell book and the rather delightful Halfling Rogue is doing whatever she is doing in the cargo hold, I really must get her name thinks Osborne.

Later that evening, off in the distance Osborne sees a storm brewing and calls over the Captain, ‘Yes looks like a storm we tend to get them round here but it doesn’t look like a bad one’.

An hour later the ship entered the storm it wasn’t so bad at first but after a while Earnest came up to the deck where many of the sailors were starting to panic, Osborne leapt into action calling upon Yolanda to help him calm the crew while Hamish was busy throwing up over the side.

Reaching out with his magical senses, Earnest looked to see if the storm was natural. Behind him, a lightning bolt stuck the main mast and cut it in half toppling into the sea, quick as flash the Fighters started cutting the rigging fearing that the ship might be capsized by the weight of the mast and managed to cut it free. Earnest could see it was magical storm and was getting more powerful by the second; multiple lightning strikes were now hitting the water all around them looking up.

Earnest and Hamish saw an image of a scaly face with red glowing eyes briefly in the clouds and then a massive lightning bolt hit the ship and everything went white.

Osborne opened his eyes to find himself washed up on a sandy beach alongside Earnest, looking around he could see a few more people further down and the rest out on some rocks in the sea.

Pieces of wreckage and dead sailors were all around looking out he saw the Rogue slipping on the rocks and dived into the sea and started swimming towards him. Tordek seeing this jumped into the sea to also swim to shore but found that he was sinking like a stone, quick of thinking Erithian tossed a rope over to him and hauled him out. Osborne seeing this tossed over his rope and holding onto his end with the other adventurers on the beach pulled everyone to the beach.

Salvaging what they could they found some money and same rations, looking at where they were it looked as if there was tropical jungle beyond the beach, after a bit of discussion they all decided to stay on the beach and see if there were any survivors.

A little way down the beach they could see a fire was burning and some sailors were sitting around it. ‘Hoy there!’ yelled Osborne but no reply or movement from the sailors, everyone yelled out to them and yet there was a lack of response. Picking up a loose stone Hamish threw it onto the sand next to the sailors, but there was no response.

Thinking something was up, the still unnamed Rogue moving silently and using the edge of the jungle to hide she snuck up to them, they looked dead and she waved the group forward. Osborne fearing undead poked one of the sailors with his sword, but the body just slumped over on the sand.

Examining the corpses Hamish found that some heavy blunt instrument had crushed the sailors’ ribcages and their blood was sucked out of them, further more whatever had done it was large judging by the state of wounds and the deep gouges in the sand…..



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