Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 20
Forbidden Darkness

(Due to my voice recorder being out of action we join the fight in the fourth round, one of the fire elementals has been killed and the group has taken serious damage. During the fight Gurt was gifted with a Dwarf Ancestor at a cost, he does not know why yet)

(Round 4)
One of the fire elementals threw the grappling lion off itself and then hit it for some damage, (Group is resistant to fire damage) the other one hit the ancestor scorching it but not much else.
Alidear lashed out at the nearest fire elemental but missed.
Earnest cast Magic Missile at the ghost thing, dealing good damage to it.
Osborne cast a healing spell on Tordek.
Tordek lashed out at Alidear’s target dealing some damage to it.
Parker aimed for what looked like a weaker part on the fire elemental and let fly a few times scoring three hits for good damage.
Ssskevin conjured up an additional water elemental which along with the other two managed to get a single hit in which dampened the flames.
Wispers could be heard by everyone, some resisted others did not, Tordek bashed himself, Parker cowered, Aslan and Hamish attacked each other, while Gurt swung at the direction of the wispers and scored a nasty gash on Erithian. The Ghost thing then reached out and touched Aslan making it reel with pain.
Gurt, after regaining his wits, smashed into the fire elemental near him dealing massive damage to it and killing it helped along by the Ancestor.
Erithian cast Divine Favour and moved against the last fire elemental which swung out and clobbered him.
Hamish cast a healing spell on Aslan, Aslan then stayed where it was.

(Round 5)
The remaining fire elemental extinguished two water elementals after hitting them.
Alidear charged the fire elemental receiving a light hit in return, Alidear got a single hit in but dealt no damage.
Earnest cast Magic Missile again at the ghost thing (wisper demon) dealing some damage to it.
Osborne cast a healing spell on Erithian.
Tordek charged in and received a thump to his side from the elemental and then Tordek rained blows onto it dealing some damage.
Parker stepped back and shot the last fire elemental but missed with both shots.
Ssskevin summoned yet another water elemental, but both missed its attacks.
The wispers started up again, Tordek swung and hit his foot and Gurt tried saw off his arm. The Wisper Demon reached out and touched Aslan, making it reel with a lot of pain.
Gurt with Ancestor charged the fire elemental and dealt some damage.
Erithian lashed out with his sword, making the elemental hiss when he hit it with his sword.
Hamish cast a healing spell on Aslan and then moved away from the demon with Aslan.

(Round 6)
The fire elemental took out the remaining water elementals.
Alidear swung and lost his grip on the weapon, which went flying into Parker, who grunted after being impaled by it but remained alive.
Earnest moved near to the Wisper Demon and cast Flaming corrosion at it but missed, burning and sizzling the wall behind it.
Osborne cast a healing spell on Gurt.
Tordek swung multiple times damage a fair amount of damage.
Parker taking careful aim hit the elemental and good damage to it.
Ssskevin stood there and did nothing.
Wispers started up again, Earnest punched himself, Tordek attacked Gurt and Gurt did the same to Tordek. Erithian lost control on his arms and hit Alidear.
The Wisper Demon touched Earnest making him shudder.
Gurt with Ancestor dealt more damage to the elemental and killed it.
Erithian smited the Wisper Demon but his attacks passed through it.
Hamish with Aslan looked on.

(Round 7)
Alidear retrieved his sword from Parker, muttering an apology.
Osborne cast a healing spell on Tordek.
Tordek looked on as did Parker.
Ssskevin cast a healing spell on Earnest.
The wispers claimed more people this time, Parker handed Alidear sword back blade first, Gurt & Tordek hit Osborne, Earnest rabbit punched Ssskevin.
The Wisper Demon touched Earnest again making him reel in pain.
Gurt drew out his mace and it flew on of his grasp into Erithian when he charged the Demon.
Erithian smited the demon again getting two hits in finally killing it.

(End of Combat)

Osborne, Hamish & Ssskevin healed up the group with what spells they had left.
Parker searched the room finding no more of interest and the group rested up.

Continuing into the forbidden zone they went to the next door, Parker checked the door finding the door trapped which was disabled. Erithian and Alidear could sense evil on the other side of the door. Tordek opened the door slowly, but saw nothing within the room; he could however hear some heavy breathing.

The paladins either sensed evil coming from three places within the room so parts of the room were evil or were invisible to them.

Hamish stared into the room and activated his True Seeing. Freaks with lots of eyes was all he could say, then they were attacked!

(Round 1)
Alidear took a shot where he thought they were but missed by a mile.
Parker hid, waiting for these things to appear.
The things advanced on them, two of them came through the wall! Tordek then felt a tongue wipe across his eyes and his vision was impaired, the thing appeared before him.
Alidear also felt a tongue wipe across his eye and his vision was impaired!
Twang went Parker from her hiding spot, but missed the nearest one by a hairsbreadth.
Erithian smited Alidear’s one but missed.
Osborne cast Magic Circle against Evil.
Spectral Raverns started flapping around everywhere, Tordek flinched thinking about the bats a few levels up.
Earnest cast Haste.
Tordek swung at the thing and scored two good blows.
Aslan charged the nearest one causing a little damage to it, the freaky things were quick!
Ssskevin commanded his Dire Wolf to charge the other one, which took a bite out of it and tripped it up.
Gurt with Ancestor, confronted Tordek’s one and carved some large chunks out of it.

(Round 2)
Alidear channelled all of his divine will into the thing making it reel.
The tripped one got up and got smacked from everyone around it for doing so, it gazed down the corridor, the wolf and Earnest threw up. The thing switched targets from Tordek to Osborne and his eyes were impaired while Tordek’s sight was restored.
The remaining one, passed through and Licked Parker’s eyes making her squeal in horror but her sight remained.
Parker tumbled away from the thing.
Erithian channelled all his divine will into the thing destroying it. Alidear regained his sight.
Osborne cast Bull’s Strength on Tordek and managed to touch him for the spell to work.
Earnest moved away from the sight of the thing that made him vomit.
Tordek with his eyesight restored lashed at his thing felling it with a few blows, it crumbled into dust. Osborne’s sight returned.
Aslan charged into the remaining one and got his eyes licked before he could attack; he lost his sight, which might have been why he missed with all the swipes.
Ssskevin cast Flame Strike at it, the thing avoided some of the pillar but still yowled at the edge of it.
Gurt moved around the corner to engage to it and hit it a good blow.

(Round 3)
Alidear smited it and got tongued in return.
The thing pointed the Finger of Death at Aslan which, promptly keeled over dead. Hamish was upset
Parker looked on horrified as the death of the Lion.
Erithian charged in and smited the thing dealing good damage.
Osborne stayed where he was.
Earnest looked on.
Tordek rampaged into combat destroying the thing.

(End of Combat)

Parker searched the room finding some magical runes she could not read, she motioned Osborne over, he read them and they detonated (Take that you unearthly creature!). Osborne was still alive despite taking it in the face.

Osborne healed himself and moved along with the rest of the group, moving down the corridor they came to a T-junction, looking left they saw a door, to the right the corridor went on for a bit before turning to the right. The paladins could detect a large amount of evil behind it.

They opened the door and found a small room, magic came from beyond it, checking the room revealed that the wall nearest to the magic source was bricked up, the Ancestor smashed through it revealing a larger room with two large vases sealed in wax.

Check the audio log for the next bit as it can get confusing….

Adventure Log 19
The Forbidden Zone

(Turns out my record only got 5mins, so this is a summary of what happened)

The group broke camp and proceeded to the so called, ’Forbidden Zone’.
They came across the dwarf’s handiwork of where the strange Ooze came from and went to the next room.

Tordek kicked open the door and saw some strange creatures which he was not sure what they were, yelling a battle cry Osborne with Tordek charged into the room, his cry changed to a scream when he realised the creatures were in fact Rust Monsters and there were 5 of them, the ensuring battle cost Tordek his plate armour and the appearance of an elephant much to its own surprise.

In the middle of the battle, they were joined by a Lizardfolk Druid called Ssskevin.

Proceeding down the corridor they found a portal that put them in another part of the complex which radiated evil (like a rock band). And opened up the first door finding some huge fire elementals and some sort of ghost, the group took up arms but found mysteriously attacking each other and themselves. The group were taking some serious hits but managed to down one of the Fire Elementals.

The battles still continues…..

Adventure Log 18
Tordek & the Trolls

(We’re in the middle of round two and the fighting continues, although to some people who already know this, one of the group is about to bite off more than he can chew).
(Rot Reavers special attack is not a disease; it is classed as ability score damage)

(Continue Round 2)
(as it turns out Earnest goes twice, that is my bad)
Earnest cast a fireball at the creatures, the Rot Reavers took some of the damage while the Trolls absorbed the damage.
Erithian charged the front Rot Reaver, dealing a good amount of damage to it.
The Arcane Ooze flowed forwards, lashed out at Osborne, and flowed over him trying to drown him.
Fabienne then proceed to punch and kick the Ooze, he was not sure if he did any damage.
Aslan pounced on the Rot Reaver in front of him, dealing some damage. Hamish then cast Barkskin on Aslan.
Gurt again powered his attacks into the Ooze making it thin out a bit, the first indication that their attacks were doing something.
The Rot Reavers attacked the Troll, Aslan and Erithian, dealing light damage to all bar the Troll.
The War Trolls in return smashed into one of them doing great damage and lost his greatsword in the process, which ended up embedded in Erithian for a big amount of damage.

(Round 3)
Osborne tried feebly to escape from the Ooze but failed.
Tordek struck the Ooze a final time and it lost its form and seeped away into the cracks.
Alidear took out his Longbow and tried to hit the creatures but succeeded in hitting ceiling.
Parker changing weapons to her normal bow shot Erithian’s opponent dealing a good amount of damage.
Earnest cast Greater Mark of Earth upon Erithian.
Erithian took and few swings at the reaver doing some damage.
The enlarged Fabienne managed some how to dodge and tumble past the reavers and the trolls to behind them and struck out at the trolls but failed to do any damage.
Hamish healed Aslan as he broke away from combat but took more damage from the reavers.
Gurt rushed into the breached left by Aslan but could not attack yet.
The reavers pressed their attacks against Erithian since Aslan was not there, the troll and Gurt, Erithian took some nasty hits, as did the troll but the mark of earth absorbed the damage on Erithian. However, Gurt took the damage and could feel something enter and fester his wounds.
One troll hit the reaver again dealing more damage while the other turned and lashed out at Fabienne, despite his attempts to defend himself, Fabienne was cut in half.
Fabienne was dead!

(Round 4)
Osborne finding himself free of the Ooze moved behind the others and cast Magic Circle against Evil.
Tordek blundered through the foe trying to get into a position for flanking and damage, he deflected most of the damage while on the move, although the trolls dinged him on the side of the head.
Alidear cast Magic Weapon upon his long sword.
Parker tried to snipe at the Rot Reavers eyes but it moved and hit its shoulder instead.
Earnest cast Acid Arrow at the leading troll doing some damage to it.
Erithian continued to attack the Rot Reavers and chipped more health away from it.
Hamish cast a healing spell on Erithian, Aslan moved to the back.
Gurt swung his axe hitting nothing.
The Rot Reavers attacked Erithian but and axe slipped from its hand making everyone duck bar Osborne, who reeled. Then attacking Gurt hit him lightly but draining him of his health. The other Rot Reaver hit the troll but not much damage was done despite receiving an axe in the face.
In return the Troll cut the reaver in half.

(Round 5)
Osborne prayed to Yolanda and summoned a Holy Smite on the creatures, slaying one of the reavers.
Tordek swung his axe and accidentally threw it, the reaver ducked but Gurt did not, Gurt was not happy.
Alidear healed Erithian for what he had since he could do nothing else.
Parker took aim on the blind reaver getting a good hit in.
Earnest cast Blur on Gurt.
Erithian healed Gurt and pulled the troll sword out of himself.
The Reaver blindly lashed out almost hitting Gurt but hit Erithian for some damage.
The Troll grabbed Tordek and pulled him away from the group, the other shouted some that none of them understood but was not hostile from the undertones.

(Round 6)
Osborne learnt that when he cast Tongues, the troll were saying, ‘Parley’, he decided to take them up on their offer and relayed to everyone else not to attack the trolls.
Tordek relaxed a fraction hearing this, but he didn’t like being held by a troll.
Alidear swung his sword a few times but missed.
Parker shot at the reavers eyes again and scored some close hits.
Earnest hoped the troll would not notice the acid and cast Magic Missile at the reaver doing some damage.
Erithian moved to the reaver’s side and lashed out at the reaver killing it.

(End of Combat)

Tordek was put down, banter was exchanged between the group and the trolls, (to hear the full exchange listen to the audio log) in the process the group learnt about the Minotaur King’s treasury and something called the Forbidden Zone. After triggering a trap (did not do much to the group), the group ransacked the treasury and made camp within it, planning on exploring the forbidden zone the next day…

Adventure Log 17
Ooze and a Hard place

(As it turned out, I remembered everything this week bar the actual campaign so you might find things changed from what you suspect the campaign might be)

The group rested up for an entire day, Bodger disappeared and in his place was a Dire Lion named Aslan (If Hamish’s player comes back this might be re-named).

During their vigil, they had heard some screams outside the palace and within and the palace was now eerily quiet as they broke camp. (For those wondering why the sudden change here, I had looked at the next few levels and they look easy and dull, since I had been playing Dead Space for 4 hours prior to the game, I thought of changing a few things to add some tension)

The group decided to take the corridor the dwarves had been looking at and found some store rooms and some bedrooms, Earnest indicated that magic was detected below their feet but no secret doors leading down were found. Then they found the Minotaur King’s bedroom.

A big bed with some nice furnishings were around the room they ignored all this however for their attention was fixed on the big chest in front of the bed. Parker checked it over and unlocked it and then Tordek opened it and got pricked by a needle, Osborne looked at Parker with a raised eyebrow and sighed as he cast Neutralize Poison on Tordek.

Inside the chest was just books of history about Thracia, a list of prisoners and a note detailing a third level that had been sealed off yet it did not say why or what was in there.

Exiting out of the secret door, they made ready to check the other door only to realise it was already open, checking out what lay beyond found some barracks and mess halls, a few bodies and a lot of blood were around. Alidear looked at the wounds and found an axe had caused them; the wounds were also infected although he could not tell was it was. Parker salvaged what edible food there was before moving on.

At the end of the corridor, they found some stairs and an Armoury that got the group all excited since Earnest could detect magic within, and found some weapons and a suit of armour.

They then took the stairs down, it led to more barracks with more bodies similar to the previous bodies on the proceeding level except these were a few hours fresh.

They advanced up to a intersection cross corridor, ahead of them it continued on and turned to the right, to their left it also continued on and turned right and the right bend ended in a breached barricade, hastily built judging by its construction, stairs leading down was beyond the barricade.

Checking out the middle corridor led to a dead end and a room with two large beds, there was something familiar about them, they were not Ogre or Minotaur but something else.

The group then went round the other way, where they found another barricade this one was solid in construction but also was breached, beyond it was a dead end, curious Parker took a closer look and found a secret trapdoor.

Tordek opened the trapdoor only to reel as the smell of death and corruption came from the opening, looking down it appeared to be a very dusty room with a corridor leading out, a ladder was seen below smashed. Fabienne jumped down, his monk skills cushioned his fall. Tordek unravelled a rope ladder and the rest of the group started to descend. Fabienne looked at the dust and reckoned two large humanoids came this way.

Suddenly Tordek for some reason cut the rope ladder leaving both dwarves above the dusty room and made off towards the other stairs thinking about gold (again).

The main group advanced down the corridor muttering about insane dwarves coming to the end where they found two doors opposite each other, checking them over Parker determined that the right door was used recently. Checking the rooms found some dead zombies (really dead), looking around Erithian determined that this was a royal crypt.

Meanwhile, the dwarves had bypassed the barricade and had made their way down some long stairs and found a long corridor with some doors along it. The nearest one was covered in runes, thinking something magical was in it, Gurt hefted his axe and smashed the runes, Tordek then carefully opened the door only for something green and liquid to gush out sizzling his skin. Knowing they were out of their depth they turned and ran up the stairs, but to their horror the thing followed them, desperately Tordek grabbed one of his flasks of acid and chucked it over his shoulder as he pounded up the stairs but heard nothing smashed. Both dwarves jumped and rolled through the secret trapdoor and heard sounds from up ahead and made towards them. Gurt slowed Tordek down and they both walked round the corner to find the group there.

Tordek appeared out of breath, which worried the group and then Earnest could something magical approaching rapidly behind them! Preparing themselves for a horde of creatures Earnest cast haste in doing so he felt a tug of some thing but dismissed the notion as what appeared to be a large green slime erupted round the corner.
Earnest then threw a Fireball at it but to his horror, it absorbed the damage.

(Round 1)
Tordek lashed out with his axe, he could not tell if he did damage but he could tell that his axe was almost melted.
Alidear shot his bow at it and also was not sure if he damaged it, although he was sure his arrows had dissolved.
Osborne put his hands together and cast Prayer.
Parker, using her new toy fired hand crossbow at the thing but only succeeded in making it glow.
Earnest moved away from the group knowing being near the Ooze was not a good idea, running towards the next door, it suddenly burst open and a figure in black plate armour landed on the floor face down in front of Earnest, beyond the remains of the door some figures appeared to be fighting.
Erithian moved around the corner and stepped alongside Earnest, preparing to meet this evil.
The Ooze flowed towards them, Parker grabbed the wall, Fabienne Enlarged himself, Tordek, Alidear and Gurt took a swing at it the dwarves skin sizzled when the acid hit them as it did with Alidear.
Everyone else managed to get out of the way of the flowing Ooze.
Fabienne punched it and winced as his fist met acid, using the teachings he had learnt, he made his body whole again.
The creature in front of Earnest got to its feet, it red eyes took in the figures and flashed brightly and growled something loudly behind it the creatures had axes and two tongues were wrapped around their arms and the tips were alongside the axe blades, two more creatures ran through the breached door. (Those listening to the audio log, I just realised one of the cookies I brought in was being used as an ooze)
Hamish with Aslan moved behind Earnest.
Gurt swung his axe, powered his normal axe through the Ooze and felt his axe fizzle a bit.
Two trolls entered through the door clad in plate and wielding great swords, they struck one of the creatures in the back, making it grunt in pain.

(Round 2)
Tordek and Alidear held there actions until Osborne had done something.
Osborne cast Mass Energy Resistance (Acid) on everyone except Earnest.
Tordek then laid into the Ooze but was not sure how much damage had been dealt to it.
Likewise, Alidear did the same.
Parker tumbled behind Erithian.
Earnest resisted the tug at his arcane powers from the Ooze (Arcane Ooze) and cast Flaming Corrosion, one of the trolls (War Trolls) absorbed the damage and the other creatures (Rot Reavers) took varying degrees of damage, the other troll wasn’t that happy.
The fight continues….

Adventure Log 16
The Minotaur King Part 2

(We are still in the battle with the Minotaur King and things are heating up, the group has someway to go though so let us get on with it)

Game On
Hamish relayed from his Bodger, a whistle had been blown and it sounded like a pious one at that they had encounter previously. Many sounds were heard in the distance in response.

(Round 3)
Parker popped out of cover and moved up beside Osborne, taking a bead on one of the Jaguar Brothers she let fly hitting it in the back.
Earnest looked behind him for any activity but saw nothing. He moved into the room and cast Magic Missile upon Parker’s target; the projectiles homed unerringly unto their target doing some damage.
Tordek charged the nearest Jaguar Brother but missed.
The Minotaur King got very angry and raged.
Gurt charged the Minotaur King getting some good hits in while the King was held.
Fabienne successfully pinned the Minotaur King and did a little damage to him.
Alidear killed a puny gnoll and moved up next to the pinned King.
The Jaguar Brothers attacked Tordek and Fabienne missing Tordek but hitting Fabienne for quite a bit of damage.
Erithian could sense evil from two fronts, rapidly approaching the door he was stood next to, he slammed the door shut and stood in front of it ready to hit whatever opened it.
The remaining Gnoll swung and missed Alidear.
Hamish aimed his third lightning bolt at the normal Jaguar Brothers at the back slightly burning their eyebrows and then moved up into the room more.
Osborne moved next to Fabienne and cast a large healing spell upon him.

Osborne yelled Grassus, Grassus, Grassus!
Erithian in the distance heard, ‘I’m coming master!’

(Round 4)
Parker moved around the group but was unable to shoot yet.
Erithian heard some growling voices followed by a barking as both doors in the corridor (right hand and secret door), Erithian heard some rapid steps being made in his direction and then the door was blasted open by a charged Minotaur, Erithian was knocked back but was not knocked down. Behind the Minotaur were two more, six Gnolls and a Dog Brother in robes.
Earnest, grinning evilly, stepped into the breach and cast Flaming Corrosion, dealing large amounts of damage, the Gnolls were turned into piles of goo.
Tordek killed the Jaguar Brother he was facing and moved up to the next one.
The Minotaur struggled out of the pin but was still grappled with Fabienne.
Gurt swiped multiple times, scoring many wounds on the Minotaur King.
Fabienne pinned the King again and crushed him to death.
The two remaining Jaguar Brothers attacked Tordek and Fabienne, Tordek was missed but a thrown sword hit Osborne. And hit Fabienne for a small amount of damage.
Alidear ignore the gnoll attacking him (it missed but was thrown at Gurt, hurting his head) and charged the new Minotaur smiting it for some damage.
Erithian charged in next to Alidear and smited it for good damage.
The again remaining Gnoll drew a new weapon and attacked Gurt but missed.
Hamish Aimed a lightning bolt at the two Minotaurs in the corridor burning some fur off them. He then moved next to Alidear and cast Barkskin on him.
Osborne turned around and call upon Yolanda to smite the Minotaurs, dealing some impressive damage to them, blinding all but one of them and killing the Dog Brother.

(Round 5)
Parker aimed at the Jaguar Brother she had got behind and dealt a major wound but not quite killing it, she then moved around ready to shoot the other one.
Some Bugbears moved into sight of the paladins and flipped over them most of their attacks missed, but the lead Bugbear landed a good hit on Alidear.
(The next bit that happens on the audio log is my bad, I had played with an Invisible Stalker previously and forgot that the spell invisibility wears off after the first attack)
Small wounds opened up on Gurt and Fabienne and two Bugbears materialized beside them.
The Minotaurs moved up, pushing the Bugbear out of the way in the corridor and the lead one taking a random swing in front of him (blind) and lightly hitting Alidear.
Earnest cast Magic Missile at the lead Minotaur dealing some damage to it.
Tordek sliced multiple times at the Jaguar Brother he was attacking but only hit once but it was still alive despite to fact it looked almost dead.
Gurt took a step forward and swung multiple times at the Jaguar Brother Leader, landing one good hit on him.
Fabienne punched the leader, crushing the ribs and it fell to the ground dead, then did a roundhouse kick to the other one snapping its neck.
Alidear ignored the Bugbear and smited the lead Minotaur killing it then switch his attacks to the Bugbear but his target dodged out of the way and Alidear backed up into the doorway.
Erithian smited his bugbear getting a partial hit and then backing up next to Alidear in the doorway.
The Gnoll tried to hit Gurt again but missed.
Hamish turned round and activated his True Seeing and saw in addition to the two Bugbears (sorry) a third about to attack Gurt. Hamish then used his last lightning bolt, missed the Bugbear but put the Gnoll out of its misery.
Osborne moved next to the lead Bugbear and attacked him but missed by a mile.

(Round 6)
Parker ignored the Bugbears (sorry again) and moved around Tordek to take on the others at the doorway.
The Bugbears moved on either side of Erithian and attacked him but both missed, the Leader then attacked Osborne dealing a nasty head wound to him.
The visible Bugbears attacked Tordek and Gurt but they missed their attacks, then the invisible one attacked Gurt from behind successfully stabbing him in the back.
The Minotaurs attacked the paladins but missed both their attacks.
Earnest aimed a spell at the lead Bugbear but somehow he absorbed the effect, Earnest was a little shocked.
Tordek could see what was attacking him and hit back and cut his head off, Tordek then let out a blood-curdling cry which shook up the bugbears near to him.
Gurt now that he could see them roared at them and swung a might blow, cutting one of them in half and swinging around caught the other Bugbear behind him a good blow in its side.
Fabienne ducked, rolled and grappled with the lead Bugbear shoving him pinned on the ground.
Alidear attacked his Minotaur and killed it with his third blow.
Erithian attacked his Minotaur killing it with a single blow and then attacked one of the Bugbears dealing some damage.
Bodger attacked the nearest Bugbear but missed, Hamish then cast a healing spell on Osborne.
Osborne moved next to Alidear and cast a healing spell on him.

(Round 7)
Parker turned and shot the Bugbear next to Gurt a good hit.
Bugbear on Gurt missed and the Bugbears on Erithian also missed, the lead Bugbear did managed to get out of his pin but was still in a grapple.
Earnest cast Greater Mark of Earth on Bodger.
Tordek charged the lead Bugbear being held in place and hit it dead, yet again Tordek let out a blood-curdling cry but the Bugbears were too focused on Erithian to notice.
Just then a human stepped out of the doorway behind Erithian, took in the scene, screamed and ran away into the courtyard, he sounded like the voice earlier.
Gurt finished off his Bugbear and moved towards the opening to see a corridor, which ended in a T-junction; Gurt could see a door in at the junction.
Fabienne then moved next to Bodger and punched the Bugbear doing some damage.
Alidear attacked the other Bugbear doing a little damage.
Erithian then finished off the last Bugbears with some flashy strikes.

(End of Combat)

The group healed what they could, looted any magic items (there was a fair few), while this was going on Tordek and Gurt check out the corridor finding more doors but were called back to the group who decided to make camp behind the statue of Zeus.

Before they retired for the day, Osborne prayed to the statue thanking him and Yolanda for keeping them protected.

With that done they setup a watch for the night and rested….

Adventure Log 15
The Minotaur King Part 1

After the group rested, Earnest told the rest of the group that there was a teleporter below the palace, which would take them to the level where this crystal throne was.

After climbing the ladder, they all decided to make for the palace.

The approached from the north there was the palace on the right and some woodland on the left (after a misunderstanding in where it was).

Parker scouted out in front far enough away to give a warning if need be and far away for the group’s clanking to be muted.

They saw a large tree surrounded by a briar wall and a courtyard outside the palace currently holding a five-headed hydra. Parker called up the rest of the group and the hydra (unsurprisingly) heard them and faced them. Before they could engage, Hamish thought that these trees had dryads with them.

(Round 1)
Alidear brought up his bow and scored a minor wound on the hydra.
Gurt waited for Earnest to do something.
Earnest moved forward and cast Induced Vulnerability on the hydra but the spell bounced off.
Gurt moved in front of Earnest, trying to give him some protection.
Hamish cast bulls’ strength on Fabienne.
From hiding places on the roof, five harpies flew down and proceeded to sing, captivating Gurt and Parker.
Fabienne moved next to Gurt to ‘screen’ Earnest.
Osborne cast bless and tried to slap Parker out of it to no avail.
Parker started moving towards the harpies in a dreamlike state and walked around Osborne.
The hydra charged out and attacked Gurt and Fabienne biting both madly. The wounds that it sustained previously had healed up.
Erithian charged out against the hydra causing a minor wound.
Tordek then followed him dealt a good blow upon its hide.

(Round 2)
Alidear switched weapons quickly and charged out, the hydra struck him but the blow bounced off him (goes to show that eating breakfast is good for you), Alidear swung but missed.
Earnest launched a fireball (maximised) at the harpies, cremating all of them.
Gurt still in a daze continued to walk towards where the harpies used to be and got bitten by the hydra as he walked round it.
Hamish cheered them on.
Erithian swung twice and did some damage to the hydra.
Fabienne enlarged himself and punched the hydra to death.

(End of Combat)

The group healed up what wounds they had taken and approached the woodland, they noticed a well with some creatures around it, seeing that Lizardfolk and Jaguar Brothers were part of the group, Osborne yelled out to them, ‘Grassusss!’ Promtly the other creatures died from the jaguar men and lizard from cutting their throats before they knew it.

‘It appears that your pass word indicates that you’ve done something that supersedes our pact with the Minotaur king.’ Said one of the Jaguar Brothers. ‘Yes we do replied Osborne (using the spell Tongues). After some discussion, it was revealed that the dryads had a deal with the king where they would attack non-beastmen in exchange for their trees not being chopped down, the well was used as a teleporter one way near the surface and another one deeper into the woodland that would take them down a level from there.

The pass word would not work on any of their colleagues within the palace and the king was holding a session in the throne room at the moment, he described where abouts in the palace where the throne room was. They could not come with them in case their attack failed but could prevent reinforcements from outside the palace coming in for a short time.

Meanwhile Hamish had a chat with an old dryad (the big tree), learnt about the deal and paid respect to her in case they would need to come this way after they had dealt with the king and any successors.

Reforming the group they made their way into the palace, they had been told about a secret door no connected to the palace room but nothing else. The paladins could sense evil behind the two doors on the left (secret door and throne room) and some evil behind the sole door on the right.

Parker checked the door to the throne room and Tordek opened it. Inside there were three Bugbears, six Gnolls, three Jaguar Brothers, one Ogre, one Dog Brother and the Minotaur (supposedly) King. They all snarled and took up their weapons at the sight of Tordek.

(Round 1)
Parker hid behind the doorframe ready to pop and shoot the monsters when they got closer.
The Bugbears readied their weapons and waited for the other creatures to advance.
The Ogre moved past the bugbears.
Tordek moved into the roomed and prepared to receive a charge.
The Dog Brother cast enlarge on himself and stood next to the Ogre.
Earnest moved himself to cover the door and cast an acid arrow at the Ogre, which did not seem to notice his skin melting.
The Minotaur King cast a spell upon himself (Earnest from observation determined that it was Protection from Arrows) and advanced next to the gnolls.
Gurt moved into the room, on the other side from Tordek.
Fabienne stepped into the room and drank a potion of enlarge person.
The Jaguar Brothers moved in front of the bugbears.
Alidear moved in next to Tordek, shot his bow at a normal Jaguar Brother, and did a good hit.
Erithian moved in next to Gurt preparing to receive a charge.
The Gnolls moved next to the bugbears, drew their bows but failed to hit anything.
Hamish cast Call Lightning and aimed a bold at the three bugbears, slightly burning their eyebrows.
Osborne cast Magic Circle against evil upon himself and moved next to Fabienne.

(Round 2)
Parker popped into the room and shot at a gnoll but missed.
The Bugbears moved off to the side where there was an opening, where it led to the group did not know.
The Ogre charged Erithian. Erithian and Gurt swung but both bounced off the armour, the Ogre in return did a big hit on Erithian.
Tordek waited for Earnest’s spell.
The Dog Brother charged Gurt but met Tordek’s axe on route and fell to the ground dead.
Earnest cast Haste upon everyone bar Osborne.
Tordek then charged into the midst of the Gnolls killing one and yelled a blood-curdling cry that shook the rest of the Gnolls then killed another Gnoll and shook the normal Jaguar Brothers. (Shaken)
Acid on the Ogre sizzled more of his skin.
The Minotaur King charged Tordek dealing a very nasty wound to him making him stagger in surprise.
Gurt swiped his axe in practised strokes against the ogre, making look mad and battered.
Fabienne grappled the Minotaur King but failed to pin him.
The Jaguar Brothers surrounded Fabienne one of which was so nervous he hit his leaders’ leg but the others rained blows down scoring a number of wounds on Fabienne.
Alidear quick drew his weapons and charged into the gnolls killing one.
Erithian aimed a series of hits on the ogre and smited it to death.
The remaining gnolls attacked but missed their attacks.
Hamish aimed for the Jaguar Brothers hitting two and killing a gnoll for a small amount of damage. Hamish then (mounted on Bodger) moved into the room.
Osborne moved past the dead ogre and cast Searing Light at the Jaguar Brother Leader burning him a good deal of damage.

(Round 3)
The battle continues next time…….

Adventure Log 14
The Blood Golem

After the group had rested up and after some discussion on how they would cross the canal, eventually Fabienne would jump across with some rope and the group would cross over on that.

Going to the southern building in the plaza they had come across inscribed upon it were the words: “For the Immortal One we all toil”. Erithian noticed and pointed out the door was ajar, upon opening it they found the smashed up remains of some Gnolls, looking over them, two of them were consistent with previous attacks to this metal vampire the third however was not touched in the same way. Not sure whether the thing was disturbed or something else had killed it, they searched the building, carefully and with caution.

After a little while they found a hidden safe and checked it over before opening it, it contained some stone tablets in draconic, which had directions to another building they had found of interest, also it referred to rebelling against the Immortal King.

Exiting the building and making their way across the plaza, they spotted some kind of skeletal dinosaur, Hamish had a look but could not remember what it was, both paladins reassured everyone they were not evil so they would be unlikely to be undead.

They approached the circular building note that the doors had been smashed wide open.
Entering in, they found themselves in a large pit, the air was warm and despite the light they carried, they could not see the far walls.

Proceeding inward, they found a body smashed up like the bodies they found before, Hamish looking around relayed that this pit was some kind of hatchery.

Suddenly, the dwarves tensed up hearing something to the left and right of them, it sounded like clanking, the paladins then tensed up feeling evil nearby and everyone saw two metal Golems, one had been inscribed with symbol of Hextor while the other Osborne and the paladins immediately recognised as a Blood Golem of Hextor. This was the thing they had heard about and had dogged there path.

(Round 1)
Alidear shot an arrow at the smaller golem but it bounced off its armour.
Erithian fired his crossbow also but also bounced off the golem.
The smaller golems eyes flashed and then beam shot forth hitting Tordek, but to no visible effect.
Parker moved back and to the side. (Towards the blood golem)
Earnest cast Haste on himself, Tordek, Gurt, Erithian, Alidear and Fabienne.
Gurt charged the Blood Golem but before he could strike, the blood golem lashed out opening up a small gash on Gurt’s head. Gurt then swung his sword out of his hands sticking fast into the golem which Gurt fished out quickly.
Fabienne charged the other golem to get a grapple after enlarging himself the golem fell over and Fabienne pinned it to the ground.
Tordek charged the blood golem and hit scoring the armour a bit.
Hamish mounted on Bodger moved next to Fabienne.
Osborne moved forward and cast Bless.

(Round 2)
Alidear charged in on the blood golem and smited it but also scored the armour.
Erithian also charged in and smited the blood golem causing a small gash in the metal.
Smaller golem failed to break the pin.
Parker tried to draw a bead on the metal pods on the blood golems back but missed.
Earnest cast an acid arrow at the blood golem making it sizzle.
The blood golem swung it entire body around striking everyone around it except Tordek who’s shield absorbed the blow.
Gurt swung again this time holding onto the sword doing some damage.
Tordek swiped at the golem only getting a single glancing blow.
Hamish cast bulls strength on Fabienne.
Fabienne slowly tore plates off the golem while it was pinned.
Osborne cheered everyone on.

(Round 3)
Alidear smited again, doing a small amount of damage.
Erithian smited for the final time doing a good hit.
Smaller golem continued to stare at the ground, pinned.
Parker shot at the pods again but missed.
The acid on the golem sizzled doing more damage.
Earnest cast another acid arrow at the blood golem doing some damage.
The blood golem struck out at Erithian but missed.
Tordek swung and did a small amount of damage.
Gurt also swung and cause a few dents.
Hamish summoned in a Dire Wolf which, looked puzzled for a moment then bit the smaller golem causing some dents.
Fabienne tore off yet more metal plates while it was pinned.
Osborne cast magic circle against evil upon Erithian.

(Round 4)
Alidear thinking that his blows were not doing anymore damage switched to hitting the metal pods on the back of the blood golem but missed with his swings.
Erithian swiped a few times, scoring the armour more.
Smaller golem remained face down on the floor, pinned.
Parker drawing forth the (now remembered) adamantine dagger ran towards Alidear.
The acid on the blood golem sizzled more metal.
Earnest stayed where he was, racking his brains for what to do next as his remaining spells would bounce off these golems.
The blood golem pivoted its upper body again, but everyone ducked.
Gurt did a flashy display of swinging his sword, but failed to hit.
Tordek also missed all his swipes.
Hamish summoned in another Dire Wolf and they both attacked the smaller golem puncturing metal.
Fabienne this time did not tear off any metal plates.
Osborne cheered more.

(Round 5)
Alidear waited.
Erithian swung again this time other than scoring the armour, it started to bleed.
Smaller golem was still pinned.
Parker tumbled in and planted the dagger on Alidear as she went past.
Suddenly finding a dagger upon his person, (wonder where that came from?) Alidear drew it out and swung, but his new dagger slipped out of his hand and flew off towards Fabienne, everyone else ducked with Fabienne getting hit and the dagger punching into the smaller golems head, stopping its struggle. (Yep crazy as it was it only had that many HP left)
The acid finished its sizzle on the blood golem, more blood flowed out.
Earnest remained where he was thinking that the blood golem was almost gone.
The blood golem struck out at Erithian, hitting him in the side with a meaty crunch.
Gurt swiped a few more times, dealing more damage to the armour.
Tordek swiped with his axe more damage was made and the bleeding turned into a gush.
Bodger fetched the dagger, picking up the hilt in its mouth; it looked like it had a pointy cigar in its mouth. Hamish took the dagger from Bodger and ran over to give back to Parker. The Dire wolves ran in and attacked the blood golem, one of them got hit on the snout in return after doing some damage.
Fabienne went to jump on the blood golem but it easily fended him off.
Osborne continued his cheerleading without his pompoms.

(Round 6)
Erithian swiped three times but only mildly damaged it.
Parker planted the dagger back upon Alidear.
Alidear drew the dagger again and cut a line into the golem which, promptly blew up showering everyone in blood except Parker who sheltered behind Alidear.

(End of Combat)

While everyone washed the blood off themselves Parker had a look over the golems to see if there was anything useful finding a greataxe which was magical, Gurt looked happy when he took it (+2 Greataxe of Frost).

The group healed up and concluded their search of the hatchery finding nothing of interest. They then made their way to the nearest ziggurat.

The ziggurat was brick red, at the top they found chains dangling down from the covered roof over a large painting of a lizardfolk with its mouth open, Earnest determined that a sacrifice was needed in a ritual. Finding this out the group hurried on to the rebel hideout.

Earnest recognised it as a school of magic as they approached the building, inside the place was ruined and after a search, they found a trapdoor under some rubble.
Opening the door led to a ladder that disappeared out of sight.

They climbed down the ladder, which took a while (150ft ladder!). Down below they found themselves in a large cave, something glittered off to one side and looking in that direction, they saw an altar and a large disk behind it.

Drawing nearer they saw that the altar was made of pure diamond and the disk of pure gold. (Tordek and Gurt’s eyes misted over)
Earnest warned that if people approached the altar he could sense some kind of magic building up, focusing where this magic builds up was he could see it was around the wall behind it.

Osborne kneeled before the altar praying to Yolanda and a serpent like ghost appeared out of the wall, it spoke in draconic. ‘Why are you here?’ ‘Who are you?’ asked Earnest.
‘I am a Dedi lizardfolk, I am one the mages when lizardfolk controlled this world.’ ‘Why are you still here?’ ‘I am here because I hold a grudge against our god’ ‘Who is your god?’ ‘The false god, the Immortal King’ ‘Is that the one we see in the sky?’ ‘Describe him.’ (The group described what they saw) ‘That’s him’ ‘Do you watch over his altar,’ gesturing the diamond altar. ‘This altar is dedicated to bringing him down during his reigning years.’ ‘Did you overthrow him’ ‘No he discovered where were and now you see me as I am, as did my colleagues.’ Four more serpent like ghosts appeared out of the wall. ‘There might be something you can help us with and help you, there is a throne down below that if destroyed will send you back to where you want to go and will also destroy the Immortal King’ The group agreed. The serpent drifted over to Earnest and passed knowledge to him to do his task.

The group rested up….

Adventure Log 13
Let's have a MAYHEM!

(Note to all this fight is very extensive and some parts might not show up in the audio log. On previous occasions, I have done fights systematically; since this fight WAS the session, I will try to make it more story like)

Thinking that this fight was to be the end of them and racking his brains for someway to help them, Earnest remembered he had a Limited Wish Scroll, taking it out and speaking the words upon it he pointed towards the group that had appeared and said in conclusion, ‘Your friends seek to destroy the library! They are your enemies!’ (Used as Mass Suggestion)

Some of the creatures looked at each other before charging forward while the rest engaged each other. The Gorgon breathed his poison upon the Medusa, Efreeti and Rust Monster, but only the Rust Monster resisted being turned to stone..

The phase spider disappeared, the Lamia looked at the Salamander in a meaningful way which then attacked the Zezir (replaces the so-called brain flayer), the Zezir flamed the Gorgon and the T-Rex, annoying both. Looking on, a wound appeared on the Salamander, from an unknown source.

The T-Rex charged forwards towards the group despite some minor attacks to its flanks, the rust monster also charged forwards aiming straight for Tordek who had charged out towards the T-Rex seeing this Fabienne charged out to meet the Rust Monster before it could do any damage. However, Tordek had been grabbed by the T-Rex and was in the process of swallowing him, Tordek swung with his axe, which bounced off the teeth and whirred away into Erithian, sticking into his shield. Seeing his comrade in danger, Hamish cast Call Lightning and hit the T-rex with a Lightning bolt to not much effect.

Parker drew a bead on the T-Rex while it was distracted but despite the damage it did, the T-Rex did not seem to notice. Fabienne got larger and grappled the Rust Monster, Alidear and Erithian got some hits in on the T-Rex but did little, Osborne cast searing light at it and Gurt hit it on the leg, the Badger got involved too although the damage seemed little.

Earnest launched Magic Missiles at the T-Rex but did little damage, meanwhile the Gorgon charged after the T-Rex. The Lamia stared apparently into space and appeared to do nothing apart from staggering a bit. The phase spider attacked Gurt from behind, Gurt managed to get a hit on it before it disappeared but Gurt felt weak from the attack.. The Salamander and the Zezir continued to slug it out not doing much damage to either. Inside the T-Rex mouth, Tordek smashed a flask of acid on the back of the throat but alas, it did not have much effect. Alidear hit again and this time the T-Rex roared in pain, their attacks were beginning to tell. Another lightning bolt hit the T-Rex and the Gorgon behind it. The T-Rex swallowed Tordek who screamed when he hit the acid, miraculously he was still alive.

Fabienne however by this time had got the Rust Monster into a headlock and was repeatedly punching its face it did not look happy that Fabienne had no metal to eat.
Parker fired at the T-Rex’s head and felled the mighty dinosaur finally.

Gurt helped Tordek cut out of the T-Rex, Tordek looked quite a sight and very smelly too.

Earnest fired off an Acid Arrow at the Gorgon which slewed away and gored the Rust Monster to death and stamped on Fabienne. The Lamia swiped at the air around him, the group were not sure if the Lamia was crazy or not. Osborne cast bless on everyone than was immediately attacked from behind by the spider, Osborne managed to strike the spider but it was a feeble hit.

The Zezir incinerated the Lamia in an explosion of flame the Salamander hit the Zezir but the wounds that had been inflicted on it was healing up quickly.
Tordek took his waraxe back from Erithian who then charged into the back of the Gorgon where Alidear joined him.

Osborne moved up to Tordek and healed him to full health, Alidear assisted him, Hamish launched another lightning bolt and Badger at the Gorgon but only the bolt hit. Parker shot the Gorgon once, Gurt Hammered it and then Fabienne grappled it.

Earnest fired off more Magic Missiles killing the Gorgon with them, just as he breathed a sigh of relief the spider attacked him! But he was able to ward it off only taking minor damage. Everyone started to watch each others backs to catch and kill the phase spider.
Tordek knew that some invisible attacker was going to attack them at some point and crushed some chalk in his hand ready to throw over it.

Parker readied her bow waited for the spider to show up, which it did missing its attack on Hamish but dying from Parker’s arrows.

Earnest hoped a fireball would hit the invisible attacker, he threw it anyway knowing that the other two creatures were immune to fire and thus would not notice, it went off but no visible damage was seen.

The Zezir finally emerged triumphant over the Salamander but keeled over dead from a wound that appeared on the back of its head.

Hamish thinking that True seeing would be useful here try to surgically remove one of his eyes, however he botched the process and screamed a lot he placed the new eye in and healed himself. Looking around (in supposed pain) he pointed out the stalker mounting his badger at the same time (words cannot describe how this all happens in 6 seconds), which Fabienne grabbed, Tordek covered it in chalk dust and then Tordek finished off the stalker with one more hit.

The group collapsed exhausted sighing that they were all alive before heading back into the library to rest up………

Adventure Log 12
Disturbing the Dead

After viewing the city, the group decided to check out what else was around by opening up the secret door, behind it was a big circular room with a fire pit in the middle and a hole in the ceiling above it. A normal door was off to their left and searching the room revealed a secret door opposite them.

Alidear could sense evil coming from the other side of the normal door, opening the secret door revealed an open chamber that originally was a chapel; it also revealed a trap which Tordek was hit by draining him of a lot of strength. The chapel opened up into a corridor which had a turning to the right and further on, four doors also on the right.

Osborne cast Restoration on Tordek restoring some of his strength, Alidear started sensing a different kind of evil coming from one of the four doors up ahead.
The turning to the right led to the door that led into the un-natural dark room so they continued to the other doors, the evil was coming behind the second door.

After a bit of an argument, door number two was opened, within they saw 12 dead bodies robed in Thanatos robes surrounding three skulls, it looked like they had been doing a ritual although what it entailed they were not sure of, but clearly something had gone wrong with it.

There was nothing in the room besides what they saw, the other doors revealed acolyte cells containing remain of beds and desks, back to the second room they conversed as to what to do, both paladins wanted to destroy the evil others were not sure.

Tordek misinterpreting what some people wanted wandered off and found something of interest. Eventually Erithian advanced into the room and using his sword lifted the robes of one of the bodies to see what was underneath, immediately he was attacked by six shadows boiling up from the skulls some of his strength left him when he got touched by one of them.

(Round 1)
Earnest cast Magic Missile and destroyed one of them.
Parker stayed back knowing she could do very little however her attention was diverted to Tordek who had thrown a spike at her to get her attention, she wandered over while everyone else was stuck in.
Erithian held up his symbol, destroyed one and one fled through the wall.
Alidear also held up his symbol and destroyed one and one fled.
Gurt drew his mace and hit the last one but did destroy it.
Hamish held back Bodger.
Osborne held up his symbol and the last one was destroyed.

(End of Combat)

Searching the bodies revealed six amethysts worth 500 gold each, the group sensing that this evil had now gone went to the other door with evil behind it. Opening the door revealed two jail cells with bodies in them, immediately six wights threw themselves against the bars of one of the cells and were quickly dispatched by Earnest with a (Maximised) Fireball.

Meanwhile Tordek and Parker had slunk of from the group and had discovered a secret crypt but unsure whether there were undead in the crypt they showed everyone else where it was rather than doing it themselves.

Erithian did not want the crypt to be disturbed and thus played no part in what would happen. Upon the crypt was written, “Here lies Agamemnos, King ofThracia and Noble Servant of the gods, cut down by an arrow of a slave beast.”

Carefully opening the crypt revealed a host of items and treasure some of which was left but the items, many of which were magical were taken and the crypt was then resealed.

The group rested and the curse on Gurt and Tordek wore off.

Sending a summoned Owl up the shaft of the firepit revealed a green lit circular room with a statue within it. After relaying this information to everyone else Hamish cast spider climb upon himself and climbed to the top and threw a rope down for everyone else to climb up.

The statue had humanlike features but had a lions head, Osborne drew near it and it attacked!

(Round 1)
Earnest cast (Extended) Haste on both fighters, both paladins and himself.
Alidear charged in and hit it twice but only succeeded in scratching it.
Hamish went to touch the statue but got hit for a small wound but ended sinking into the sudden mud that had appeared at his feet, however he had cast stone shape and transformed the statue into a cube of stone.

(End of Combat)

Hamish got pulled out by his badger before the mud turned back into stone, upon searching the golem they found a luckstone.

Since they had seen everything, the group backtracked to the cage and filled it with as many of the group as they could, just as Osborne was about to pull the level the level moved by itself, this was slightly worrying.

At the bottom which was a part of the under city was a Human Monk (will get name for next session), when everyone else had reached the bottom he urged everyone to move to a part of the city that the beastmen did not go into. One of the buildings was a library which had a few books intact inside.

On the outside were a series of columns with a single word on each, Earnest looking at these said that when spoken these would release guardians that would defend the library.

Relishing a challenge Osborne said them all aloud, in a puff of red smoke all ten appeared, Osborne started to regret saying those words when he saw what he had summoned: Rust Monster, Phase Spider, Salamander (Average), Lamia, Medusa, Invisible Stalker (even though they could not see it currently), Gorgon, Efreeti, Tyrannosaurus and another monster to be determined because Brain Flyer does not exist.

The group steeled themselves for the worse……

Adventure Log 11
I want to go down!

After covering up their tracks and locking the secret door with magical means, they made their way to the big hall, 4 doors lined one side and 1 door on the other with steps leading up at the end.

The first door revealed an empty room, the second door also revealed an empty room that had stairs leading up that were wet and also connected to the third door. Checking the stairs Osborne concluded that the cold room holding the evil door they previously destroyed was at the other end of these stairs and went and checked the fourth door.
It led to a very clean room, which was odd since everything was covered in the dust of the ages, checking the room revealed a secret door which also had stairs leading up, Osborne by this point was getting annoyed as he wanted to go down not up, Hamish pointed out maybe to go down you need to go up first.

After pondering the logic of this, they checked the door opposite which they opened and saw a brief yellow glow and then a wall appeared, everyone came over all confused because they heard something they did not understand, Parker curled up into a ball and clutched her head.

After their bizarre experience, they ascended the stairs at the end of the hall and opened the door at the top.

Inside they found a large circular room with a corridor at one end and a opening current closed in the ceiling, a demon-like statue was in the middle facing them and the room smells of bad eggs. The dwarves said it was not them but natural gas. The demon statue was one of the forms of Thanatos the death god said Erithian. Parker stood on Gurt’s shoulders and with a bit of charcoal, de-faced the statue, as Osborne moved around the room, the statue turned to face him. Thinking that evil was afoot Osborne asked the dwarves to smash the statue.The statue was smashed apart but it caused a spark that ignited the gas. Parker hid behind Erithian and avoided the sudden blast of flame while everyone else took various degrees of damage.

After patting out the fires and restoring their eyebrows, they continued down the corridor.
Opening the doors at the other end revealed a large area with a statue immediately in front of them and a podium a little way after that.
Osborne examined the statue; it was Apollo, an old god no longer worshiped.
Some writing was written on it base. “O Apollo, Blessed Healer, touch me and make me whole.”

After touching the statue and nothing happening, the group continued towards the podium, noticing a small group of gnolls upon it, Osborne called out a greeting in several languages. The gnolls looking puzzled shouted back, ‘Why you here?’ ‘We’re wandering around here dispatching evil,’ ‘You pay toll,’ ‘How about you come closer we can pay toll.’ ‘No you come to us to pay toll, toll is 50 gold per head.’ ‘You pay us toll, you not die,’ interjected Erithian sensing evil from them. The gnolls smirked at this remark, Hamish started seeing a fair bit of movement beyond the podium but could not quite see what it was, so he caution the group to save any spells until they knew more.

Parker sensing where this was going slunk to the back of the group and using the shadows started to flank the group of gnolls, she set off a pit trap doing so but she avoided it and the gnolls failed to spot her and she lined up a shot on the nearest gnoll.

(Surprise Round)
Aiming with her bow, Parker fired two shots at the nearest gnoll discovering that a wall of force surrounded the podium and thus her shots did minimal damage but the gnolls died anyway from being hit in sensitive places.

(Round 1)
Gurt charged up the steps onto the podium, through the wall of force and cut one of the gnolls in half.
Parker moved closer but held off shooting.
Suddenly a group of bugbears unfolded themselves from the shadows and charged into the group causing a small wound to Parker
Erithian charged the bugbears getting a good hit on one.
Earnest conjured up a fireball and flung it just behind the bugbears, with Rogue-like grace most of the bugbears avoided the fire.
Osborne cast Bless.
The remaining two gnolls attacked Gurt getting a small hit in.
Tordek charged into the bugbears slaying the most injured one.
Bodger charged into the bugbears while Hamish cheered him on, Bodger however missed his lunge.
Alidear fired his bow but failed to hit anything.

(Round 2)
Gurt using some impressive axe work chopped down both gnolls.
Parker flipped over the bugbears and brought her bow to bear on them in midair but only succeeding in hitting the gaps between them.
The bugbears tumbled past a few people and Bodger and attacked, Bodger got hit on the head and started getting mad every other attacked missed its mark or clanged off armour.
Erithian struck his bugbear again getting another good hit in, killing it.
Earnest mutter complex words of power and cast silent sound (Maximised) at one of the bugbears, making it stagger.
Osborne cast Cause Fear upon the rearmost bugbear making him run and got a slight nip from Bodger.
Tordek swung at another bugbear killing that one too.
Hamish cast a healing spell on his Bodger, Bodger frothing at the mouth went berserk and tore into the bugbear that hit him but evidently the red haze had blinded the badger as it failed to hit it.
(Naughty Parker got another action here but didn’t kill anything).
Alidear let loose an arrow, which hit a bugbear lightly.

(Round 3)
Gurt jumped off the podium and charged the nearest bugbear and killed him.
Parker drew a bead on the feeling bugbear and shot him in the back but failed to kill him.
Everyone else had dealt with their enemies leaving Alidear, Erithian and Earnest to finish off the last bugbear with well-placed shots.

(End of Combat)

Searching the bodies turned up some gold coin and some well made equipment that the party left.
The statue was different to the other one although thankfully it was not Thanatos, Erithian eventually said it was Athena, looking at it for a minute with his religious comrades. Suddenly there was a flash and they disappeared everyone else came to the place and looked it over; Earnest said that it must be some kind of teleport pad; they disappeared and appeared in a circular room with their other comrades. There were two doors opposite each other and a large metal cage dangling on a chain above a hole, on the wall there was a lever.

After experimenting with the lever they deducted that the cage was an elevator of some sort, Hamish summon an owl and sent it through the hole to try and find out what was down here, the owl did not return, whether the spell duration had run its course or it got killed they could not tell.

Taking one of the doors eventually led to a dead end so the group backtracked and took the other door which led to a corridor with a pit trap which Parker disabled (wedged the trapdoor shut).

Turning the corner, they found a door opposite them on the other side of what looked like a big room but from their point of view they could not tell, along side was a door and also a secret door that Gurt pointed out.

Stepping into the apparent big room made it suddenly go un-naturally dark, Osborne cast daylight to counter it but only made the darkness disappear for a few seconds, in that time he saw a series of pillars lining the room and an alcove at the end which used to have something but was empty now, then it went dark again.

Opening the normal door revealed a small room with a shrivelled up body some pieces of wreckage and a chest, searching the room found nothing else, the body was dead and upon touching it turned it to dust, in the dust they found a silver skull pendant (a symbol of Thanatos). Opening the chest set off a trap but it did not harm the dwarf Tordek opening it, inside they found: Golden Demonic Helm and an Adamantine Dagger.
The helm was appraised to be worth 3000 gold! Parker looked pleased.

Opening the secret door revealed a semi circular room with a faded look to it, the room debris looked as if high living was had in here, whter it was noble or royal the group come not tell, Parker discovered another secret door and moving to the other wall produced a breath taking effect. The wall vanished revealing a view out onto a subterranean city….


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