Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 10
World of Hurt

The fight continues Erithian in the previous round moved up and used his lay on hands on Osborne. (Accidentally missed him in the initiative)

Game On
(Round 3)
Parker did a series of flips to avoid the Golem and landed next to the secret door.
Tordek drank one of his cure potions, restoring some health.
Alidear moved up beside Osborne and used lay on hands on him.
Erithian took a swing at the Golem but missed.
Osborne stayed down but healed himself with a healing spell.
Gurt charged the Golem receiving a punch in return that made his head ring and caused him to miss; he swung again and missed again by a bigger margin.
Opening its mouth, the Golem breathed fire over Osbonre and Alidear taking some damage before the Golem swung round on Parker who dodged as much as she could but a single hit landed, fortunately, while it did a good amount of damage it did not kill her.
Hamish on Bodger moved next to Tordek.

(Round 4)
Parker opened the lock on the secret door.
Tordek moved around and opened the secret door.
Sensing something was amiss, Parker dodged behind the door as a fireball trap went off, lightly roasting most of the group. Tordek went down bleeding.
Earnest moved next to Hamish and prepared to run through the door.
Alidear bull rushed Parker through the door and received a blow to his side as he went past the Golem making him yell a bit.
Erithian swung his sword knocking a chip off the golem and missed with his next hit.
Osborne healed himself from the fireball damage and stood up.
Gurt swung repeatedly trying to hit the golem but failed to hit.
The Golem swung at Erithian but only got a single blow on the paladin making him stagger.
Hamish moved behind Gurt ready to heal him next time.

(Round 5)
Parker threw her magical dagger at the golem but missed.
Tordek failed a stabilization roll, bled more.
Earnest cast blur on himself and ran through the secret door and was punched by the Golem as he went past, Earnest was seeing many stars when he got to the other side of the door.
Alidear went to Tordek’s side and poured a cure potion between Tordek’s lips.
Erithian swung again, electrocuting it with the swords’ power with his hits.
Osborne cast a healing spell on Erithian.
Gurt swung and took a small chunk out of it, emboldened he swung again but missed.
The Golem turned it heads and breathed fire over Gurt Hamish and Bodger who somehow hid behind Hamish in mid air while being ridden taking some scorching damage, Gurt went down and started bleeding, the Golem then swung his fist around trying to hit multiple targets and bashed Hamish and Osborne hard.
Osborne then healed Gurt with a healing spell stopping the bleeding and restoring some of his wounds.
Hamish cast a healing spell on Gurt, healing some more wounds.

(Round 6)
Parker forced a cure potion down Earnest’s lips.
Tordek waited. (Initiative reset)
Earnest ran in to retrieve the magic dagger and got ‘clothes lined’ by the Golem landing him hard on his arse and unconscious but with dagger loosely in hand.
Alidear took the dagger off Earnest and tried to stab with it but missed.
Erithian swung but yielded no damage.
Tordek stood up and attacked the Golem but missed.
Osborne cast a healing spell on Tordek.
Gurt stood and missed with his swing.
The Golem swung in an arc again but everyone ducked.
Hamish waved his hands in the air, clicked his fingers and summoned a Dire Wolf which looked puzzled for a moment before biting a chunk of stone out of it.

(Round 7)
Parker stood watching the fight sensing the end was near (who for though?)
Earnest bled more.
Alidear stabbed and missed again.
Erithian swung once more but missed.
Gurt swung but the blow bounced off the Golem doing no damage.
Osborne cast a healing spell on Alidear.
Tordek swung a final blow and the golem fell into pieces at last.

(End of Combat)

Osborne, Hamish and his healing wand healed what they could with what they had left before resting up.

The group dreamed a lot of things that night (underground so night is relative) but nothing happened during the rest period. Parker removed the three diamonds from the Golem and took the statuettes in the previous rooms.

Meanwhile Gurt and Tordek wandered away from the group think that gold was further in down the stairs into a room covered in crumbling plaster with some lizardfolk images which they ignored and took the door which led to a very long corridor. Following the corridor led to a room with three urns each one filled with ash, they then spent the next ten minutes checking the room for anything secret.

The rest of the group had collected the statues and had entered the lizardfolk images room and saw it as some sort of religious reference to their gods of the moon and a winged lizardfolk wearing a crown. ‘The Immortal King’ Erithian said to the group an ancient demi-god far older than Thanatos. Parker found a secret door opposite the door the dwarves had taken and revealed and massive hall behind it. Thinking that a fight might happen the group went off in search of the dwarves and heard the smashing sound of pottery.

Gurt and Tordek had smashed an Urn, at once Tordek felt Stronger while Gurt felt more ugly (than normal) and the room took this in at a glance when they walked in.

Searching the room revealed a secret door, which the dwarves were amazed they did not find. Opening it they could see a long corridor with a large opening that led to another corridor.

Dwarves out in front they advanced down to the large opening where they saw massive piles of dust which advanced on them and attacked them!
Earnest concluded these were flesh golems that had aged for thousands of years but the magic kept them whole.

(Round 1)
Tordek yelled a battle cry and charge into one of them but due to the dust, he could not see what was solid to hit.
The two golems attacked Tordek and Gurt, but other than giving some extra dandruff, they missed the dwarves.
Gurt swung in a wild arc and cut out a bit of it.
Alidear brought up his bow but only succeeded in shooting ceiling.
Osborne cast bless.
Earnest conjured up a fireball and hurled it behind the Golems catching Tordek in the blast, Tordek was burnt a bit but the golems took no damage but due to the magic holding them together, they moved more sluggish.
Parker not sure what to do waited for everyone else to pile in.
Hamish moved behind and cast ‘Bull’s Strength’ on Gurt.
Erithian charged in and took a little chunk out of the Golem.

(Round 2)
Tordek hit his target again taking another small chunk from the Golem.
The Golems continued attacking the Dwarves hitting Gurt in the face, making him sneeze.
Gurt swung again and took a big chunk this time.
Alidear aimed this time but missed again.
Osborne moved behind Tordek and cast ‘Bull’s Strength’ upon him.
Earnest cast Haste upon himself, Alidear, Erithian, Tordek and Gurt.
Parker threw some rocks at the golems but did nothing else.
Hamish cast Barkskin on Tordek.
Erithian swung twice getting one good hit on the Golem.

(Round 3)
Tordek blurring with speed swung twice, hitting both times for a good amount of damage.
Golems attacked but missed their attacks.
Gurt scored more hits on his Golem carving big amounts of dust off it.
Alidear put his bow away, got out his melee gear and moved into combat.
Osborne raised his shield just in case he was attacked.
Earnest cast ‘Melf’s Acid Arrow’ at one of them making parts of the Golem melt.
Parker threw more rocks.
Hamish on his badger shouted, ‘Kill the bastards!’
Erithian swung and hit more chunks out of the Golem.

(Round 4)
Tordek, with an over hand swing hit what he thought was the head and the Golem exploded into dust.
The remaining Golem swung at Gurt but over extended itself and the magic exploded within it.

(End of Combat)

Advancing along the corridor, they saw a green glow further down the corridor in a large room. Both Alidear and Erithian were on their guard and warned everyone there was a great evil up ahead.

Moving into the room they saw on top of a pedestal a glowing green crystal containing a withered lizardfolk with bat-like wings on its back, wearing a crown. There were runes on the base, which read in Draconic, ‘Awaken the past, with the blood of my people and you shall be justly rewarded’. This was the Immortal King and judging by the amount of evil coming from it, the group were not prepared to take it on anytime soon.

The group considered what to do next….

Adventure Log 9
Secret doors Galore

Parker carefully searched the room finding two secret doors one which the magical web led into, ignoring the web door they checked the other door. Parker touched the door and shivered from the contact and backed away. ‘Don’t touch the door, it is very cold’ said parker when she saw their concerned expressions.

Osborne stepped up to the door and opened it, a long and cold corridor was revealed, Gurt and Tordek took the lead while Parker hung back at the rear of the group.

The dwarves marched along the corridor while the rest coaxed Parker into the middle of the group again, Tordek spotted a secret door halfway along the corridor which he cpointed out and continued with Gurt along the rest of the corridor. Finally convincing Parker to be in the middle the rest of the group advanced into the corridor.

Parker checked the secret door shivering a bit but without harm this time. Suddenly Tordek became frantic ahead of them and rushed around the corner onto some stairs at the end of the corridor and found two more secret doors at the base of the stairs and at the top, Gurt started pushing on the walls to see if any more sercret doors were forthcoming but without success.

At this pointed Tordek started shouting, ‘GOLD, GOLD, GOLD, GOLD!!!!’ Osborne fearing that something had dominated his comrade cast magic cirle against evil on himself and moved nearer to Tordek, Parker carefully stepped around Tordek and checked the door at the top of the stairs without touching it (She is getting paranoid now)
and found that it was not secret from this side.

Going back to the door in the corridor they opened it to find an odd shaped room which was fairly big at this end while long and thin at the other end, there was a door to the right and two statues encased in ice before them, the paladins warned them they could feel evil within this room but it was not the statues. The floor was covered in frost, it was cold in the room but not a dangerous temperature.

Tordek continued to shout “GOLD” on the stairs, Osborne then cast calm emotions on Tordek calming him down, although he muttered “Gold” every once in a while.

Taking some of the stones from his slingshot bag, Osborne threw them at the statues which turned out to be humans frozen solid, but nothing happened.
Gurt advanced up and had a closer look at them but didn’t divine what happened to them.
By this time, everyone was now in the group and wanted to thaw these people so they setup a fire, the room slowly started to thaw; only Parker remained in the corridor, flat out refusing to enter the room.

After about an hour the frozen people were defrosted to find out one fell into bits and the other collapsed with a gasp. The dwarves advanced to the other end of the room while the group took the items upon the (now) dead people finding a trap door in the ceiling and a ladder on the floor under it.
Osborne went over to the door to see what was on the other side, as he touched it he felt some sort of draining effect on him and snapped his hand back and motioned to the dwarves to destroy the door which they did, which revealed steps leading up. (Combat would have taken place but the magic circle against evil protected them from it abilities to harm them).

On the bodies they found (Identified): Female +1 Chainshirt of Fire Resistance, Silver Longsword and +1 Warmace of Ghost Touch.

Exiting the room, they entered the secret door at the base of the stairs, on the wall of a long and wide corridor they saw some runes which Osborne could only read, “It is not given that man should interrupt the sleep of his ancestors. Do not transgress beyond this point.”

Advancing down the long corridor, they found two left hand turns at the end the first one they could see ended in a door. Parker checked the door, found nothing and swapped places with Tordek, which opened the door. A massive hall filled nothing was revealed except a bull headed lizard that was lying on the floor that looked at them hungrily and stood.

(Round 1)
Parker moved up and shot with her bow causing a small wound.
Earnest hustled in to take up position ready for anything.
Alidear moved into line of sight and shot with his bow dealing a good wound to its head.
Erithian pulled out his crossbow and fired hitting ones of its legs.
Osborne cast Bull’s Strength on Gurt.
Hamish also cast Bull’s Strength on Tordek.
The lizard charged Alidear, slashed him on the torso and was knocked off his feet.
Tordek then charged in and hammered into its side.
Gurt charged in but missed his mark.

(Round 2)
Parker ran up and did a series of backflips ending in shot in mid air that killed the lizard.

(End of Combat)

The group healed and rested up in the room, next morning the group was surprised to find Hamish had acquired a Dire Badger. (Bodger)

Alidear found a secret door in the room which Parker checked and unlocked, Tordek then tried the door where he felt something trying to change him but failed and then got hit by several magic missiles.
A narrow passage was revealed which everyone went down and entered a semi circular covered in bone fragments and a large stone door made of granite. After Parker searched the door she found that although not locked it was barred on the other side the group backtracked to the second left hand turn, after a series of turns they found a room filled with crates.

Looking through the crates, they found (Identified): +2 Full Plate, a masterwork Heavy Repeating Crossbow, sixty masterwork crossbow bolts, ten masterwork Shurikens, Bag of Holding 1 and Ring of Improved Swimming.
They also found twenty tubes that contained a black powder, after experimenting with them they turned out to be fireworks.

They then backtracked to the original room they started in and tried the secret door there which led to stairs going down bathed in a violet light, Parker and Hamish felt sleepy after walking down the steps.

After a short time they entered a circular room with very deep pits either side of the door. Parker, still feeling sleepy, found a trapdoor in front of the door and disarmed it, opposite them they saw a statue wearing a crown inset with gems after looking at it poking it and search around it they found a secret door right behind it, they also found out the statue was in fact a golem. Attempts to move it proved futile, but then Osborne came on the idea of using the fireworks to blow up the golem, doing some good damage to it but animating it in the process.

(Round 1)
Parker moved to the side waiting to see what would happen since she was certain she could not harm it at this stage.
Tordek charged in but missed clanged off the stone.
Earnest advanced up and prepared a possible spell for next round.
Alidear ran down the stairs into the room (Had retreated when the fireworks were let off).
Osborne cast bless.
Gurt advanced to the side of Tordek but not striking distance of the Golem.
The Golem breathed fire on Tordek and then hammered a series of blows upon him making him look very battered and tenderized.
Hamish moved slowly up.
Erithian moved up in line with Hamish.

(Round 2)
Parker stayed close to the wall.
Earnest cast haste on Tordek, Osborne, Gurt, Erithian and Alidear
Alidear moved alongside Erithian.
Osborne moved next to Tordek and cast a big healing spell on him removing a third of the damage.
Tordek moved away and dodged out of the Golem swipe.
Gurt remained where he was.
The Golem took a single step forwards and smashed Osborne to the ground unconscious.
Hamish moved slightly towards Tordek.
Erithian stayed put for now.

(Round 3)
The fight continues next time….

Adventure Log 8
Answers and more Questions

(again my voice recorder was out of action because my bats had died so this like log 5 is more a summary)
Parker was checking out the new room behind the throne room, everyone seeing that nothing bad had happened entered into it, Parker checked the doors opposite them to find they were not real doors and the doors behind them slammed shut and the room began to fill with water.

Parker immediately started to climb up the chimney along with Earnest and Gurt.
Tordek found that he could not climb up, brought out his feather token tree and put it at his feet under the chimney. The resulted was that he got launched straight upwards crashing into everyone and exploding out the other end.

After the tree disappeared, Osborne cast water walking and the rest of the group just waited for the water to rise.

Meanwhile the others had discovered that they were in the room with the evil statue (not evil anymore) and an elf paladin called Alidear.

The rest of the group caught up and after divining where they were (and cursing me after releasing how far it was) they made off to the T-junction rope bridge they missed when the began this foray (yep that far). Nothing untoward happened although more bats almost knocked Tordek off the bridge again. They came to an evil shrine and rid it of the skull humans within.

They then bypassed the trap with mixed results and proceeded down the steps that had been revealed after they cleaned out the shrine and headed downwards.

After a while they came to a cavern with a flowing river in it and a cobblestone bridge, lurking under the bridge and greeted them was a giant gnome (large size) which after a fee allowed them to cross it, Parker treated the Gnome with kindness and was rewarded with a key.

Crossing the bridge they found a corridor which led to a room filled with blinding light, within the light was a sphinx. The sphinx agreed to an exchange of things and answered two questions, the key they had been given opened the Minotaurs’ King palace cells and the metal thing would be found in the beastmen city some levels down.

Making their way back they discovered another secret door and went in it and down the stairs there.

They discovered an empty room with some bones and a dead spider in it, opened the door there and found a big hall with glowing pillars within holding various things on shelves on these pillars. They determined that a magical web was connected to these items and put the item back not sure what to do next….

Adventure Log 7
Game of Thrones (and skeletons)

Parker checked the door finding no traps and unlocked the door, sensing that there was no evil on the other side they went to open the door, to find it would not open. After pulling, pushing and even sliding they came to the conclusion it was barred on the other side, with this knowledge in hand they back tracked to the room that had the evil spiders in and went through those door, finding a corridor.

At the end of the corridor was another door which Tordek opened, what greeted the group was a great hall, leering faces and similar artwork decorated the walls drapes hung here and there, near the end of the hall a wall of iron bars beyond which was a throne and curtains behind it, Erithian could feel evil coming from the throne and another source but was not in his sight.

At this point Gurt started playing his Kazoo and Tordek started applying chalk moustaches to the leering faces. Parker started looking around for some secret doors while Gurt unbar the door from this side (for completions sake).

Finding two secret doors both were checked, one was locked, Parker then unlocked it, Gurt with a flask of oil set fire to it and smashed it against the curtain behind the throne revealing a door. Tordek then opened the door which evil was sensed coming from, a small cell was revealed with a slumped skeleton in the corner and the evil was coming from the skeleton.

Gurt threw an axe at its head which bounced off but did nothing else advancing on the skeleton they discovered some runes on the wall next to it, but despite repeated attempts they could not read it. Parker checked the inside but nothing was found, feeling a bit put out they dismembered the skeleton. Osborne then gathered up the skeleton and threw it, one piece at a time, at the throne, nothing happened. (Dozy not happy with this, your supposed to be a good person)

After a while the bones and bits flowed back together into a skeleton that was sprawled on the floor.

Nothing happened after that, so Gurt opened the other secret door, revealing a same size cell with what appeared to be nothing within, Parker stepped into the room looking around she found more runs on the back wall and a small secret compartment. Parker trying to hide what she had found opened the panel and found a box, “Bring it out so we can see it!” barked Osborne seeing what she was trying to do. Opening the box revealed a scroll Osborne unfurled it and began to read, with a little whimper, the writing transferred themselves to Osborne. “I think I can speak and read the language now”, said Osborne.

Looking at the runes (not speaking aloud) he read, ‘I have been waiting for you’, taking this into his stride, he moved into the other cell and read those runes (not speaking aloud again), ‘Long have I lain here, storing up my hatred for those who have entombed my brethren. Now they shall be unleashed on those who have wronged them!!!!’

In the hall Gurt, Erithian and Tordek saw the skeleton rises from the ground and gestured with its arms and four skeletons appeared wielding short swords around them, grren fire lighting in their eye sockets.

(Note to all that read this, this is a long fight)
(Round 1)
Tordek charged into one of the nearby skeletons getting a good hit in smashing some ribs, but instead of dropping to the ground it stayed where it was, grinning at him.
The evil skeleton gestured behind the bars again and two more skeletons appeared.
Erithian raised his holy symbol but the skeletons ignored it.
The skeletons advanced and attacked hitting the dog for a small wound.
Parker drawing her magic dagger stabbed at the skeleton in front of her somehow electrocuting it but unsurprisingly not felling it.
Osborne walked out into the hall to see what was going on and moved beside Gurt trying to act as if this was not his fault.
Hamish conjured up an Ice Lance and launched it at the evil skeleton, but to his amazement it remained where it was the dog tried to gnaw a leg off but missed..
Earnest launched a volley of Magic Missiles at the evil skeleton, this time felling it, Erithian then yelled out, “Its not gone, its transferred to another one”.
Gurt swung wildly smashing some bones but not felling his one either.

(Round 2)
Tordek swung again at the same target but failed to do any damage to it.
The evil skeleton raised his arms only to be hit by Tordek again but not stopping him, he raised one more skeleton next to Earnest.
Erithian smited the skeleton next to him, smashing some of the bones with his mace.
The skeletons struck out at the group hitting Hamish and his dog a series of blows.
Parker stabbed again but missed.
Osborne moved next the evil one raising his to touch the evil one, he channelled a healing spell felling the evil one and received some damage from a nearby skeleton, again the evil switched to a nearby skeleton.
Casting a healing spell defensively, Hamish healed his dog for some of the damage, the dog attacked again this time splintering some bone shards off one.
Earnest backed away from the skeletons into the corner, muttering powerful words he conjured up and hurled a fireball hoping to take out a good chunk of the undead which he saw to his gratification, immolating three of them and catching Osborne an accidental hit.
Gurt struck out at the new evil one catching it a very good blow but alas not a demolishing one.

(Round 3)
Tordek advanced on a new skeleton and sliced some bone of it.
The evil one raised his arms again but before he could do anything Gurt smashed it head to pieces, once again the evil switch into a nearby skeleton, Gurts’ axeswung again and chopped into the newly switch skeleton but did destroy it this time.
Erithian smited again landing a good hit on the same one again.
The skeletons attacked again hitting Tordek a good hit.
Parker stabbed again, but it seemed that she had a necrophobia as the dagger missed again.
Osborne moved next to the evil one again and touched it with a healing spell, shattering it, once again the evil transferred into a nearby skeleton.
The dog missed its bite, Hamish cast a healing spell on the skeleton next to him making it stagger.
Earnest cast scorching ray on the one next to Hamish but failed to raise the energy enough to fell it.
Gurt now getting the hang of fighting skeletons, charged into the middle of them felling the one Earnest tried to down, twirling his axe in the air he then struck another skeleton catching it a good hit in the ribs.

(Round 4)
Tordek attacked the same target as Gurt, downing it.
The evil one raised its arms, Erithian tried to channel positive energy into it but missed it by a hairs breath and two more skeletons appeared.
Erithian swung his mace this time but also missed.
The skeletons raised their swords and hit only air.
Parker stabbed and missed.
Osborne muttered a prayer to Yolanda and cast bless.
The dog mauled a leg bone but could not take it away yet while Hamish cast another healing spell upon the skeleton next to him making it flinch.
Earnest cast an acid arrow, which sailed straight past its target into the wall yonder.
Gurt sidestepped and smashed his axe into Hamishs’ target but not quite hard enough.

(Round 5)
Tordek lashed out with his axe catch one of them a good blow.
The evil one raised it arms but before he could do anything, Erithian smashed him to bits and felt the evil flicker into the next one.
Seeing that there was not many left, Erithian decided to attack an uninjured one catching it a good hit.
The skeletons attacked again but hit air again.
Parker missed again.
Osborne moved behind one of them and cast a healing spell on it making it stagger.
The dog failed to do any damage to the one it was biting while Hamish decided to wait and see what would happen next.
Earnest launched a flurry of magic missiles on the less injured one, cracking some of his bones.
Gurt struck down the evil one which then transfer to one of the remaining two skeletons.

(Round 6)
Tordek hit the other skeleton that was not the evil one, cutting it in half.
The evil one raised its arms again only for them to be cut off and smashed to pieces by Gurts’ over arm swing.

(End of Combat)

The evil presence from the skeletons snuffed out and the group sighed with relief and exhaustion. Using what healing was left they healed what they could. Deciding to rest in one of the cells the group rested.

Eight hours later with new spells a little more healing used and Gurt eating first from the pot, the group decided their next move.

Tordek taking a crowbar from his pack pried one of the iron bars out of its grove making a gap large enough for everyone to squeeze through.

The group squeezed through and examined without touching the throne, Parker looked at it, trying to determine if there was anything special about (that made it evil) and found nothing putting a glove on she touched it, immediately she was paralysed. Reacting quickly, Osborne tried to pry her away but could not move her, he then cast dispel magic and pulled her away, just as she was pulled away she screamed as there was a hiss where her hand used to be and an Ochre Jelly bubbled up from the throne itself.

(Round 1)
Earnest launched a scorching ray at it, sizzling some of it.
Tordek swung his axe and barely missed Gurt when missed the big ooze.
Hamish held his dog back and cast a healing spell on Parker, restoring the skin to her hands.
Parker drew and fired her bow making it flinch and then it split into two jellies.
Gurt slammed down with his axe on the ooze, while he killed it his axe was non-existent when he brought it up to hit the other one, hitting it with what remained of his axe doing some damage and losing the rest of the axe.
The jelly in response lunged at Gurt who dodged out of the way.
Osborne drew a dagger and threw it barely missing his own foot.
Erithian then followed up to beat that by throwing his sword, impaling it into the throne.

(Round 2)
Earnest conjured up some magic missiles that killed the remaining jelly.

(End of Combat)

Erithian retrieved his sword with no ill effect despite Parker trying to stop him from doing so; Parker was going into hysterics about what the throne did to her.

Using alchemists fire and holy water they destroyed the throne dissipating the evil in it.

Carefully avoiding the throne, Parker moved up to the doors behind the throne and checked them over finding nothing, Tordek stepped up and opened the door, looking around the room they could see some doors a little way down from them, scouting down the corridor (wanting to be a s far from the throne as possible) Parker noticed a stone chimney in the ceiling, why it was it there?
(we shall find out next week)

Adventure Log 6
Big Spider, Lizardmen Pact and Tombs

(continuing on from the last log the group ended up in a fight with what was a intelligent group of monsters, however it seems that the dice were not on their side this time, we join the group at what I think is round 3)

(Round 3)
Erithian sliced into the Jaguar man, causing a small wound.
Gurt then swung around and cut the jaguar in half.
Tordek went to stand up but was attacked (ineptly as it turned out) by a nearby Gnoll, who forgot which way the sword was supposed to go and chopped his own head off, Tordek not believing his luck moved into combat with two gnolls.
Parker not seeing any targets rolled into the next room and had a snapshot at one of the Gnolls, winging it.
Osborne hustled also into the room but was a bit out of breath to attack the Gnoll he now stood next to.
The gnolls then swung theirs axes, mostly hitting air although Osborne had a good chunk of his arm gouged out by a lucky hit.
Earnest also hustled into the next room and took stock of his new surroundings.
Hamish moved in alongside Earnest and weighed up what to do while his dog ran into the Gnolls but missed mauling the legs.

(Round 4)
Erithian moved up into the Gnolls but also weighed down by his armour getting there.
Gurt thinking a good plan, moved into the corner of the new room and prepared to charge.
Tordek catching his breath struck out but missed his target.
Taking stock of the situation, Parker ran and did some impressive displays of cartwheels and back flips and ended up behind the Gnolls.
Osborne clearly tired from running in his armour (still stinking of wolverine too) stabed weakly bouncing off the Gnolls armour.
The Gnolls lived up to the reputation, hitting air this time.
Earnest waved his hands in the air and sent the two Gnolls attacking Osborne to the land of dreams (cast sleep).
The dog this time managed to get hold of a leg and shake it a bit while Hamish stayed where he was.

(Round 5)
Erithian swung again and hit his Gnoll in the side making it stagger.
Gurt started his plan off by charging in, the Gnolls swung at him but failed to connect with the accelerating dwarf. However when Gurt swung his axe he accidentally let go of it, which them flew off behind him, ricocheted off the wall , made Hamish and Earnest duck as it buried itself it the wall where their heads used to be. (Nice plan there Gurt)
Tordek not seeing what Gurt just did, continued to trade blows with his Gnoll finally managing to dash it brains out.
Parker drew her bow and shot the remaining upright Gnoll in the back of the head, felling it.
Everyone else then killed the sleeping Gnolls

(End of Combat)

Picking over the bodies they found some money but nothing of magical interest, there was another door in this room which the group went through. (After Gurt retrieved his axe)

Opening it led to some stairs leading down again and a long corridor with sound of running water coming from the end of it.

Tordek motioned to everyone that he could hear movement around the corner to the left. Moving to the end of the corridor they could see a ‘shallow’ (for normal size people) river flowing through this cavern. The group stopped and whispered amongst themselves, after a few minutes they dispatched Parker to see what was around the corner.

Ghosting around the corner Parker was greeted by quite a sight, a small village of Lizardmen and some Jaguar men were just there amongst some tents with a small heap of skull humans on one of the sides, she crept back to relay the news.

The group rapidly concluded that fighting them would be a bad idea, but since they were not evil and how they had previously reacted on the surface, they would try for diplomacy, after a bit more discussion everyone would go around the corner. Earnest and Osborne would then approach the village with no weapons drawn and everyone else hung back.

Thus they did so, the reactions they got was wary drawing of some weapon and a lot of stares but no war cries, “Do any of you speak common or dialect in common?” asked Osborne (in common), judging by the blank stares this was a no. Earnest they used Draconic, “Could we have safe passage through here?” The group then noticed a smaller Lizardman wearing robes approach them, “You seek passage through here?” Earnest replied saying yes and what they had done to get here“. Do you want to go up the river or to the other cavern?” “Both eventually” replied Earnest. “That could be arranged yes”. “My brothers smell blood on you, you’ve been fighting recently?” “We were unjustly attacked so we defended ourselves”. “You were fighting Gnolls?” “Yes”, “I should warn you that we have a certain pact with the beastmen here, so I will turn a blind eye for now since you are near our encampment, but please do not attack beatmen near our camp”. “We’ll try not to, but if they attack us we’ll have to defend ourselves”. “The Jaguars Brothers that you see here”, gesturing with a wave of his arm, “they are loyal to us, but the ones not near our camp won’t be loyal.” “We will take care of them if they attack us, we will leave them in peace if not.”

“If you have any rations to spare we will consider that as payment for the passage”. Earnest relayed this and after some whispered exchanges, they put forward some rations.
“Before you go, something has just occurred to me, this metal thing has been preying on us, no doubt you might have met it?” “We’ve seen it handiwork and its passage.” I would like to propose an alliance of sorts, that if you help us rid this thing, we will have certain things we can aid you with.” “Like what?” I will give you a codeword that will bypass my brothers and might assist you”, he looks towards the rest of the group, “If your paladin can give his word, because I can trust a paladin”. “Even a Human paladin?” “He might be human, but he is still a paladin, what is your answer?” Erithian swore to do his upmost to rid this place of the thing. The lizardman nodded understanding the meaning but not the words, “The code word is Grasssas, I can also reveal that if you take the river route, please take one of the human bodies with you we also have an understanding with a spider up the river and if you want to get past it, you will need the body”.

After some discussion about taking dead bodies they decided to do so and thanked the Lizardman for the information.

Moving up river a ways they found the passage opened up and they could see the biggest spider web they had ever seen. Hamish looking at the web spoke offhand not to fight this spider if possible since it was going to be quite bigger than they thought.

Taking this onboard they threw the body into the webs and steeling themselves they saw what cam out from the ceiling, it was truly massive, they could not believe how big is was, the spider stared at them, then it took the body and went back up to the ceiling, then the webs raised up revealing and opening through the webs which the group took quickly.

The river continued but the path along the river ended, looking around Tordek eye spied a secret door, they opened the door and proceeded down the stairs that was revealed.
The stairs ended in a room they could with a statue in the middle of it, Erithian could feel evil nearby but it was not in this room.
Parker scouting ahead, entered the room, instantly they all heard a voice in theirs head, ‘I am the Guardian, to pass me I must be defeated and destroyed, choose your champion’.

After a little discussion (and a bit of casting various buff spells) Gurt was chosen.
Gurt then charged into the room and swung his axe carving a big chunk out of the statue the statue then hit back with a smaller chunk in comparison, Gurt then swung again entirely destroying the statue. (Now thats more like it Gurt, maybe you should do that more often)

With that the door across from statue clicked locks open, Osborne then examised the sword that the Statue was using and found it to be very magical, +2 longsword of shocking burst. Gurt then looked over where Tordek was searching the other half of the room and said, “Oi you blind dwarf, there’s a secret door there!”

The group then rested up, since they had been through a lot, Tordek ate first from the pot and felt his skin harden up. (Erithian ate from it last session and got +1 to attack & damage)

The group then decided to go through the obvious door first, the room was filled with spider webs and skeletons sprawled on the floor, sensing that something was afoot in here, the group set fire to the webs revealing from the ceiling two large spiders which radiated evil from Erithian’s point of view.

(Round 1)
Earnest prepared to cast a spell but it missed the spider it was aimed at.
Tordek charged into one of the spiders and clipped a leg.
Parker drew back her bowstring and let loose, but missed the big spider.
The evil spiders attacked Tordek and Parker sinking theirs fangs into both and injecting what appeared to be weak poison into their victims, even so the damage gave them some pause for thought.
Erithian charged in to Parkers’ spider and smited it making it hiss as the sword hit it.
Gurt then ganged up on the same spider causing a massive hit. (Keep it up; you should have been a barbarian!)
Suddenly they caught of movement at the edges of the groups’ vision and all the skeletons got to their feet.
Hamish saw Parker in peril went to heal her, but before he did so he detect what kind of poison she had been injected with and instead cast lesser restoration, purging her of the poison, his dog went to chew a skeletons leg but despite putting it off balance a bit no damage was done.
Osborne stepped into the room and made the sign of Yolanda, which caused half the skeletons to crumple to the ground.

(Round 2)
Earnest raised his crossbow but shot the ceiling instead.
Tordek when to hit but was put off by the hissing noises it was making.
Parker rolled away from the spider and fired catching on its underside.
The evil spiders attacked again sinking their fangs into Tordek but missing Gurt, Tordek this time shook off the new poison injection.
Erithian smacked one of the spiders’ eyes making it scream as electricity went through its body and it folded it on itself dead. As it died, the four skeletons dropped into pieces.
Going to the aid of his fellow dwarf, Gurt charged into the remaining spider, but only ended up hitting his common enemy the ground.
Hamish knowing that the poison was now removed cast a healing spell on Parker while the dog continued chewing bones.
Osborne showed his holy symbol again and the remaining skeletons were no more.

(Round 3)
Earnest reloaded his crossbow.
Tordek took aim with his hit this time drawing some ichor from the legs.
Parker adjusted her aim but missed the remaining spider by a hairs breath.
The spider went to bite Tordek but met only plate instead of flesh.
Erithian charged into the spider chopping off a leg.
Gurt swung wildly but hit air.
Hamish knowing that Tordek could not be healed until the poison effects wore off waited.
Osborne then advanced up and cast lesser restoration on Tordek.

(Round 4)
Earnest seeing the battle was almost over, he decided to save his remaining spells.
Tordek swung but missed this time.
Parker took careful aim and hit it on the underside.
Erithian swung but the spider dodged out of the way.
Gurt swung again and missed the spider by a lot.
Hamish and Osborne moved next to Tordek and healed him.

(Round 5)
(In the interest of time, any misses will not be included here)
The spider sensing that Tordek was no longer easy prey sunk its fangs into Erithian this time injecting poison into him.
Erithian chopped more legs off in response.

(Round 6)
The spider seeing that they were not hitting it struck Tordek again but avoided being poisoned.
Seeing how dire things were turning out to be, Osborne cast bless.

(Round 7)
Parker finally managed to hit it a winging shot but failed to kill it.
Erithian took one final swipe at it, killing it.
(Everyone sighed in relief)

(End of Combat)

Searching the room and healing up they found another door, some stairs leading up and no treasure in sight, the group decided to backtrack to the secret door.
Opening it revealed a small room with a small upright coffin made of lead within it.
On the door of this coffin was a crest of wax flowers, Tordek taking some chalk out went to draw something upon the door when it exploded.

Erithian immediately sensed a great evil and as the dust cleared, they saw a Mummy with a sword.

(Round 1)
Earnest pointed a finger at the Mummy but the ray of enfeeblement missed its mark.
Knowing undead hated healing spells, Osborne cast one upon it doing some damage, in return the Mummy lashed out hitting him in the gut but didn’t catch its curse.
Tordek wiping the dust from his eyes swung at it but despite cutting some bandages, it seemed to be unharmed.
Gurt then swung cutting something but not a lot else.
The Mummy struck Osborne again in the side but as before, he did not receive the curse of rot.
Erithian moved next to Osborne and used his ‘lay on hands’ restoring some health back.
Hamish then moved up next to Osborne and cast a healing spell upon him while his dog hung back with Parker who was staying out of this fight. (She knew she could not hurt it and the dog would just be going to its grave if it became involved)

(Round 2)
Earnest this time hit the Mummy with a silent sound ray making it stagger.
Osborne stepped away from the combat and cast a healing spell upon him removing all the damage remaining on him.
Tordek swung again degrading it by a little amount.
Gurt swung wildly hitting air.
Fixating on Gurt, the Mummy hit him in the ribs but did not pass on the curse.
Moving into the space Osborne vacated, Erithian stabbed at the Mummy snapping a small bone inside it.
Hamish cast a healing spell on Gurt.

(Round 3)
Taking out a scroll and reciting its words, Earnest cast another silent sound ray on it doing some good damage.
Osborne saved his remaining spells in case anyone took more damage.
Tordek desperately swung at the things’ feet hitting them for a little damage.
Gurt swung an uppercut with his axe splitting its head it two.

(End of Combat)

Giving the sword a wide berth (it radiated evil which everyone could feel) they search the coffin, finding: 2000 gold pieces, a Potion of Longevity (keeps the effects of aging at bay for a number of years) and a scroll of Limited Wish.

The group saw the door opposite the tomb and considered their next move….

Adventure Log 5
Skeletons and Voice Recorders

(Note to all as I forgot my voice recorder this week the log will look like a summary than a story/series of actions, however on the other hand considering what the skeleton fight was turning into, I’m glad I didn’t bring it along)

The group awoke in the chest room, after considering their options of either continuing on to the double doors near them or backtracking to the rope bridge; they went for the double doors. (They also levelled up).

Enter a great hall filled with corpses they sprung a magic tripwire and the corpses (stats as skeletons) started rising slowly building in numbers. After 35 killing of skeletons the trap parameters that trigger the effect stopped (could have been worse there were 400 of the damn things in there!) and the group with all their rope traversed to the other side of the hall. (A massive rift separated the great hall, caused by earthquake)

They found a creepy not so special statue and a secret door, which led them to either a corridor, which took them down, or the same level. Group decided to stay on this level for now, after searching a few rooms and finding a lot dead bodies (wounds similar or identical to the big metal thing they have yet to encounter). After a few more rooms, they took the downstairs option.

Going downstairs they determined that the big metal thing also came down here and after looking at where it was going they went the other way leading them to a trapdoor (not a trap) and room full of Gnolls and a unique monster. (stats and picture uploaded soon).
Week ended in a middle of a fight with them

Adventure Log 4
Of Gods and Bears

Using his paladin senses, Erithian detected great evil on the other side of the door but couldn’t detect single sources. Parker oiled the door hinges, opened the door quietly and peeked in.

Looking around the room, it was circular in nature, had some pillars of skulls holding up a basin of water and on the other side of the room it was curtained off with some fabric that covered a large area, stepping into the room she waved everyone in slowly.

Earnest lingered in the corridor while everyone else slowly advanced into the room, seeing nothing had happened yet, Parker slowly started searching, moving around to the left. Just at that moment the curtains were pulled aside by a couple of robed figures and revealed three metal humans and a statue that made everyone quiver.

(Round 1)
Earnest entered the room, seeing the statue made him quiver but he was still fine, waving his hands and muttering some words though sent one of the metal humans to sleep.
Erithain charged on in with one of the metal humans and smited him making him reel from a big gash on his front.
Tordek then charged into a different metal human hammering the blow into its leg.
The robed priests raised their hands in spell casting, one of them cast a pulsating ray at Erithian, partially hitting him, while the other lowered his hands and kicked the sleeping one awake.
Osborne charged into the priest doing the kicking, just as the blow was about to land it was diverted into the ground by some magical barrier on the priest.
Gurt then ran up and went to strike the now awake metal human but clanged off his armour.
Parker, slightly adjusting her position lined up a shot against the priest attacking Osborne, piercing the priest’s arm badly.
One of them got to his feet; Osborne and the two dwarves took at swing at him as he got up but only hit air, the metal humans struck out at Erithain and Tordek but also hit air.
Hamish moved up and cast barkskin on Tordek making his skin tougher while his dog ran into Erithian’s opponent and ripped his leg off, killing him.

(Round 2)
Cackling madly, Earnest moved into the room and cast a ray of enfeeblement at the ceiling.
Erithain then advanced and attacked the nearest priest, causing a small wound on his head.
Tordek wildly swung at the metal human in front of him cutting in half and clanged off the armour the one next to him.
Backing off from Erithain the priest raised his hands and cast bane affecting Parker while everyone else shrugged it off, seeing this the other priest moved towards Parker and made to touch her, Parker lashed out catching him a blow on the head causing him to miss.
The priest about to touch Parker stared into space and then folded up with a sigh.
Osborne went to cast a spell but it fizzled out.
Gurt with not much conviction, swung at the metal human he was facing catching him in the hip, Gurt looked surprised.
Parker lined up on Gurt’s target shot him in the neck but despite a horrific injury he was still standing.
The last metal human knowing he was about to die, lashed out at Osborne hitting him a good blow in the side.
The Dog barked at the metal human, who then died, Hamish stepped beside Osburne and cast a healing spell.

(Round 3)
Bringing out his crossbow, Earnest aimed at the last priest, with a twang the bolt went wide.
Erithian moved up and struck the priest catching him a good blow on the knee.
Tordek then and advanced on the priest from behind and severed his spine.

(End of Combat)

Searching the bodies, they took the swords the metal humans had and some magical scrolls, while everyone was searching the room and checking out the statue, Tordek and Gurt arranged the bodies around the skull pillared basin.

Parker climbed up the statue (making her skin crawl), found some gemstones as eyes and pried them out, at once the dread they were all feeling disappeared.

Leaving the room they went to the other door near to them, Parker searched the door for traps finding none, unlocked the door and stepped behind Tordek who opened the door.
Instantly a large claw lashed out and scratched at Tordek’s tough skin while an overpowering musk washed over the group making Hamish and Dog retch.

(Round 1)
Sighting over Tordek’s shoulder, Parker loosed an arrow that struck the (now seen) Dire Wolverine.
Tordek swung his axe catching the Wolverine of the side of the head.
Erithian took out his crossbow and fired over the heads of the dwarves but missed its mark.
Hamish and his Dog moved away from the stench but carried on retching.
The wolverine went berserk and went to attack Tordek bashing him around some but not doing any damage.
Earnest waved his hands and cast a ray of enfeeblement at the Wolverine making its muscles shrink.
Osborne gestured, muttered and cast a spell on Gurt, making him stronger.
Gurt bellowed a mighty war cry and smashed into the Wolverine drawing a massive wound from it.

(Round 2)
Parker loosed another arrow which lodged in the wound killing it.

(End of Combat)

Search though the Wolverine den they found some weapons, a small Full Plate +1 which Osborne took and a +1 longsword which Erithain took, unfortunately all the gear was covered in wolverine musk and it would be some days before they got rid of the smell.

Checking that the bodies had not moved Tordek and Gurt went down the corridor with the rest of the group in tow where, they disturbed some bats, Gurt fell over but stayed on the ledge, getting up they went round to the stone bridge.

As the dwarves advanced across the bridge, Gurt noticed something odd and hesitated which was just as well as Tordek found the pit trap, the hard way, after the echos of his fall had faded away everyone let down a rope and hauled him up and healed him of his injuries before going around the trap and moving on.

Going to the end of the stone bridge they found a stone double door immediately the left, to the right was a corridor with double doors at the end. Taking the immediate door, Parker searched the door for traps, found none and found the door was not locked; she motioned for the dwarves to open it. Erithain chimed in before Tordek opened the door, ‘There are four sources of evil on the other side’, Parker readied her bow and Tordek opened the door.

(Surprise Round)
Parker shot one of the four metal humans, making him stagger; also, they noticed they had a black bear with a skull painted on its head.

(Round 1)
Earnest tried to cast a ray of enfeeblement at the bear but missed it mark.
Gurt charged the bear but only carved a small wound in its fur.
Erithian then charged in alongside Gurt in attacking the bear, but dropped his sword while running in.
The bear roared and attacked Gurt biting him hard on the arm.
Two of the metal warriors attacked Erithian hiting him badly with both their strikes, while the other two went to hit Gurt, one hit air while the other sliced a wound in Gurt’s arm.
Osborne moved into the room and cast a pulsating ray on the bear but only winged it a glancing hit.
Parker moved up and shot a different metal warrior but hit floor.
Tordek charged into one of the metal warriors but his axe clanged off its armour.
Hamish moved up to Erithain and cast a healing spell on him while his dog went for the injured metal warrior biting one of the hands.

(Round 2)
Earnest muttered again and cast scorching ray on the bear but only succeeded in warming the ground beneath its paws.
Gurt lashed out again at the bear but yet again carved another small wound it its fur.
Erithain drew a new sword and plunged it into the bear making it drop dead.
The metal warriors then faced off against their four opponents; Erithain had his arm ketchuped, Tordek warded his attack off with his shield, Gurt suffered a nasty head wound and the dog dodged out of the way.
Osborne moved in next to Tordek and stabbed with his short sword dealing the metal warrior a deep wound in his leg.
Parker taking careful aim this time shot at the dog’s target taking him in the arm.
Tordek went to finish off his opponent but was only able to cause a small wound.
The dog ripped off the leg of the metal warrior while Hamish cast a healing spell on Erithain.

(Round 3)
Earnest raised his crossbow but hit the ceiling before drawing a bead on anyone.
Gurt swung and hit the familiar floor.
Erithain, with his weak arm worked his way through his warriors’ defences drawing a little blood.
The metal warriors launched their attack again; blows bounced off Osborne, Erithain was hammered in his side and by a whisker missed Gurt.
Osborne continued to stab at the warrior, drawing more blood.
Parker let fly an arrow that made one of the warriors stagger.
Tordek swung and hit air.
The dog ripped off another warriors leg, killing him, Hamish looked around and wasn’t sure what to do, so he waited to see what would happen.

(Round 4)
Earnest started reloading his crossbow.
Gurt looking as if he was on his last legs managed to get his axe in the air and cut his warrior in half.
Erithain swung his sword, but was parried by the warrior.
The sole metal warrior followed up on Erithain cutting him badly.
Osborne moved in on the last one but caused a small wound.
Taking careful aim Parker fired, and took him in one of the eyes, killing him.

(End of Combat)

Parker quickly at the direction of Osborne, locked the door of the room, Osborne healed what he could, but everyone was feeling tired at this point, however looking around the room, they eye spied some chests. Parker check over the chests finding one trap but trying to disarm it set it off slowing her down. The now moving slowly Parker opened another and stayed awake from a sleep trap.

Opening the chests found; a +1 bane mace (fire elementals), gold, gems, glass beads (Eyes of Sight will be magic items soon) and a +1 shock dagger.

Then the party settled down to rest for the night after the dwarves lined all the bodies up against the wall…..

Adventure Log 3
Exploring the Ruined City

After their close encounter the group decided that since this building was, previously haunted they would camp here for the night, as a result they were not disturbed.

Next morning the group took stock of their injuries and Hamish with Osborne healed what they could before proceeding the second lesser part of the city.

Eye-spying 2 partial ruins and one intact building they decide to take the furthest ruined one as they had seen signs of movement and headed towards them, Parker moved away from the group and crept up to the side and had a peek in, she could see a cooking fire with a mixture of Lizardfolk and Bugbears.

Approaching in a non-threatening way Osborne and the rest rounded the other side of the building from Parker, reacting to their presence the lizardfolk looked them as if this did not happen often where as the bugbears had some malice in their eyes.

‘Hello’, said Earnest in Draconic, the lizardfolk looked at him, ‘What?’ said one of them, ‘Let’s share the fire so that we can get to know each other better’, ‘Why should we?’, barked one of the bugbears in Common. ‘Because it is a nice thing to do especially in a hostile environment like this’, replied Osborne, ‘Yes but as far as we’re concerned your prey for sacrifices’, said the bugbears with a smirk, ‘What for the evil humanoids?’ said Osborne with disdain, ‘Who are they?’ replied the bugbear. ‘Have you encountered these death skulls on their face?’ ‘Oh them, bah they’re wimps’, ‘Ok if you don’t want us here we’ll head off’, ‘You have to pay a toll, 30 gold each, then you can move along’.

Hearing this Parker drew back her string on her bow.

(Surprise Round)
Just as everyone went for their weapons, Parker, with unerring precision, fired at the bugbear speaker taking one of its ears off and making it bellow with rage.

(Round 1)
Seething with rage the bugbears attacked while the one missing an ear was coming to terms that his ear was missing, two of them threw their javelins falling short of the dwarves, however by this time the three remaining ones had charged in two missed while the third clanged off Gurt’s armour.
Drawing another arrow, Parker fired at a lizard this time but only hit sky.
Gurt hated bugbears so with a dwarfish insult he raised his axe and hit the ground, the bugbear he tried to hit mocked him for being puny.
Earnest raising his hands cast a ray of frost against the stunned one, dropping him.
Osborne stood by Tordek’s side and waving his sword in what seemed to be a bizarre display, hit the bugbear in the neck but the bugbear swore vengeance.
Erithain sensing that the bugbears were evil confronted them but only hit air.
Tordek also hated bugbears and narrowing his eyes struck out at the nearest one, chopping its head off.
Half the lizardfolk ran away while the others drew their bows and started trying to shoot into the group, but with typical luck, the only victim was a lizard who shot himself in the foot.
Hamish waved his hands and clicked his tongue and summoned a dire badger next to the lizards which after a second of confusion (where am I?) nipped at the lizards feet biting some of their clawed toes off.

(Round 2)
The bugbears seeing some of their number fall all went in to attack, hitting Osborne heavily on the shoulder and grazing Erithian’s leg.
Sighting on the one attacking Osborne, Parker let fly again piercing one of the bugbear’s arms.
Gurt continued his onslaught of the ground as he missed the bugbear again.
Pointing at the one attacking Osborne, Earnest cast scorching ray, burning a big hole where its heart should be.
Osborne stepping away from the front line cast a healing spell upon himself.
Erithain swung wildly cursing all this evil in this world and cut himself with his sword and Gurt as he rotated around, praying for forgiveness he prepared to continue battle.
Tordek on the other hand was getting the hang of splating bugbears carving a deep gouge into his bugbears leg, it roared but fought on.
The lizards, reacting to a badger amongst their midst went to attack it while the third attacked Tordek missing him and also missing the badger.
Hamish commanding his dog to charge in to Tordek’s side, he missed with his spear but the dog with a big lunge badly mauled the lizards leg but was still standing, meanwhile the badger starting ripping off scales from the lizards other foot.

(Round 3)
The bugbears went on the attack again hitting Erithian a weak blow on the arm.
Taking a bead on Erithian’s target, Parker let loose another arrow but it grazed its hip.
The ground was almost compost by now, nicely churned by Gurt, even the bugbear attacking him looked impressed.
Earnest cast magic missile into Erithian’s bugbear making howl in pain.
Osborne coming to the front line again attacked the lizard, swinging his sword in he carved a big gouge on its leg but despite this injury the lizard still stood.
Erithian went to strike his bugbear but hit only air although Gurt next to him did duck in case his friend attacked him again.
Tordek seeing that the lizard was about to drop, hefted his axe and neatly sliced one of its arms off, looking stunned the lizard dropped dead, grinning in glee he altered the course of his swing and attacked the bugbear next to him hammering it into its side.
The lizardfolk continued trying to hit the strange badger that had just appeared, knocking its head about, the badger started to get mad.
The now angry badger launched itself onto the face of the injured one and proceeded to rip its face apart, felling it, Hamish seeing his ally kill one of the lizards ran in the help against the other lizard, his spear missed again but the dog badly mauled the lizards leg.

(Round 4)
The bugbears over awed at the group only hit air.
Parker also over awed by what the badger was doing missed one of the bugbears.
Gurt with a lucky swing chopped his bugbear’s head off, both he and the bugbear looked surprised at this development, before he knew it his axe had gone on to the next opponent, but hit the bugbear’s shield.
Running through what spells he had left, Earnest stood idly by waiting for the battle to end.
Moving behind one of the bugbears Osborne thrust his short sword but it clanged off its armour.
Erithian finally hit his bugbear (making Gurt duck again), impaling it through one of its eyes.
Tordek swung at his bugbear adding another wound, due to the amount of blood it had lost it fell flat on its face dead.
The lizard thinking that this mad ball of fur was the most dangerous struck out cracking a rib on the badger.
Raising his spear Hamish stabbed the lizard, but with his weak strength he only succeeded in scratching it, the mad badger on the other hand ripped the lizards leg off,
after a moment of calming down the badger disappeared.

(End of Combat)

Recovering from the combat, Hamish and Osborne healed what wounds they could while Erithian drank a potion. After they tended their wounds they searched the bodies finding some magical scrolls which was taken up by Earnest. Tordek looked in the cooking pot, seeing meat he called Hamish over to try to identify what it was, ‘It was a jaguar’, said Hamish with relief, seeing something catch his eye he bent down to examine the pot, it was magical! (Listed in magic items page)

Eating from the pot first, Gurt could feel he was lighter on his feet, after having the meal and taking the pot the group moved onto the intact building they previously saw. (Hamish also dismounted)

Earnest was rubbing his hands in glee after walking through the doorway as it was a ruined library, taking the time to search and using his detect magic they found more magical scrolls. Looking through the books after casting a comprehend spell, Osborne concluded the language was Ancient Thracian and the civilisation existed 5000 years ago.

Going onto the final ruin they saw amongst some partial ruins, there was a hole in the ground, it was so deep even the dwarves couldn’t see the bottom, Osborne flipped a coin into the hole and waited…..and waited…..and waited then heard the tiny echo. The group decided not to try this hole and moved on to see what else was in this part of the city.

Looking from the ruin they were in they could see more intact buildings and 2 lines of water side by side. Walking to the closest they could see it had a door, before anyone could say anything, Osborne had walked up to it and knocked, there was no answer.
‘Osborne Tosscobble, asking for permission to enter!’ There was still no answer, pushing on the door turned to be locked. Parker stood beside the door and starting checking it for traps then opened the lock, Tordek went to open the door when he was stopped by Erithian who whispered, ‘There are seven sources on evil just on the other side of that door!’ Coming up with a brilliant idea (Dozy Bonus XP) Tordek brought out a small hand mirror and careful putting part of it under the door checked what was inside.

Six skull painted humans and a seventh wearing metal armour and massive sword were poised it looked like to strike whoever opened the door, conveying this information led to a different strategy. Parker got her tools out and started to take the hinges off the door quietly, with a nod to show she was done Tordek kicked in the door, alas Tordek was not that adept for kicking doors far as he thought as the door fell flat not catching any of the skull humans under it.

(Round 1)
Notching an arrow to her bow, she drew and shot at the skull human in metal armour causing a small scratch to him.
Stepping forward, the metal human with one of the skull humans stepped forward into the breach choosing a dwarf apiece, metal human swung his massive sword at Tordek clanging off his armour, the other skull human swiped his sword over Gurt’s head.
Earnest sensing that the metal human was the biggest threat, he muttered words of power and pointed his finger at him, cast a ray of enfeeblement making him stagger.
Erithian smited the metal human (Gurt breathed a sign of relief), gouging a small furrow in his arm.
Waving his hands and clicking his tongue, Hamish summoned a wolf at the back, the wolf suddenly found itself beset on all sides bit it own tongue making it yelp.
Tordek sensing the metal human was weak aimed a hit at his leg taking a good chunk out of it.
Muttering a prayer to Yolanda, Osborne blessed the group.
Gurt took a big swing at the skull human caving in some of its ribs but despite a horrific injury, he still stood.

(Round 2)
Trying to take advantage of the confusion, Parker shot the metal guy again but the arrow bounced off his armour.
The metal guy missed his attack but his comrade next to him thought he had eye-spied a weak spot in Gurt’s armour but turned out to be one of his spare axes, still the blow hammered into his side making him wince.
Waving his hand and saying more mumbo jumbo, Earnest cast a sleep spell on the skull humans at the back, sending one of them to sleep.
Erithain swung his sword above his head readying a hit, but his sword flew out of his hands and landed not far from him.
The wolf went to attack the sleeping human but bit its own tongue again (inept wolf), Hamish for some unknown reason to anyone else started dancing while his dog ran up and attacked Gurt’s target, ripping off it foot causing it to die.
Tordek tried to follow up on his earlier success but his hit clanged of the metal person’s armour.
Taking out his spare pants, Osborne waved them around muttering words of power and cast cause fear on the metal guy, moving head his head quickly about, the metal guy seemed less sure of himself surrounded by everyone.
Turning towards the metal person, Gurt lashed out with his axe catching him on the side of the head, he swayed but was still standing.

(Round 3)
Parker sighting on the swaying metal guy, launched an arrow that took him in the shoulder and dropped him.
Kicking their comrade awake, two skull humans stepped up to the breach while the others started attacking the now detected wolf. From a rain of blows the wolf died, in the excitement Erithian had to duck as a longsword left one of their hands, the ones in the breach missed Tordek but hit Gurt in his injured side, cracking some ribs.
Raising his hands, Earnest cast a funny spell on Tordek’s target, making him laugh uncontrollably.
Drawing his spare longsword, Erithian attacked his new opponent cutting the laughing one’s hands.
Dog (yes that is its name) barking and growling, attacked the other one badly mauling its leg. (Hamish carried on dancing)
Carefully taking aim, Tordek chopped off the laughing guys head, continuing his swing his axe hammered into the other ones side.
Osborne stepping up to Gurt cast a healing spell closing some of his wounds.
Gurt smashed his one back in the mouth, felling him.

(Round 4)
Parker shot again badly bruising one of the skull humans arms.
The skull humans stepped into the breach again but their attacks hit only air.
Earnest blew on his hands and cast a ray of frost at the bruised one making him shudder.
Erithian struck out but only drew a little blood from his new opponent.
The Dog missed its opponent while (yes you’ve guessed it) Hamish continued to dance.
Tordek swung his axe around and chopped his one in half and the one next to him.
Cursing in Yolanda’s name, Osborne shouted, ‘My god is real you heathens!’ Then went and retrieved Erithian’s sword.
Gurt stepped up and struck down the last skull human.

(End of Combat)

Checking over the gear from the bodies, they found some miscellaneous items, a +1 Greatsword, which Gurt took, and a +1 Light Wood Shield that Hamish took. After resting for a little while where they replenished their spells and recovered their wounds, during this time the dwarves laid out in organised order the bodies and their weapons and also put the door back where it was. After a last look over their handiwork Tordek taking the lead, the group went down the lit stairs.

After a while of descending, Tordek spotting a figure at the bottom raise something to his lips and charged up the stairs. Meeting the attack Tordek hammered a good below into his side before he could strike again the skull human went glazed eyes and folded up with a sigh.

Osborne thought that something had taken its soul although what had was a mystery, carrying on, the group crossed a ‘T’ rope bridge and came to some doubles doors in front of them, to their right they could see another pair of double doors and to their left they could see a ledge on the edge of a chasm with what looked like a turning around that corner. Hamish thought he could smell wolverine musk which was recent but wasn’t sure if it was nearby or had passed here recently.

All of a sudden they heard a mighty crash behind them turning around they could see scrapes on the wall with smears of blood, must be that evil metal thing they all thought.
Parker checked the door for traps and then opened the lock and the group made ready to enter….

Adventure Log 2
Proceeding Inland


Looking around Hamish and Osborne deducted that whatever had sucked the life out these sailors had wandered off down the beach.

‘I think we should head into the jungle’, said Osborne, looking at the jungle Hamish disagreed, ‘We should wander along the beach more to see if there is any rivers or villages’. ‘If you do that we might find this big evil vampire thing’, replied Osborne.

As Hamish and Osborne got into an argument, Tordek in the background slowly stripped off his armour and climbed up a nearby tree, looking around at the top of the tree it looked like a smoky haze in the distance towards the interior of this land, seeing this he slid down the tree and butted into the argument. ‘There is a smoky haze inland from here, looks far but looks like something to check out?’ he asked. Osborne waved a hand dismissively saying, ‘Its probably some angry evil witch of the sea’.

After being told how far away it was and the density of the trees Osborne concluded that taking, the direct route now might be a bad idea and opted for going down the beach. After weighing up their options they all decided to head down the beach and see if they could find a river.

The group found it hard going due to the intense tropical heat, Hamish and Earnest more so than the others but still they persisted.

After a few hours it started to get dark, just as the group was thinking when to make camp Tordek spotted a big massive gouge in the jungle, the big tracks they were following led up to this gouge.

The group decided to make camp there and discuss where to go as this effective hole in the jungle was like a road but it might take them to somewhere worse than they were already, they decided to follow the beach for half the day and see if there was anything else before taking this road. As the cool night air settled upon them, Hamish and Earnest looked a lot better, after discussing who took what watch, they bedded down for the night.

Next morning Osborne prayed to Yolanda to watch over them while on this unknown land Erithian examined the road and found parts of it were smeared with blood taking this in everyone said that they will try the beach option first and the group headed off down the beach.

Just after midday when Osborne was thinking of turning around he felt some divine guidance to continue for a little longer and so he did as they continued it started to rain. After hearing some splashing noises up ahead, they rounded a turn on the beach and found a big river inlet. After looking at the size of it Hamish remarked that although it was natural it might have been artificially made a long time ago.

Praising Yolanda for her guidance the group set off down the river. A little way down Tordek once again stripped off his armour and climbed up a tree much to the amusement of all and looked around but all he could see were some pretty parrots, with this knowledge in hand the group proceeded on.

Just as it was getting dark Erithian spied something up in the sky, ‘Er Hamish I just saw a huge two headed bird up in the sky what is that?’ Hamish looked up, ‘It looks like some kind of Roc, hope it doesn’t spot us’, but the Roc flew on.

As the day came to a close the group stopped and made camp again posting the same watch again. In the middle of the night Hamish’s Dog sat up and growled, Gurt & Hamish who were on watch at the time could see some movement in the jungle coming towards them, thinking that they were about to be attacked they silently roused the rest of the group. Although it was still a long way off Hamish thought that it could be some kind of big cat. Earnest thought to himself, I’m not being woken up by mr tiddles here and pinpointed where it was and cast a sleep spell on it, the group immediately heard a thump as it hit the ground and heavy breathing from where is last was. It turned out to be a leopard which Osborne added to the groups rations rather crudely.

The next morning the group continued down the river to find that it was emptying into a swamp there was a smoky haze over it, looking around it looked like there was some movement off to the right, thinking it might be natives the group headed off in that direction skirting the swamp edge.
After a while it slowly dawned on the group that this sign of movement was moving away from them and was due to the fact that most of the group were clanking along in their metal armour.

Osborne halted the group, ‘Maybe we should send Parker our rogue to investigate?’ to which Parker looked daggers at Osborne and reluctantly agreed. Sneaking into the rushes of the swamp Parker went a little way pausing every so often to look and listen around, parting aside some rushes she almost walked into the back of what was clearly a group of lizardfolk waiting in ambush.

Moving carefully she retraced her steps and quietly hustled back to the group making claw signs as the group saw her, ‘Is it nasty?’ asked Hamish, ‘It’s a hunting party of lizardfolk, waiting in ambush for us!’ cried Parker. ‘We should hold here and see how patient they are’, suggested Osborne, ‘Where are they?’ asked Earnest, parker outlined where they were and how they were arranged.

Just at that moment they heard roars and tribal war cries in the distance and the sounds of battle. Earnest, raising his hands cast a sleep spell where he thought they were and then ran with everyone else towards the battle, splashing through swamp water they heard screams and roars cut off and then broke into the small clearing and beheld the battle.

(Round 1)
Lizardfolk were battling skull-painted humans one of each were groggily getting to their feet while another pair were dead, Osborne seeing these painted humans cried out, ‘They worship a death god!’ ‘They are evil!’ yelled Erithian.

With a mighty dwarfish battle-cry Gurt charged into combat with one of the skull humans and cut him a grievous blow, following him Erithian charged in next to him and swung at the same one impaling him on his sword.
Hamish riding his dog charged in but his opponent dodged out of the way, Earnest raised his hands and sent out some magic missiles that unerringly homed in on one of the skull humans making him stagger.
Tordek yelling his own war cry ran in and struck the groggy skull human making him scream in pain, Parker, taking advantage of the charging dwarf, drew her shortbow and hammered a shot into Tordek’s opponent, felling him.
The skull humans seeing that their numbers were falling hit only air with their weapons, while the lizardfolk freed up for fighting the skull humans turned against their saviours, Earnest heard one of them say in Draconic, ‘Ah! More meat!’ The lizardfolk also hit only air against the skull humans, Tordek took one of the blows on his shield while Erithan stepped out the way of his. Hamish on the other hand was hit on the head making him see stars.
Seeing this Osborne invoked the will of Yolanda and blessed his allies and drew his weapons.

(Round 2)
Gurt hearing the yell of pain from Hamish ran to his aid and swung at the lizard almost taking it’s head off, seeing that charity wasn’t going to help these lizards Erithian struck out at the nearest one slicing off some of the lizards skin.
Reeling from his head wound Hamish swung wildly hitting nothing, pointing at Erithian’s opponent, Earnest cast Scorching Ray and half vaporised it.
Tordek yelling insults in dwarfish went to strike his lizard but the blow bounced off its armour, drawing another arrow Parker lined up on Tordek’s target again but only succeeded in shooting at sky.
The skull humans now convinced their fate lay in death continued battle drawing some blood from the lizards, off put by the sudden surge the lizards again missed their attacks against the skull humans. Yet another blow was turned aside by Tordek, but Hamish was clobbered again, this time his armour absorbed some of the damage.
Osborne then charged into the combat around Hamish, drawing blood from the lizard that was hitting Hamish, the lizard looked as if it was about to collapse but remained upright.

(Round 3)
Gurt narrowing his eyes raised his axe and cut the damn annoying lizard attacking Hamish in half, Erithian mean while continued with riding this place of the skull humans, calling upon Heironeous he tried to smite them but ended up hitting the ground.
Hamish then took the opportunity since no-one was attacking him to heal himself, Earnest raised his hands yet again and launched an Acid Arrow at the skull Human next to Erithian melting some of his skin and letting out a scream.
Tordek taking careful aim this time swung and chopped off the lizards head, Parker seeing Tordek had finally figured out how to kill the Lizardfolk took a bead on the lizard against the skull human, letting loose she pierced its leg but despite a horrific injury it fought on.
The skull humans, thinking that the lizards would be in turn killed by these new killers turned around and engaged Erithian but both blows clanged off his armour. The lizards seeing that one of them was scarred with acid raised its club and crushed the skull humans’ head while the other lizard, suddenly blinded by skull and brains going everywhere, missed.
Osborne not wanting evil to remain at large (metaphorically) charged in on the sole skull human he sliced at its groin but missed hitting the leg instead.

(Round 4)
Gurt was getting the hang of the lizards defences now charged in with a mighty swing with oblivion on the end and chopped one of the lizards in two but before Gurt had realised his axe had gone on to bury itself into the last skull human, killing him.
At this point everyone jumped onto the sole Lizardfolk, disarmed him and tied him up.

(End of Combat)

The Lizardfolk blinked at them and stopped struggling and looked at them in puzzlement, using Earnest as a translator they proceeded to ask him questions, ‘What can you tell us about these lands?’ ‘These lands are jungle’, slowly replied the Lizardfolk, Earnest relayed that its sounded like the Lizardman was a bit simple in his thinking.
‘Is this an island we’re on?’ ‘Its jungle’ replied the lizard, ‘In which direction do you live?’ ‘ That way’, pointed the lizard towards the west. ‘Who else lives here?’ ‘More lizardfolk, more humans, beastmen, some creepy dark things which I don’t know what they are, big metal thing that sucks blood out of anyone’. ‘Where does the metal thing call home?’ ‘I don’t know, it just arrived’. ‘When?’ ‘Been taking us for a week’.
‘Where do the skull humans live?’ ‘Above ground in city’. ‘How far is city?’ ‘City over there’, pointing west again. ‘Is that the same direction where you live or is that a different over there?’ ‘Yes I live over there’. ‘Near the city?’ ‘No, under city’. ‘So why you fighting out here?’ ‘ We hunting, for things, humans will do aswell, humans do for sacrifice, to appease the creatures that live alongside us’.
‘The beastmen?’ ‘No’. ‘The evil dark things?’ ‘No’. ‘The metal thing?’ ‘No’. ‘What?’ ‘The huge spiders’.
After a pause to absorb all this the questioning continued, ‘How many Lizardmen in your tribe?’ ‘There’s ten and…. ten and….ten and……quite a few tens’. ‘Would they eat us?’ ‘No’. ‘Would they talk is we went to talk to them?’ ‘Talk then possible sacrifice’, looking at their expression he continued, ‘Sacrifice later’.
‘Where do the black creepy things live?’ ‘In the under city’. ‘Isn’t that where you live?’ ‘No’. ‘Is it in the under under city?’ ‘Yes’. ‘Is ther one city with many layers?’ The lizard thought about it, ‘Yes’ he said at last.
‘Do you normally hunt out here?’ ‘Yes, maybe big cats, maybe large bird, maybe human’.

After talking for a while Osborne, under the watchful gaze of Erithian suggested we should show some good faith and give him his weapons back and let him go, everyone agreed and they set him free. For a while the Lizardman just stared at them and then wandered off.

The group then settled down to camp for the night away from the bodies of the dead, next morning after a peaceful night the bodies had gone and the group continued in the direction the lizardman had pointed.

A short time later Gurt tripped over a body, it turned out to be the previous nights lizardman they questioned, it looked like the big metal things handiwork as it showed all the signs. While Osborne was giving him some last rites he noticed a foot print with a mark on it, he narrowed his eyes as he saw it, ‘Hextor’, he said with loathing, Erithain spat at the mark, ‘If this thing metal thing was made in Hextor’s name we should destroy it’.

Travelling down into a natural valley they saw that the swamp was seeping into the nearby river which connected to another river the flowed off to the left where there was dense jungle, off to the right were high cliffs and the same river being fed by a waterfall, in the middle of all this was a ruined city.

The city was divided up into three parts; to the right of them lay mostly ruins with one intact building, to their left more ruins but some intact buildings and on the far side to them were hardly that mainly ruins to intact buildings and a fairly large lake.

After a brief discussion the agreed to check out the single intact building to their right and headed that way, trusting in mainly their size they didn’t worry over much about stealth, the building was 100 ft long and had a trapezoid roof with a open entrance to them which lacked doors, Gurt determined that although it was shoddy by dwarf standards it was good work and was made of granite.

Advancing cautiously inside they found it was full of rusty metal cages with the bones of many a humanoid creature inside. Just then Erithian spoke up, ‘I sense evil nearby’, he advanced spotting some white marble slabs near the centre of the building floor, ‘Over there from that floor’. Parker and Gurt moved careful up to the slabs looking for any traps or indications what might be causing this evil when suddenly three ghosts garbed as former slaves arose and took a swipe at them.

(Round 1)
Gurt rapidly coming to the conclusion that his attacks were going to be in vain instead switched to hitting the slab thinking that it might be connected to said ghosts causing some cracks, calling upon Yolanda Osborne channelled his healing spell into the ghosts making them reel.
Erithian went to smite these evil spirts but missed, Hamish following the example by Osborne also channelled a healing spell into the ghosts making the ghosts bar their teeth in hate.
The ghosts then took a swipe at those that attacked them hitting Hamish & Erithian, feeling terror on his soul Hamish started running away but Erithian trusting in his faith stood firm.
Parker know she couldn’t harm them went behind one and tried to distract it, Earnest then raised his hands and launched two magic missiles on the most reeling one but failed to banish it.
Seeing his fellow dwarf start mining the floor Tordek went and joined him causing the cracks to widen.

(Round 2)
Gurt continued to smash the slabs cracking one in half, Osborne then channelled a smaller healing spell on his ghost again hoping to banish it but the ghost moved sideways avoiding it.
Erithian then went to channel what limited healing he could do to try and banish one of the ghosts but it still remained, Hamish on his dog ran outside still feeling the terror.
The almost banished ghost moved towards Earnest while the other two swiped at their attackers again, hitting Osborne but seeing Erithian stand firm he also gritted his teeth and stayed.
Parker continued causing a distraction while Earnest pointed at the ghost coming towards him but his nerves got the better of him and shot his scorching ray into the ceiling.
Tordek then proceed to smash one of the recent half of slab into bits.

(Round 3)
Gurt then finished off what remained of the slab, turning to Hamish’s original target Osborne then channelled another healing spell into it make it reel but not making it disappear.
Hamish on his dog continued to run into the ruins, Erithian went to use what remained of his healing but it remained, barely.
Parker started to make some rude gestures at this point but the ghosts ignored her, the ghost continued to close on Earnest while the other two swiped again, Osborne ducked the attack against him but Erithian was hit, but he still stood firm.
Drawing upon his last attacking spell he pointed at the closing ghost and hit it with a ray of frost, it staggered but remained.
Tordek continued to smash slabs.

(Round 4)
(In the interest of time Gurt, Tordek and Parker are out of this fight sequence as they can’t do anything to the ghosts or are not being hit by them)
Osborne called up his healing again against the ghosts finally banishing one of them.
Erithian stood doing nothing wondering if holy water would work.
Hamish felt the terror disappear and turned about and conjuring a healing spell charged in on the ghost about to attack Earnest but missed.
The now pair of ghosts swung into combat once again, turning towards Hamish instead of Earnest hit Hamish, Hamish looked pale but controlled his fear this time while the other hit Erithian who continued to stand firm.
Earnest breathed a sign of relief.

(Round 5)
Osborne then channelled his last healing spell and hit the (so far) undamaged ghost making it flinch.
Concluding throwing holy water at them, Erithian proceeded to do so making the ghost look a bit worried.
Drawing his healing wand Hamish cast it at the one next to him banishing it finally.
Muttering words of power and clicking his fingers Earnest cast a funny spell at the remaining ghost making it laugh in a uncontrollable hideous manner, allowing everyone to finish it off with the healing wand and lots of holy water……

(End of combat)

Adventure Log 1
The Beginning

Where does our story begin?

Oh yes on a ship at sea and the party of adventurers aboard it, most are rather short of height but seem ready for a challenge in the southlands (Or so they think).

We join them on the 16th day on their voyage.

‘Well I have bought a two horse carriage for when we get there,’ says Osborne the Cleric, ‘Walking in hot climates to all these lost cities does rather a number on my feet and Yolanda agrees with me.’

He looks at his flock, Erithian the Paladin stands close by listening but keeping his eyes on the sailors and the horizon, Hamish the Druid sitting on the side gazing down at the water with occasioning scowling at Tordek the Fighter who is busy fishing.

Osborne is not sure but he thinks that the Druid is subtly keeping the fish away from the fishing rod, as he has not caught any fish on this trip.

Looking to the other side of the ship he sees Gurt the other Fighter looking at him slowly mouthing the words that he has just said. His other party members must be down below, Earnest the Wizard seems to be keeping himself to his spell book and the rather delightful Halfling Rogue is doing whatever she is doing in the cargo hold, I really must get her name thinks Osborne.

Later that evening, off in the distance Osborne sees a storm brewing and calls over the Captain, ‘Yes looks like a storm we tend to get them round here but it doesn’t look like a bad one’.

An hour later the ship entered the storm it wasn’t so bad at first but after a while Earnest came up to the deck where many of the sailors were starting to panic, Osborne leapt into action calling upon Yolanda to help him calm the crew while Hamish was busy throwing up over the side.

Reaching out with his magical senses, Earnest looked to see if the storm was natural. Behind him, a lightning bolt stuck the main mast and cut it in half toppling into the sea, quick as flash the Fighters started cutting the rigging fearing that the ship might be capsized by the weight of the mast and managed to cut it free. Earnest could see it was magical storm and was getting more powerful by the second; multiple lightning strikes were now hitting the water all around them looking up.

Earnest and Hamish saw an image of a scaly face with red glowing eyes briefly in the clouds and then a massive lightning bolt hit the ship and everything went white.

Osborne opened his eyes to find himself washed up on a sandy beach alongside Earnest, looking around he could see a few more people further down and the rest out on some rocks in the sea.

Pieces of wreckage and dead sailors were all around looking out he saw the Rogue slipping on the rocks and dived into the sea and started swimming towards him. Tordek seeing this jumped into the sea to also swim to shore but found that he was sinking like a stone, quick of thinking Erithian tossed a rope over to him and hauled him out. Osborne seeing this tossed over his rope and holding onto his end with the other adventurers on the beach pulled everyone to the beach.

Salvaging what they could they found some money and same rations, looking at where they were it looked as if there was tropical jungle beyond the beach, after a bit of discussion they all decided to stay on the beach and see if there were any survivors.

A little way down the beach they could see a fire was burning and some sailors were sitting around it. ‘Hoy there!’ yelled Osborne but no reply or movement from the sailors, everyone yelled out to them and yet there was a lack of response. Picking up a loose stone Hamish threw it onto the sand next to the sailors, but there was no response.

Thinking something was up, the still unnamed Rogue moving silently and using the edge of the jungle to hide she snuck up to them, they looked dead and she waved the group forward. Osborne fearing undead poked one of the sailors with his sword, but the body just slumped over on the sand.

Examining the corpses Hamish found that some heavy blunt instrument had crushed the sailors’ ribcages and their blood was sucked out of them, further more whatever had done it was large judging by the state of wounds and the deep gouges in the sand…..


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