Jungle Caverns of Thanatos

Adventure Log 16

The Minotaur King Part 2

(We are still in the battle with the Minotaur King and things are heating up, the group has someway to go though so let us get on with it)

Game On
Hamish relayed from his Bodger, a whistle had been blown and it sounded like a pious one at that they had encounter previously. Many sounds were heard in the distance in response.

(Round 3)
Parker popped out of cover and moved up beside Osborne, taking a bead on one of the Jaguar Brothers she let fly hitting it in the back.
Earnest looked behind him for any activity but saw nothing. He moved into the room and cast Magic Missile upon Parker’s target; the projectiles homed unerringly unto their target doing some damage.
Tordek charged the nearest Jaguar Brother but missed.
The Minotaur King got very angry and raged.
Gurt charged the Minotaur King getting some good hits in while the King was held.
Fabienne successfully pinned the Minotaur King and did a little damage to him.
Alidear killed a puny gnoll and moved up next to the pinned King.
The Jaguar Brothers attacked Tordek and Fabienne missing Tordek but hitting Fabienne for quite a bit of damage.
Erithian could sense evil from two fronts, rapidly approaching the door he was stood next to, he slammed the door shut and stood in front of it ready to hit whatever opened it.
The remaining Gnoll swung and missed Alidear.
Hamish aimed his third lightning bolt at the normal Jaguar Brothers at the back slightly burning their eyebrows and then moved up into the room more.
Osborne moved next to Fabienne and cast a large healing spell upon him.

Osborne yelled Grassus, Grassus, Grassus!
Erithian in the distance heard, ‘I’m coming master!’

(Round 4)
Parker moved around the group but was unable to shoot yet.
Erithian heard some growling voices followed by a barking as both doors in the corridor (right hand and secret door), Erithian heard some rapid steps being made in his direction and then the door was blasted open by a charged Minotaur, Erithian was knocked back but was not knocked down. Behind the Minotaur were two more, six Gnolls and a Dog Brother in robes.
Earnest, grinning evilly, stepped into the breach and cast Flaming Corrosion, dealing large amounts of damage, the Gnolls were turned into piles of goo.
Tordek killed the Jaguar Brother he was facing and moved up to the next one.
The Minotaur struggled out of the pin but was still grappled with Fabienne.
Gurt swiped multiple times, scoring many wounds on the Minotaur King.
Fabienne pinned the King again and crushed him to death.
The two remaining Jaguar Brothers attacked Tordek and Fabienne, Tordek was missed but a thrown sword hit Osborne. And hit Fabienne for a small amount of damage.
Alidear ignore the gnoll attacking him (it missed but was thrown at Gurt, hurting his head) and charged the new Minotaur smiting it for some damage.
Erithian charged in next to Alidear and smited it for good damage.
The again remaining Gnoll drew a new weapon and attacked Gurt but missed.
Hamish Aimed a lightning bolt at the two Minotaurs in the corridor burning some fur off them. He then moved next to Alidear and cast Barkskin on him.
Osborne turned around and call upon Yolanda to smite the Minotaurs, dealing some impressive damage to them, blinding all but one of them and killing the Dog Brother.

(Round 5)
Parker aimed at the Jaguar Brother she had got behind and dealt a major wound but not quite killing it, she then moved around ready to shoot the other one.
Some Bugbears moved into sight of the paladins and flipped over them most of their attacks missed, but the lead Bugbear landed a good hit on Alidear.
(The next bit that happens on the audio log is my bad, I had played with an Invisible Stalker previously and forgot that the spell invisibility wears off after the first attack)
Small wounds opened up on Gurt and Fabienne and two Bugbears materialized beside them.
The Minotaurs moved up, pushing the Bugbear out of the way in the corridor and the lead one taking a random swing in front of him (blind) and lightly hitting Alidear.
Earnest cast Magic Missile at the lead Minotaur dealing some damage to it.
Tordek sliced multiple times at the Jaguar Brother he was attacking but only hit once but it was still alive despite to fact it looked almost dead.
Gurt took a step forward and swung multiple times at the Jaguar Brother Leader, landing one good hit on him.
Fabienne punched the leader, crushing the ribs and it fell to the ground dead, then did a roundhouse kick to the other one snapping its neck.
Alidear ignored the Bugbear and smited the lead Minotaur killing it then switch his attacks to the Bugbear but his target dodged out of the way and Alidear backed up into the doorway.
Erithian smited his bugbear getting a partial hit and then backing up next to Alidear in the doorway.
The Gnoll tried to hit Gurt again but missed.
Hamish turned round and activated his True Seeing and saw in addition to the two Bugbears (sorry) a third about to attack Gurt. Hamish then used his last lightning bolt, missed the Bugbear but put the Gnoll out of its misery.
Osborne moved next to the lead Bugbear and attacked him but missed by a mile.

(Round 6)
Parker ignored the Bugbears (sorry again) and moved around Tordek to take on the others at the doorway.
The Bugbears moved on either side of Erithian and attacked him but both missed, the Leader then attacked Osborne dealing a nasty head wound to him.
The visible Bugbears attacked Tordek and Gurt but they missed their attacks, then the invisible one attacked Gurt from behind successfully stabbing him in the back.
The Minotaurs attacked the paladins but missed both their attacks.
Earnest aimed a spell at the lead Bugbear but somehow he absorbed the effect, Earnest was a little shocked.
Tordek could see what was attacking him and hit back and cut his head off, Tordek then let out a blood-curdling cry which shook up the bugbears near to him.
Gurt now that he could see them roared at them and swung a might blow, cutting one of them in half and swinging around caught the other Bugbear behind him a good blow in its side.
Fabienne ducked, rolled and grappled with the lead Bugbear shoving him pinned on the ground.
Alidear attacked his Minotaur and killed it with his third blow.
Erithian attacked his Minotaur killing it with a single blow and then attacked one of the Bugbears dealing some damage.
Bodger attacked the nearest Bugbear but missed, Hamish then cast a healing spell on Osborne.
Osborne moved next to Alidear and cast a healing spell on him.

(Round 7)
Parker turned and shot the Bugbear next to Gurt a good hit.
Bugbear on Gurt missed and the Bugbears on Erithian also missed, the lead Bugbear did managed to get out of his pin but was still in a grapple.
Earnest cast Greater Mark of Earth on Bodger.
Tordek charged the lead Bugbear being held in place and hit it dead, yet again Tordek let out a blood-curdling cry but the Bugbears were too focused on Erithian to notice.
Just then a human stepped out of the doorway behind Erithian, took in the scene, screamed and ran away into the courtyard, he sounded like the voice earlier.
Gurt finished off his Bugbear and moved towards the opening to see a corridor, which ended in a T-junction; Gurt could see a door in at the junction.
Fabienne then moved next to Bodger and punched the Bugbear doing some damage.
Alidear attacked the other Bugbear doing a little damage.
Erithian then finished off the last Bugbears with some flashy strikes.

(End of Combat)

The group healed what they could, looted any magic items (there was a fair few), while this was going on Tordek and Gurt check out the corridor finding more doors but were called back to the group who decided to make camp behind the statue of Zeus.

Before they retired for the day, Osborne prayed to the statue thanking him and Yolanda for keeping them protected.

With that done they setup a watch for the night and rested….



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